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song of zarathustra - discography vol 1 - the blood of the young

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No sleeve yet rate it ? chromev/a: acid space cleopatra
No sleeve yet rate it ? the fusesv/a: dear fred vol. 2 sneezeguard
rate it affliction bad taste revolution time dispatch dirty sluts dead pop club unlogistic what's wrong unduly gravity slaves epileptic mind intrusion bridewell hospital hole process inward access invain enough -v/a: just another hardcore compilation molaire industries / shogun
rate it anklebiter anthem 88 bomf! clairmel coalesce combat wounded veteran elmer fay wray grade hankshaw hot water music i hate myself jud jud left for dead less than jake lexingtons mercury program moonraker one eye open panthro u.k. pung radon retard beaters reversal of man rumbleseat schlong small brown bike spoke strikeforce diablo the swarm tomorrow twelve hour turn usualsv/a: back to donut no idea
rate it arab on radar brainbombs thee hydrogen terrors dropdead landed pleasurehorse lightning bolt astoveboat men's recovery project la machine childkraft john von ryan gerty farish von ryan's express mr. brinkman oronaco crash suite larry marshall olneyville sound system bullroarer netmen strawmanv/a: you're soaking in it... the sound and smells of load records load
rate it aspera ad astra cerberus shoal braid ethel meserve the get up kids compound red rainer maria jen wood still life the deadwood divine giants chair a minor forest hal al shedad sweep the leg johnny haelah very secretary ida tim kinsellav/a: post marked stamps tree records
rate it asshole paradestudent ghetto violence no idea
No sleeve yet rate it atom and his packagemaking love no idea
rate it blood for blood groovie ghoulies integrity dropkick murphys skarhead electric frankenstein chrome locust zeke fahrenheit 451 terra firma speedealerv/a: built for speed - a motörhead tribute victory
No sleeve yet rate it botch society of jesus ire earthmover lockjaw zegota headway stickfigurecarousel opposite force kriticka situace amebixv/a: inside front #11 crimethinc.
rate it boys sets fire countdown to putsch devola god awful i hate myself kill the man who questions saetia twelve hour turn you and iv/a: abc no rio level plane
rate it brainbombssingles collection load
rate it c*average mirah the mountain goats mecca normal marine research the moools sleater-kinney ramsted bratmobile the need super duo old time relijun the low down tight bros from way back when red monkey the cannanes loud machine 0.5 the microphones rebecca pearcy the crabs negativlandv/a: yoyo a go go yo-yo
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandthe grow fins box set cd 1 just got back from the city (1965-67) cd 2 electricity, 1968 cd 3 trout mask house sessions, 1969 cd 4 trout mask house sessions pt. 2, plus enhanced cd
cd 5: captain beefheart & his magic band grow fins (1
xeric / table of the elements / revenant
rate it carthage k.k. null residual orchestra gerritt merzbow aube kid 606 tit wrench never presence forever three bloody monkeys season of discontent lockweld psywarfarev/a: sadomachinism misanthropic agenda
rate it cattle decapitation armatron tic war 1v/a: toyo records presents: the science of crisis toyo
rate it charles bronsoncomplete discography 625 / youth attack!
rate it charles bronson capitalist casualties the gooch gasprilla day parade captain 3 leg the gaia the pervatrons palatka gob laceration last remaining pinnaclev/a: mandatory marathon amendment
rate it clinics/t domino
rate it crackerbash eyesore hammerbox love battery mx-80 olivelawn pain teens poster children the semibeings skyward stymie superchunk superconductor thinking fellers union local 282 thrown ups trash can school treepeople tsunami unrest weenv/a: teriyaki asthma volume VI-X c/z
rate it custom floor upsilon acrux soul junk gogogoairheart üüm rafter free*stars last of the juanitas the black heart procession physicsv/a: flushing the vault titanium exposé
rate it deerhoof comet gain mocket sleater-kinney replikants the geraldine fibbers the frumpies c average tight bros, from way back when unwound sport murphy the hangovers the lies danielle howle deep lust the peechees sean na na long hind legs thrones ronnie spectorv/a: jackson's jukebox kill rock stars
rate it don caballerosingles breaking up vol. I touch and go
rate it dragibus pregnant owun blue tip scrooge happy anger & belly button propagandhi randy portobello bones tip top taylors glu & skull duggery moka kerozene 454 king biscuit mr say so & tomy david fenech spithead pichu macha ilhevs tribute to sexx robov/a: la pluie et le beau temps volume 1 kalikof
