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No sleeve yet rate it - kevin shields sébastien tellier squarepusher death in vegas phoenix happy end brian reitzell & roger joseph manning jr. my bloody valentine air the jesus & mary chainv/a: lost in translation empire norton
rate it agripon erez martinic hapy uiz et son ami radikal satanv/a: PoNa10 les potagers natures / galerie pache
rate it american nothing anodyne burnt by the sun coalesce converge the dillinger escape plan the hope conspiracy planes mistaken for stars playing enemyv/a: black on black a tribute to black flag initial
rate it arab on radarthe stolen singles three.one.g
rate it armuniversal standard time heart of a champion
rate it bästardthe acoustic machine ici d'ailleurs
rate it beehive and the barracudas the husbands hot snakes loincloth rocket from the crypt the white apes testors dan sartain the sultans sonny vincent mannequin pissv/a: swami sound system vol.1: 2003 sales conference swami
rate it blunderbuss creta bourzia arrivals and departures mihaly cattletrap thee speaking canaries pay toilets teddy duchamp's army mccarthy commission the code sf firehydrant viragos the new alcindors weird paul young steele matula trio zombi lorelei life in bed (the) alpha control group (c) io conelrad microwaves modey lemon whatever it takes human brains black moth super rainbow strict flow beamv/a: advanced calculus
a compilation of music recorded live at wrct 88.3 FM
these bricks are mine
rate it bobby conn accustat alva amoeba (raftboy) brian mcmahon & the choke cherries davey williams & ladonna smith delorosa dixie blood moustache original members of (electric eels) eugene chadbourne frosty harry pussy hercules leslie q liquorball loren mazzacane connors monotrona mr. quintron quim gremlin simeon coxe & obliterati splotch temple of bon martin flying luttenbachers to live and shave in la zeek schek care co.v/a: tarot or aorta: memories of a PRE festival tom smith
rate it bomb 20 the bran flakes burmese change! xszi zipperspy morceaux_de_machines eddie the rat 8=====d prion the evolution control committee 7000 dying rats berkowitz lake & dahmer cussycat travis bickle's mohawk karlheinz books on tape phroq spin laden giant robot solutions group ifihadahifi kazumoto endo jazzkammer brutum fulmen mixel pixel deerhoof box patrol can't illusion of safety aprosody persona v/vm iran v/a: my malady mental monkey
rate it books liehall of fame of fire + singles and b-sides level plane
rate it born againstthe rebel sound of shit and failure kill rock stars / vermiform
rate it cassandra wilson eagle-eye cherry & vernon reid & james blood ulmer lucinda williams lou reed nick cave & the bad seeds t-bone burnett los lobos john mayall & the bluesbreakers j.b. lenoir shemekia copeland alvin youngblood hart beck special rider blues marc ribot bonnie raitt skip james garland jeffreys blind willie johnsonv/a: the soul of a man columbia
rate it cherry midwest product dave longstreth & yume bitsu thievery corporation andrew duke sleeping flies dabrye ghost orchids yellow6 e*rock greg davis sovietv/a: u.s. pop life vol.16 extension of electro white spaces convergence contact
rate it convergeunloved and weeded out deathwish
rate it david grubbs mice parade mum process kid606 set fire to flames bjork & funkstorung transient waves duplo remote matmos grain stromba him sigur ros fennesz drowsy crescent team doyobi com.a dorine_muraille the dylan group programme party of one xinlisupreme giddy motors black dice sylvain chauveauv/a: branches and routes fatcat
rate it derek donald tRECK the free french keith john adams scissorkicks hOST brasil 666 barking spider bcs entertainments kling klang future sperm brazil the beale rogojine matthew mcintyre kenny process team montana pete the champagne country teasers shelbie jail gag (UK) crimeater the knockoutsv/a: flitwick records compilation flitwick
rate it end on end funeral diner under a dying sun endzweckv/a: a sequel of a story cosmic note / city boot
rate it end on end funeral diner under a dying sun endzweckv/a: a sequel of a story coldbringer / city boot
rate it epilepticthe early years vol.2 self-released
rate it epilepticthe early years vol.1 self-released
rate it essential logicfanfare in the garden kill rock stars
rate it fat daysnarl of pulchritude singles 1993-2003 100% breakfast!
