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rate it 14 iced bearslet the breeze open our hearts overground
rate it 16scott case (out of print material) theologian / pessimiser
rate it 2 foot flame amoeba(raft boy) harvey sid fischer eletfa richard davies margaret leng-tan danielson familyjames kochalka superstar the mekons baby steps vic chesnutt jin hi kim bubble planet philly pest 5000 zusaan kali fasteau momus quintron logical nonsense ronald thomas clontel & tom scharpling intro:the price is beans(exerpt) spaceheads uz jsme doma rancid vat chris butler original sins phillip johnston's transparent quartet suddenly tammy! loren mazzacane connors mark eitzel karen mantler & michael evans the kropotkins the frogs silver apples lynnfield pioneers the renderers untamed youth oblivians happiest guys in the worldv/a: live music from a dead campus
rate it ? chrome gong pressurehed tangerine dream hawkwind amon duul II guru guru nik turner brainticketv/a: area 51 cleopatra / purple pyramid
No sleeve yet rate it ? the fusesv/a: this is american punk american punk
rate it a minor forestso, were they in some sort of fight? my pal god
rate it able tasmanssongs from the departure lounge flying nun
rate it acid mothers templer major stars uz jsme doma laddio bolocko stinking lizaveta dead moon bevis frond dirty three stellamara angel'in heavy syrup zeni gevav/a: KFJC 89.7 FM live from the devil's triangle I KFJC
rate it amps for christ de fabriek bastard noise human extermination project speculum fight astro antigoldin to auld clottie a.d.d jalopazv/a: consumed leg meat
rate it arto lindsay & marc ribot rebecca moore kramer the melvins medeski, martin & wood lo galluccio fantomas & mike patton tall dwarfs chris cochrane gary lucas eszter balint vernon reid danny cohen oren bloedow sean lennon & yuka honda cake trey spruance buckethead lloyd colev/a: great jewish music: marc bolan tzadik
rate it attitude & couture grace braun magick heads spaceheads jason willett & jad fair shock exchange phoaming edison god is my co-pilot dymaxion sarge alan smithee uncle wiggly marion coutts & caroline kraabel purple ivy shadows autumn teen sound the in out kleenex girl wonder azalia snail fly ashtray world (without end)v/a: dreams are free (with purchase) dark beloved cloud
rate it avacodo baby pussycat trash golden starlet the yummy fur unseen milky wimpshake missy xv/a: seven unlucky sevens slampt
rate it bongzilla devola kilara crack up el pecado asshole parade dysphoria dissassociate hellchild knut cavity nolan gate oxboard drain fragmaent bird of ill omenv/a: assassins 15 bands, 15 ways to die thunder lizard
rate it brent arnold mike johnson tiffany anders modest mouse 764-hero land of the loops the pastels the need & joe preston & dj zena violent green modest mouse & 764-hero get bunny love sick bees dickless karp tad quasi duster jana mccallv/a: up next up
rate it built to spill cat power scud mountain boys bl strykerv/a: spunk spunk #7 bonus 7" spunk
rate it burning heads marshesv/a: erase yer head n° 8 pandemonium
rate it cavity cable (USA) jesuit overcastv/a: in these black days vol. 4 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it constatine sankathidiscography council
rate it datsun titmen designer (SWI) phased 4°F headbuttv/a: ten inches and still rising a collection of totenkopf R'n'R a tribute to lädernunnan/leather nun petty bourgeois broadcasts
rate it death wish kids tomsk-7 the starlite desperation her space holiday festival of dead deer men's recovery project makara petty crime the audience red scare (TX) man is the bastard area 51 dragons swing kids urban legends milemarker nobuhjest small black pig bluebird angel assassins sunshine sake scalp lock racebannon milky wimpshake capitalist casualities the mercury program groinchurn jenny piccolo gaussian hilbert spaces the locustv/a: sampler
bottlenekk wholesale distribution sampler no. 1 - fal
l 1998
No sleeve yet rate it deathreat damad suppression equityv/a: destroying southern tradition at a loss