rate it drunks with gunsdrunks with guns compilation demolition derby
rate it dwarveslick it the psychedelic years 1983-1996 recess
rate it eat static banco de gaia timeshard children of the bongv/a: transmissions from the planet dog mammoth
rate it electric nazarene gogogo airheart volume eleven the roots of orchis jejune yaphet kotto sterling silver oma yang camera obscura physics get hustle sunday's best vile maxim reversal of man the blackheart procession boilermakerv/a: che fest 1999
a compilation of live music from che fest 1999 at the
che cafe in san diego
rate it emperor penguin joshua falken trio oxes neutrino pedal the french kicks camellia lane atombombpocketknife the beau grumpus goBEAUlins del rey port vale rebecca gates drums and tubav/a: the my pal god holiday record 2 my pal god
rate it endstand fake hyppi this side up! stranded intensity second ratev/a: 7 reprises de 7 seconds wee wee
rate it eve 6 get up kids weezer far braid superdrag teen heroes local h reel big fish the siren six! nada surf promise ring samiam weston sense fieldv/a: where is my mind? a tribute to the pixies doghouse
rate it farflung ? chrome pressurehedv/a: ultimate space rock cleopatra
rate it fatday cosmic babylon bilge pump velocityut wagplatyv/a: K/A/K/U/H/A/N/K/I/
rate it fig dish pinehurst kids sunset valley chainsaw kittens season to risk truly the frogs bo bud greene the blank theory monkey paw sugarsmack allon beausoleilv/a: unsealed: a tribute to the go-go's 4 alarm recordings
rate it flash gordon lie crucial section what happens next?v/a: bandana thrash vol.1 625
rate it forcefedglass the sutek conspiracy devola spirit of versailles usurp synapse i robot curb illithed last remaining pinnacle the ultimate warriors to dream of autumn suicide note rep seki leval blessing the pervatrons locust facade burned black the keyboard masters dead letter auction lick golden sky rune stellina racebannon john wiese slothv/a: songs of the dead II idle hands a horror movie tribute and here my troubles began...
rate it fukuyama electroscope mount analog rothko ma cherie for painting foehn windsor for the derby loopdrop slow motion class micromars mohagonny quintv/a: 13 elements disasters by choice
rate it goober patrol consumed road rage red flag 77 silencer 7 the stains newtown grunts four letter word turtlehead erase today leatherface snuff imbalance citizen fish panic the 'tone joe 90 airbomb southpaw groverv/a: greetings from the welfare state byo
No sleeve yet rate it hamilton malakhai with arms still empty just for kicksv/a: the forever compilation kill you for a dollar
rate it hattifattenersrabbit rabbit dark beloved cloud
rate it haymarket riotthis cd contains the self-titled and wax! eps divot
rate it hellnation corrupted jeanxseberg lack of interest ebola hybride real reggae autoritärv/a: homeless benefit bad card
No sleeve yet rate it hybris thoughts of ionesco deamon's jaded passion reversal of manv/a: the brave do not fear the grave alveran / grave romance
rate it imagho micro:mega arnaud fournier snark + paul lydon loren mazzacane connors fragile thurston moore + ultra milkmaids noęl akchoté james plotkin + david fenech telemak justin k.broadrickv/a: strings & stings vol. 1 from belgium with love
rate it intro uk subs oblivion the showcase showdown bumper 1 hot water music tuesday automatic 7 bumper 2 monorchid greyarea kid dynamite bumper 3 lickity split swingin utters the pietasters bumper 4 arson family traitors four letter word bumper 5 squatweiler spoilers battery bumper 6 united 121 blanks 77 os101v/a: capitol radio torque
rate it johnnie consho donkey the yummy fur el hombre trajeado morocco dick johnson country teasers lugworm lung leg polythene ricky spontane the male nurse shrug gag kenny process team gilded lil alan country davidson the karelia the spores bis multiplex cinemanv/a: hits & missiles guided missile
No sleeve yet rate it keleton dmd pressgang madison quixote lovesick voglio capirlo m'sagro wen the little rock time the middletown project thoughts of ionesco small brown bike this robot killsv/a: the collateral compilation a benefit cd for the vegetarian grocer utilitarian
No sleeve yet rate it keuhkot sweetheart radiopuhelimet jolly jumpers ovalki aavikko submerged can can heads the leo bugarilovers mieskuoro huutajat kirvasto trouble bound gospel unidentified sound objects kemialliset ystävät custom drummer meets dj monster johannes nilsson the prow the weepikes ektroverde the vacuum cleaners askiv/a: b.v.o.d. - pre-millenium bad vugum bad vugum