rate it funeral diner3 sides dead lilacsky
rate it ghost orchids adult gogogo airheart a tension hint hint the vanishing i am spoonbender dance disaster movement pattern the pleased the lovemakers broker/dealer paradise boys kill me tomorrow numbersv/a: death before disco princehouse
rate it grails ee the rum diary continental the robot ate me fiver desert city soundtrack snake versus wizard the dropscience the intima oma yang funnel mouth john wayne crucifix xiu xiu namesnake liarbird the roots of orchis subaudiblev/a: translation. music. 3. substandard
rate it gravy train!!!! stereo total owl and the pussycat jeff hanson the decemberists bangs sleater-kinney goxxip deerhoof quix*o*tic comet gain slumber party sport murphy carla bozulich mecca normal unwound the lies men's recovery project tight bro's from way back when c averagev/a: mollie's mix kill rock stars
rate it hero of a hundred fights insidious tintorettov/a: a four way stop 404
rate it holgatorepic battles 1993 - 1995
rate it hot hot heatscenes one through thirteen ohev
rate it i'm being good bilge pump the murder of... cat on form montana pete old time relijun twinkie meets guitar maquiladora joeyfat charlottefield poplar wolf colonel lo fi sucks fupper gatto ciliegav/a: the twominutemen 2 jonson family
rate it ian mcculloch culture club guy chadwick edwyn collins the divine comedy alejandro escovedo midge ure associates big country peter murphy the polecats blondie sigue sigue sputnik duran duran the gourds the langley schools music project christian death black box recorderv/a: starman tribute to david bowie uncut
rate it jenny piccolodiscography three one g
rate it kevin hewick & new order kevin hewick kevin hewick & the soundtender bruises and scars cherry red
rate it laddio bolockothe life & times of laddio bolocko no quarter
rate it leatherfacediscography part two rare and unreleased deranged
rate it marsmars lp the complete studio recordings NYC 1977-1978 g3g / spooky sound
rate it men's recovery projectthe best of men's recovery project 5rc
rate it metronome charisma george bitch junior jolt aghast spinning heads myra lee lifelike tekkenv/a: aspidistra .opus.I. impure muzik / radar swarm
rate it mike watt weasel walter a warm palindrome racebannon miss murgatroid monotract trumans water dacaer pinga & black alaska jad fair & daisy cooper nel aspinal ortho brian mcmahon bright moy azalia snail don fleming 25 suaves vig esp old time relijun dapperv/a: neon mate dream of a octafish a tribute to captain beefheart and his magic band animal world
rate it msbr noiseuse guilty connector k.k. null government alpha incapacitants k2 defektro wage-slave exchange masonnav/a: japanoise of death steinklang industries
rate it my name is rar rar small rocks pearls and brass nice nice black eyes hair police doormouse mammalv/a: closet full of clothes white denim
rate it nagg coachwhips boyskout black cat music hotwire titans aktion low flying owls big midnight the holy kiss two gallants flakes mon frere young tradev/a: the sound of san francisco alive
rate it nimrod 33 planquez destructive chop-suey eftus spectun gintas k. giant tankv/a: no rewind (october of mrw44) mrw44
No sleeve yet rate it olneyville sound system pink baionette shampoo sleeping disorder mibu football rabbit smashed femur dance party tank 25 suaves eeyow karoom landed iron-gate the cease furisubiv/a: two rabbits on a rocket hospital productions
rate it pageninetyninesingles document #14 reptilian
rate it pain jerk k2 c.c.c.c. melt-banana k.k. null msbr masonna incapacitants mo*te government alphav/a: japanoise little mafia
rate it pay toilets conelrad suburban death machine intense youth! marichal zombi lorelei he taught me lies counter action aphasia corpus christie better off dead farewell euclid stilyagi neotrope totally awesome dudes all the quiet human brains forward motion krooked grind the accident adams and the blackout cnvrsns the copyrightsv/a: west coast of the east coast hope / hard travelin'
rate it pink and brownshame fantasy II load
rate it policy of 3an anthology ebullition
rate it recusantdiscography 93 96 suppress today / atrazin
rate it ridewaves
seventeen original BBC recordings from the radio 1 se
ssions: 1990-1994
the first time
rate it rise against haymarket riot alkaline trio duvall the dishes the arrivals lawrence arms the ghost owls tom daily the tossers plain white t's detachment kit the reputation local h check engine bitchy the matics bob nannav/a: oil thick