rate it desert sessionsthe desert sessions volume 1 & 2 man's ruin
rate it dianogahold material, new format my pal god
rate it duotroncomplete book of duotron, illustrated scratch
No sleeve yet rate it freedy johnston spacehog crash test dummies the verve pipe the rembrandts sarah mclachlan ruben blades p. hux they might be giants terry & the lovemen joe jacksonv/a: the songs of xtc cooking vinyl
rate it golden the ruby dare bob hund le mansv/a:
rate it guapo hint condense unsane mug exsonant camp blackfoot ronruins alboth! double nelson tear of a doll coping saw god is my co-pilotv/a: 5 years of pandemonium label sampler pandemonium
rate it hard to swallowprotected by the ejaculation of serpents household name
rate it harriet the spyanthology of selected recordings passacaglia
rate it hefner speamint junior blanks penthousev/a: plastic cowboy recordings souvenir e.p. plastic cowboy recordings
rate it hikashu teruo nakano buffalo daughter yasushi yamashita melt-banana kimitaka matsumae satoru wono zeni geva takkyu ishino hajime fukuma makoto inouev/a: musique non stop a tribute to kraftwerk toshiba emi ltd
rate it infest neanderthal stikky fu manchu no comment hellnation assuck charred remains capitalist casualties crossed out dischange man is the bastard melvins spazz lack of interest slavestate rupture iabhorer c.f.d.l. eyehategod plutocracy despise you suppression discordance axis enemy soil phobia noothgrush benumb gob melt-banana no less final conflict 324 avulsion fuck on the beach godstomper gasp burned up bled dry burning witch doctor bombay p.h.c. the spazz 1" tracks the slight slappers 2" tracksv/a: ham slappin' hits slap a ham
rate it jason traeger seagull screaming kiss her kiss her some velvet sidewalk dead moon sleater-kinney the feelings kirihito behead the prophet n.l.s.l. loud machine 0.5 dub narcotic sound system the mountain goats jenn kliese & khaela maricich little red car wreck mecca normal nikki mcclure mirah modest mouse lois the need karp buit to spill elliott smithv/a: yoyo a go go another live compilation yoyo
rate it jawboxmy scrapbook of fatal accidents DeSoto
rate it josef kendless soul marina
rate it k.g. dub narcotic sound system panties black anger movement star athena amelia, peter, scott, calvin miranda july jon spencer blues explosion NO-1 jen smith make up tommy jason traeger old time relijun bartlebees versus nikki mcclure telephatic youth beck howardian icuv/a: selector dub narcotic k
rate it kepone ed hall headbutt beamtrapv/a: erase yer head n° 7 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it la gritona fork craw slughog cavity floor 16 toadliquor thug ice nine discordance axis apartment 213 devoid of faith spazz damad enemy soil supressionv/a: the good the bad the ugly insolito
rate it leatherfacediscography part one live rejected
rate it leatherfacediscography part two rejected
rate it liquid team epileptic acetonics mmoobv/a: poitiers' burning flame
rate it los cincos kicking giant citizen's utilities nuzzle kaia diskothi.q trumans water boredoms magic pacer retriver carla and martha old hickory beck man is the bastard antioch arrow engine kid that dog skylab further fisticuffs bluff karpv/a: KXLU 88.9 FM, LA Live Vol.1
rate it loud fast rules hüsker dü idol threat rifle sport in decision the replacements tulsa jacks lou santacroce man sizes action mecht mensch red meat shiek v/a: barefoot and pregnant garage d'or / reflex (USA)
rate it lydia lunch & sonic youth lydia lunch & rowland s howard lydia lunch & clint ruin lydia lunch lydia lunch & karl blake lydia lunch & lee ranaldo lydia lunch & j f coleman & joseph budenholzer lydia lunch & joseph budenholzer lydia lunch & die haut lydia lunch & 8 eyed spy lydia lunch & teenage jesus and the jerks lydia lunch & thurston moore lydia lunch & beirut slumpwidowspeak nmc
rate it man is the bastard lack of interest soilent green loomis slovak crom excruciating terror cavity flame retarded agathocles suppression divisia carol spazz los crudos gasp halfman noothgrush charles bronson locust detestation abnegation seven foot spleen agoraphobic nosebleedv/a: cry now, cry later vol.3 & 4 pessimiser