rate it kittenslo-fi classics...and other rarities!! sonic unyon
rate it los crudos the locust su19b infest ruido jenny piccolo halo epidemic mk-ultra black army jacket visual discrimination peter mangalore dropdead corrupted phobia benumb hellnation bred on deceptionv/a: reality part #3 deep six
rate it make upi want some k
rate it mason jones k2 sissy spacek kk null panicsville disc darin gray jetstream panicv/a: moonlanding vol. 3 & 4 helicopter
rate it moby ignite skinlab vision of disorder snapcase entombed 16 sepultura adamantium downset haste will haven turmoil boy sets fire shai hulud cave in v/a: never give in: a tribute to bad brains century media
rate it moped poole garden variety plow united inch fF peepshow drew black train jack dooms U.K. bouncing souls soccer jake and the stiffs thrush hermit pavement dunebuggy snowplow shirk circus wally frank phobia & clem bunnygrunt PKids squatweiler teen idols scarab tru zero parasites melting hopefuls meatjackv/a: homage lots of bands doing descendents songs a tribute to descendents coolidge
rate it msbr john wiese bastard noise thurston moorev/a: moonlanding vol. 2 helicopter
rate it murder city devils come hazel obituaries prolapse the geraldine fibbers jeffrey lee pierce cadallaca nicole panter poison idea kristin hersh pleasant gehman elliott smith gilly ann hanner cindy lee berryhill dead moon cat power roger manning madigan crackerbash lydia lunch soul junkv/a: drinking from puddles: a radio history kill rock stars
rate it naked raygunbasement screams quarterstick
rate it naked raygunbasement screams quarterstick
rate it nuzzlejunk of myth '92-'95 zum / sound on sound
rate it pistis carlisle song of kerman shyster peterbuilt coriolis bible of the self dear ephesus backhand fortitude a. torresv/a: spirit of '99: a hardcore competition go! team
rate it playdoh chokebore shane cough gainsaid john münch heďdi fleiss the shyness clinic killer lp trax moan betty manifold unwound nkv/a: taty du post rock ultraviolet
rate it proud crass fools propoganda (USA) exmo-6-desmo todlachen rifle sport radio for teens ground zero willful neglect red meat man sized action hüsker dü v/a: kitten garage d'or / reflex (USA)
rate it quatro twelve hour turn the vidablue the lazarus plotv/a: the lew wallace compilation lance harbor
rate it quintron xbxrx bobby conn zeek sheckv/a: toyo records presents: science in the shape of birds toyo
rate it rocket from the cryptall systems go 2 swami
rate it rye coalition tristeza the van pelt tom lomacchio mia doi todd joan of arc the ladybug transistor jimmy eat world four banyon scenic vermont duradelinquent the burning softies volume 11 phobia the lucky stars ukefink optiganally yours slacktone longstocking fishsticks sleestak spanakorzo nigel lundemov/a: KXLU 88.9 FM, LA live vol. 3
rate it short hate temper amps for christ benumb crank sturgeon cattle decapitation sockeye opstand judas iscariot utter bastard facialmess volume eleven tear you a new a**hole gigantopithecus noothgrush tinf human extermination project entrails massacre soiled zed no comply cock esp a**hole parade vilently ill tender love ruido praparation h mindset building of gel black mayonaise captain three leg society of friends herbivore ruido de odio quintron hellnation sound antenna necrolust tggdrasil none of your f*cking business iron maiden lord zillablaster idi amin richard ramirez hated principles yokozuna noisegate misopsychia self help spazz earwigs jalopaz autodefenstration hermit gob dahmer sonic disorder pus del recto bastard noise suppression rupture gnob locust experimental farm black army jacket dyslexis coup agoraphobic nosebleed guernica paindriver enemy soil bologna farm the servants of earth transaxis oracle lack of integrity everskwelch bucket holds water you purchase dance harvey and the bad vapor bubbles autoerotichrist pain jerk merzbow emil beaulieau laceration the japanese torture comedy hour maisie lockweld love power electronics seven minutes of nausea end of silence jermflux shadowed veil let's put the x in sex third world planet charles bascomb f.l.o. muzumuzu suru k. shipley last remaining pinnacle men's recovery project facade burned blackv/a: audio terrorism the soundtrack for weirdness and blind hostility cnp / satan's pimp / heartplug
rate it sleater-kinney sarah dougher internal/external the need mirah aislers set gossip marine researchv/a: yoyo a go go yo-yo / wovie
rate it song of zarathustradiscography vol 1 the blood of the young
rate it sparkmarkertreasure chest 1990-1997 revelation
No sleeve yet rate it stuffd bear ruby falls swirlies juke-box hero dennis callaci john davis lou barlowv/a: bluebunny bluebunny