rate it scrogdiscography new granada
rate it sharashka the blood group flying winnebago & annie hayden dirty power phil locke mary lorson & billy coté & kathy ziegler hypofixx flare paul durham taikonaut rose polenzani & sharon lewis gradicela pdsexton john ashfield xiu xiu quasimojo waycross blk w/bearv/a: hot hands a tribute to throwing muses & kristin hersh kuma-chan
rate it shipping newsthree four quarterstick
rate it some girlsall my friends are going death deathwish
rate it spearmint solex yuppie flu bardo pond number one cup comet gain lenola appendix out quickspace saloon sparesnare fonda 500 micevice c-kid julie's haircut scream c baby el goodo kicker fuck tindersticks garlic future pilot aka* & colditz trumans water boxstep silkworm john wayne shot me airport girl magoo tyde panty lions oranger perturbazione tiger wood bernhard lunchbox fiveheadv/a: everything is going here a tribute to pavement homesleep
No sleeve yet rate it staüffen the stars at my desk shub social end product absinthe (provisoire) chris .p.ski jean player spacial one foot dancer earoc plod chevreuil malcolm skene tötenfest zolestinmayr üg atollz fran666cov/a: goback connection n°1 100% pure underground HIIIIIt$ goback
rate it submission holdeat more garlic civilacion violenta
rate it swellbastards & rarities : 1989-1994 badman
rate it the ape choir jason and the astronauts montana pete hunter's loaf headquarters matra unhome camelion songs of my lap joeyfat box moth querelle i, coelacanth the ship of the sun planquez alexander tucker noizreverzion method sent princess headbutt bilge pump the monochromat fixation charlottefieldv/a: un23 [a twenty-three track unlabel compilation] unlabel
rate it the fallwords of expectation BBC sessions castle
rate it the fiction scent of human history hit self destruct this scares me helen of troy countdown to putsch are you fucking serious operation late thunder memory as perfection the south a day in black and white the faeries turn around norman hurrah books lie a petal fallen dead cityv/a: times are hard for dreamers waking
rate it the homosexualsthe homosexuals' CD rer
rate it the planet the zu bellini jasminshock beirut twig infection logan edible woman spriggan daemien frost theramin monotorakiki lillayell querelle comfort ceke generoso gallina H.C.-B. proteus 911 koiv/a: fragments psychotica
rate it the rolling blackouts the checkers neon king kong the flash express the orphans the alleged gunmen squab thee make-out party! the pinkz the fuse! radio vago miracle chosuke the lipstick pickups fast forward the starvationsv/a: let's get rid of L.A. star map / revenge
rate it the shivering& brand the ground with storm and song alone
No sleeve yet rate it thisgirl funeral for a friend energica the copperpot journal jarcrew million deadv/a: the squirrel ep six bursts of kinetic energy fierce panda
rate it trumans waterthe singles 1992-1997 no sides
rate it u.x.a. dirk dirksen sleepers negative trend tuxedomoonv/a: miners' benefit white noise
rate it unsanelambhouse relapse
rate it usurp synapsedisinformation fix alone
rate it vilently illprimitive sounds 1993-2003 bathroom renovations
rate it weights and measures kitchens and bathrooms from fiction lou barlow the plan one candle power north of america the city on film wintersleep neil haverty the creeping nobodies the vermicous knid white star line contrived lungbutterv/a: in the film they made us a little more articulate escape goat
rate it white rainbow michael hurley vashti bunyan katherina tunicata deerhoof nudity tara jane o'neil sir richard bishop holy sons alela diane yaht romancing valetv/a: halleluwah
rate it windsor for the derby thalia zedek natural snow buildings experience jack diariu l'altra amor migala man victory at sea james william hindle jacques manta ray 27 bitter springs dominique a the zephyrs polar the strugglers p:ano grupo salvaje encre mus lisabö guimo lee ranaldo the potomac accord anamude green apple sea don nino the sophie drinker refree vitesse sr. chinarro timesbold transmissionary six ursulav/a: acuarela songs 2 acuarela
rate it yage...and nobody told me to think about life in general
No sleeve yet rate it yage 125 rue montmartre buoyancy die kosmo gesellschaft peace of mindv/a: tomte tumme tott tomte tumme tott
rate it zubi zuva x akaten ruins zoffy acid mothers templev/a: japanese new music festival europe tour 2003 magaibutsu
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