rate it melting process citizen fish hibernation abfackeln betty guts pie earshot sog kina corrosive penelope weaves dawnbreed kurtv/a: vita dez 94 - feb 96 in memoriam mus-le-pupp
rate it minutemenintroducing the minutemen sst
No sleeve yet rate it mogwai el hombre trajeado the yummy fur the kareliav/a: plastic cowboy recordings collectable souvenir e.p. glasgow plastic cowboy recordings
rate it monroe mustang alastair galbraith pip proud furry things frontier bedhead paul newman ...and you will know us by the trail of dead half japanese windsor for the derby to rococo rot eight frozen modules my dad is dead the american analog set the mountain goats electric companyv/a: waiting to exhale trance syndicate / emperor jones
rate it morrisseymy early burglary years reprise
rate it mount shasta denison kimball trio zeek sheck killdozerv/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 7-10 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it neutrino third harmonic distortion spectator pump lazycain and iron ativin universal life and accidentv/a: regeneration the me generation recordings
rate it no city no state revelation soophie nun squad red forty the divine hook-upv/a: heartbreakers and rumpshakers harlan
No sleeve yet rate it noisome faugh reversal of man synguya racetraitor dropdead president's choice passafistv/a: the great age of enlightenment? a-team records / hit the ground running
rate it noxagt flamenco peko june panic astroburger songs:ohia dipsomaniacs 10 floor orchestra kelner stuntbike andreas brandal marmoset echo troppers the delirious peyote brothers hobbits slowburn cirkus gilmour lasse marhaugv/a: songs from the losing end krank
rate it oxbowfuckfest king of the jews crippled dick hot wax
rate it oxbow 54-71 deer hoofv/a: unchained compilation unchained
rate it punk sheep on drugs st 37 moray eels aube sian loop circuit hyper ventilation akifumi nakajima toy bizarre bruno moreigne lichatz foom radboud mens shifts goem captain black quest mark poysden basssix l.o.s.d. taw peter fleur vsub raum bruce gilbert put put barbed zoviet france otomo yoshihide cult junk cafe tone motion lumbar trio liminal aerospace soundwise tv pow wheaton research pencilneck thomas deater 7000 dying rats tim fletcher clive graham sarah winton mike davies kymatik jeff filla jgrzinich dan plunkett brekekekexkoax (koax) erg zygote seth nehil mnortham astroglijd karen finley pedestrian ward eldredge asche morgenstern templegarden's synapscape telepherique p·a·l noisex salt nimoy dkf venoz tks mscharding people like us mickery the wallypops the teletubbies penguin water breath ryoji ikeda aardvark cerebro palimsest y-bom static insect neil wiernik tocsin the infant cycle sleeping basement cat mind skelp-cher gwaho band of pain h.j. irmler / s. pittis intravene satori contrastate yukiko kazumoto endo killer bug the sperm donors government alpha tbc klangkrieg felix kubin reznicek raumpatrouille gunter a.e.r. the wax infant alvars orkester frak ü pher villa åbo f4e g.h. f4e r.j. f4e v.c. f4e j.w. f4e m.d. f4e g.m. f4e c.m. f4e c.r. f4e a.b. f4e j.o. doo-dooettes foundation boo monique experience precambrian three friends of leslie tom recchion extended organ ro-g marcus peroud rotor syndrom myiase batchas frank dommert jan werner nomarulp marcus schmickler l@n ds imitator #/tau a-musik peeled hearts paste jason willet jad fair & jason w. the dramatics thejaunties martha colburn sinkdrop hurricane camille luminar tom dimuzio lord jack lord buzz doggy dog gench master 2000 cut splice awashed light matrix locked out sensor the whales noise camp little princess princess dragon-mom control panel his name is alive the crash science fair the bears b.b.b.e. voice crack andy guhl norbert möslang sickness seelenlärm bill orcuh chel jones modern surgery for nurses grunt alchemy of the 20th century woundead yesmeansyes bearmann's bastards noise-maker's fifes greg jacobs tapes of wrath the peterson mixes