rate it sunday's best sterling silver small brown bike no knife the roots of orchis jejune the casket lottery piebald the six parts seven the trans magetti the jade shaderv/a: slightest indication of change slowdance
rate it supergouge confused gentle veincut mahlzahnv/a: mahlzeit kultur x
rate it swanscop young god greed holy money some bizarre
rate it swansvarious failures 1988-1992 young god
rate it tetsuo (IL) brass knuckles for tough guysstunt class-b
rate it the browns u.s. maple the flying luttenbachers lake of dracula yona-kit you fantastic! ufo or die zeke sheck care company chuck falzone telepath shakuhachi surprise melt-banana strangulated beatoffs monitor radio colossamite flossie and the unicorns shorty zzzzz cheer-accident the denison kimball trio ruins akaten omoide hatoba last of sg's mount shasta dazzling killmen quintron bobby conn nood ham tortured machine space streakings zeni geva f'stein brise-glacev/a: camp skingraft (!) now wave volume 1-3 skin graft
rate it the crimson cursegreatest hits
rate it the fallearly fall 77-79 cog sinister
rate it the festival of dead deerthe many faces of mental illness (a collection)
rate it the go-betweens78 'til 79 the lost album jetset
rate it the high life movement C4AM95 melt banana euphone pablos triangle armatron the need joan of arc colossamite thrones impaled transitionalv/a: original motion picture soundtrack la foresta della morte (the deadly forest) toyo
rate it the kg get the hell out of the way of the volcano the need c*average iqu mirah dennis driscell lois maffeo bluebirdsky ashtray boy little red car wreck super duo rabbit rabbit the microphones the drivers eucalyptus nova scotia the nervous system the low down the newlyweds loud machine 0.5 rebecca pearcyv/a: projector yo-yo
rate it the low trio mobile microsquame craving porf my own scrooge shut up imago löbe ektroverde slowly we bleed ovalski the leo bulgariloves oké showv/a: fat butt without love vol.3 from belgium with love
rate it the lowdown pink and brown rubber o cement lozengev/a: toyo records presents: science of glass gargantua toyo
rate it the marshes drexler brent jerky turkey protex blue dead end epileptic flying donuts dead pop club münch (FR) leviathan shade no fuckin' idea el bimbo invain betty three mile pilot sleeppers enough creep ac drain pump booster guapov/a: that's the way cookie (still) crumbles kérosčne
rate it the muffs banana erectors the grown ups detroit cobras candypants the friggs supersnazz the chubbies sacred miracle cave the barbarellas lunachicks the eyeliners lo-hi holly golightly april march buck hole the bags starpower the revillos april march & makers the neptunas the red aunts calamity jane the shitbirds the 5,6,7,8's trinket fur thee headcoatees the haves the trip inger loree and motel shootout geraldine fibbers phenobarbidols third grade teacher free kitten stool pigeons april march & los cincos the cougars the honeymoon killers electrocutes dark carnival little porkchop the pebbles earl lee grace pussy crush candy 500 satan's cheerleadersv/a: alright, this time just the girls sympathy for the record industry
rate it the promise ring hum seaweed modest mouse braid at the drive-in mineral compound red samiam burning airlines unwound the dismemberment plan drive like jehu texas is the reason knapsack jawboxv/a: nowcore! the punk rock evolution cold front
rate it tumult cripple bastards ruido demon system 13 dahmer dudmanv/a:speed freaks vol. 4 knot music
rate it unwounda single history 1991-1997 kill rock stars
rate it unwoundfurther listening matador
No sleeve yet rate it volebeats bodeco half japanese the candy snatchers nine iron southern culture on the skids the nails ted bundy's volkswagonv/a: wreck room safe house sampler vol 3
rate it vue the eyesores the locust the sand-dunes folk implosion ugly duckling babyland bunny the devics split lip rayfield the farewell bend arab on radar dilated peoples upsilon acrux chokebore the prosthetic devola red elvises camera obscura phthalocyanine hasil adkinsv/a: kxlu live volume five 88.9FM los angeles kxlu
rate it william martyr 17the celebration of forever harlan
rate it world / inferno friendship societyeast coast super sound punk of today! the singles gern blandsten
rate it young pioneers born against man is the bastard freeze boll weevils skankin' pickle mandingo brown lobster tank duh tribe 8 alice donut brawl peaceful meadows cub mr. t experience citizen fish walleye lifetime damnation ad promise ringv/a: under your influence tralla
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