slusser duo micro first lady embalmers headless luna rose atlantis gen ken con la la landia eater telecognac darren brown impact test deknow more julien bradley neil campbell astatine cindy wonderful crack fierce fluorescent grey birchville cat motel lugosi alkerthene m.k. uva hand over fist s. jack silman lockweld deerhoof involution andy bolus evil moisture estupida melodia acerrimamente makanakuna armenia ralph nemec rick reed angst hase pfeffer nase django reinhardt iii commode minstrels in bull face nightstick ashtray navigations mortician bongzilla agoraphobic nosebleed general surgery human remains exit-13 brutal truth today is the day incantation soilent green embalmer disembowelment solarus atrax morgue lull bastard noise namanax dissecting table japanese torture comedy hour emil beaulieau pica abscess purge brighter death now rz sudden infant bertoia terry riley derek bailey gary todd red krayola mike kelley jon appleton wende bartley jean-françois denis martin gotfrit don lander philippe le goff john oswald stephane roy claude schryer alain thibault roxanne turcotte annette vande gorne id battery brainape cutty stool glock 2 grampabampa krapkeep silica gel schloss tegal free kitten adam bohman morphogenesis dorothea conradi werner durand dj pure rehberg + bauer felix yen artificial memory trace malta speed wolf moses hapaxlegomena ceramic hobs ambulance chasers eric lanzillotta candle labra yes means no m.b.l. heaven for kasner psywarfare snakedick bloody bombs velvet front dog reality challenged steve davis lo lo muñoz 70 gwen party cacophony 33 mr. outsider expose your eyes project d.a.r.k. speck brauncewell mark warton m. rafe spiral hemogoblin moon pee wee russell iii alessandro moreschi orphx antiform para raimundas eimontas ramunas jaras antanas jasenka robertas kundrotas irving klaw trio hochenkeit wham-o jeff fuccillo kandalini nivugretsevi coffee diz willis nico chirone rising sukora zohenshein terminal waste band demoon skirt daylight savings time universal indians the thin ensemble glands of external secretion lowest chakra being nambi-pambient pee 69 deflower pre-evil trinket abe sada hurdy gurdy cabana-boy andy shea marlo pedroso m. jones / l. rhoads hanged mans orgasm skin crime fleur de vie weinstock those meddling kids melinda read beatrix gingham pat o'neil shawn smith no mustard captain knut remond tim martin quarrelling xenophobic waitresses pumice dick aka dick laura lee hine andreas kallwitz glen peterson kelly rappuchi thadd comstock b.e.a.n. neil hamburger jay sullivan faxed head gregg turkington united negro college fund pickle factory new peculiars y front karla borecky mike popovich brrr andrews liver salt xx committee hermaphrodites for stucky diagram: a proof of the shooting j. brown jared turinsky psychadelic pig harm jr. horseback solids lettuce little steve cerio roger kummert lore barges seymour glass radiosonde zipper spy the haters grromp man ed taylor suzanne ramsey crawl unit amk original artists, the granex glue jordan biren haploid torsten z. burns nux vomica a.t.m. maiden taiwan meeuw brian smith tentatively a convenience dj t.a. quinn karl schontag head of maja chico vega bob jordan senritsubara y.i.m. jason lescalleet the todd deal blue moon ray gaucher jr. man ray arterial slash mike minutoli d. bock / d.b. cooper shrilltower remora d. gross / j. chandonnet ene detune dave perry coits andrew szava-kovats compound parade of sinners dominion data-bank-a smp jason bazinet matt sharifi xiandi macronympha chop shop lee ranaldo john wiggins jérôme noetinger rlw michael prime en nihil alan licht pain jerk naj runzelstirn & gurgelstøck schimpfluch-gruppe thurston moore smell & quim masonna msbr omit a handful of dust bruce russell knob steven weigt toemass eating canada moonjackals horsey wallett george l. charpied roger miller chivrouga crank sturgeon portable manboy lyceum joke lanz sabin zenz céleste urech howling wolfenstein juneau giant big eggs dj static naofumi kaneko pete rutigliano factory of noise stabat mors r.h.y. yau charlie parker chris bush cock e.s.p. the muckrakers rexor zartan sonic youthv/a: RRR 500 RRR
rate it pussy galoresampler matador
rate it red monkey atom and his package small black pig monorchid bilge pump assembly line people program missy x russia bette davis and the balconettes old hearts club peechees sally skull (young) pioneers milky wimpshake computer cougar tunic replikants witchknot full boney international strikeforcev/a: taking a chance on chances troubleman unlimited / slampt
rate it regulator wattsthe mercury cd slowdime
rate it reversal of mandiscography
rate it ruins molecules mug alboth! belly buttonv/a: erase yer head n° 6 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it sabeth converge locust upset anomie daybreak four hundred years acheborn seein' red mine cerulean concretev/a: 51 comp join the team player
rate it sausage biscuit juicy fruits mary's child mobil session team dead pop club robin hoods a dog is for life mmoob liquid team shabby dolls sweet apple pie homeboys weak epileptic caribou spinach kontrol 80 planet of trash down to earth sleazy arse iguanav/a: silver action (a french pop core compilation) timer
rate it sawyer glasshopper guapo lunar gugan k.k.nullv/a: air freshener hang over your head earwing / anubis
rate it scalpel krackhead torque carthage the bug aka eardrum line fruitkake solaris b.c. final the sidewinder hydrus saskwatchv/a: the lo fibre companion invisible
rate it season to risk2CDS 1992-1997 thick
rate it shub bananas at the audience mary dressv/a: kaiser cabinet nova express
rate it silkwormeven a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn now and then '90-'94 matador
rate it skol what's wrong phillippé petrogradv/a: apathy is no excuse for failure skank
rate it sleepytime triomemory-minus lovitt
rate it sparkmarkerproducts & accessories spectra sonic sound
rate it spazz 13 crom the fishsticks stapled shut crisis eyehategod despise you meat shits grief capitalist casualties 16 excruciating terror iabhorher dystopia factoria de miedo black army jacket cojoba pisspoor unruh v/a: cry now, cry later vol.1 & 2 pessimiser
rate it spy vs. spy baxter the humdigers hitmen the dorks! trepan nation the wayouts the letterbombs radii the 4-squaresv/a: more than music lance harbor
rate it sterling silver dianogah p.e.e. modest mouse rex the mondo crescendo jakarta ativin grandaddy windsor for the derby slower than bunkbed i am spoonbender my favorite jen wood aerial m songs: ohia duster allen clapp paul newman doug shepardv/a: zum audio vol. 2 zum
rate it superchunk guzzard jawbox godheadsilo boredoms supernova chokebore love 666 bailter space steel pole bath tub chrome cranks brainiac today is the day rocket from the crypt calvin krime gaunt servotronv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume 8-11 amphetamine reptile
rate it suppression no less tomsk 7 laceration agents of satan burnt rat's paramecial wedding society of friends black army jacket deadbodieseverywhere agoraphobic nosebleed dyslexis coup scalp-lock vilently ill facade burned black gob pig destroyer scabies sss exhumed benumb combat wounded veteran last remaining pinnaclev/a: accidental double homicide! volume four satan's pimp
No sleeve yet rate it swearing at motorists marmoset guided by voices to rococo rot bill ding hoodv/a: rebound volume III rebound
rate it tahiti 80 bleach jr superchunk habacok tibatom robin hoods cupide x triple try a new taste number one cup gum a dog is for life melvins 80: planet of trash n konde good evening mr waldheim linoleum eugene miskeen cheesev/a: papa n'aime pas le bruit ultraviolet
rate it techno animalradio hades position chrome
rate it tereasa undefined nobuhjest proudentall gemmav/a: fragil compilation #2 fragil
rate it the 90 day men1975.1977.1998 the rosewood union
rate it the birthday partyhits 4ad
rate it the chickadees s.l.d. kenova e.n. the stitches a private in washington's army vekh suaveberries (tick)tock transit mother the snots haves & thirds ebs evil hasselhoff steckler honest engine versailles no artistv/a: cephia's treat compilation volume 1 cephia's treat
rate it the chineapple punx riot/clone love, chips and peace oi polloi the bus station loonies wat tylerv/a: the anti-chumbawamba e.p. bare faced hypocrisy... ...sells records propa git / ruptured ambitions
rate it the clears voodoo muzak kreidler heliogabale miam mmoob liquid team merz starbean aback god is my co-pilotv/a: boing, boom, tschak... la compilation de la majorette la majorette
rate it the field micewhere'd you learn to kiss that way? shinkansen recordings
rate it the flaming lips1984-1990 restless
rate it the flying luttenbachersretrospektiw III ugEXPLODE / quinnah
rate it the gossip bangs sleater-kinney two ton boa kleenex frumpies holly golightly cadallaca slumber party lois maffeo & brendan canty danielle howle breakdowns bonfire madigan unwound jim carroll sport murphy sue p. fox har mar superstar jean smithv/a: turbo's tunes kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it the higsonsit's a wonderful life hux
rate it the hourly radio ke chandara glorium cordial stratego drill for absentee nobuhjest chrissteveryan ethel meserve smart went crazy at the drive in ed mattus' struggle watts systems ltd. cerberus shoal los despeinados don caballero brave new gun shrink to fit galaxianv/a: the eagle has landed tranquillity base
rate it the kissoffs university of texas afro-caribbean ensemble the thumbs the meat purveyors helium don walser transona 5 zulu as kono vidi vitties intonarumori and you will know us by the trail of dead daniel johnston east babylon symphony and jalahna ensemble deep sombreros the pilot ships the horton bros to rococo rot um ting tum superfectav/a: educational program KVRX local live volume 3
rate it the pale fountainslongshot for your love marina
rate it the pop groupwe are all prostitutes warner
rate it the shitbirds the vacant lot the nomads the supersuckers ron urini the pooh sticks the muffs jonestown the coneheads hole god bullies el vez trash can school black flies the friggs thee headcoats trbngr crowbar salvation rocket from the crypt the zeros sludge chrome cranks the dwarves red planet rocketts american soul spiders devil dogs the love dolls panther burns monsieur jeffrey evans thee headcotees the daggers the humpers bored penetration moonv/a: their sympathetic majesties request a decade of obscurity and obsoletes 1988-1998 sympathy for the record industry
rate it thrones spaceboy lice toadliquorv/a: enlightenment soledad
No sleeve yet rate it tindersticksdonkeys 92-97 a collection of singles, rarities, unreleased tracks island
rate it ulcerdiscography bovine
rate it vacuum tree head flying luttenbachers mono pause melt-banana molecules moe! staiano ruinsv/a: knormalities vol.1 dephine knormal music
rate it warning hell no the denied jesus chrust rorschach bugout society huasipungo merel warcollapse deepcore fighter noisearth g.j.p.b. anti krieg urgesnake crocodileskink battle of disarm thesev/a: war compilation tribal war asia
rate it wat tyler ex-cathedra jesse the kabinboyv/a: alive in ireland rejected / warzone
No sleeve yet rate it wendy o matic maggot slayer overdrive tatort stinking borgs moorat fingers ex mass bungalow band ding dang nebenwirkung messerknecht neurosis tribes of neurot 44xes baltimore foot stompers batman puke coopers turbo jerk A38 los wochos united blood korrupt erik core strychnine frog face mighty joe young citizen fish kiss daddy goodbye enemies muckspreader a*s*e collinsv/a: krauts, yanks & limeys! the first ultimate B.O.B. sampler B.O.B.
No sleeve yet rate it wgmz radio vostok: c.r. niminauh II dixie blood mustache danny thomas hekinah degul butterfield 8 project medaglia d'oro orchestra melted men nipples for days the band with the drummer who was inspired by the music on the album the noisettes black swan network japancakes v/a:
festival of failure presents: sounds to soothe a nerv
ous robot
mr. whiggs
rate it zegota i farm cave in anathema buttercupv/a: flowercore hot sauce
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