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rate it 400 blows (USA) veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes the jai-alai savant cut city dmonstrations kill me tomorrow subtitle omar a. rodriguez-lopez beautiful skin rhythm of black lines year future this moment in black history coaxial the phantom limbs tender buttons fatal flying guilloteens free moral agents gogogo airheartv/a: we've been trying to reach you gsl
rate it american heritagebipolar escape artist
rate it ampere analena calling gina clark circle takes the square gantz sinaloa killed by malaise the sifnow plateau collectivev/a: how to destroy yourself monocore
rate it apartment 213discography 1993-97 625
rate it bastrosing the troubled beast diablo guapo drag city
rate it beautiful skineverything, all this and more gsl
rate it beessies michel & michel sibyl vane prosperr TeTsuo (FR) eddy crampes les hormones les yves master and servant klavisklav burning project trapetto traciv/a: à tant rêver du roi #1 à tant rêver du roi
rate it bmx banditsserious drugs the creation anthology castle
rate it cash slave clique dark sun drunken gunmen jet jaguar the jfk royal airforce malombra the moor orgone rectoplasm scattered planets sow belly sub-primitive st 37 subzone sun zoom sparkv/a: you've been duplicated burning chrome to disc in the cyberage chrome tribute aktivator
rate it combat wounded veteranthis is not an erect, all-red neon body no idea
rate it darediablo tight phantomz karate dianogah slow loris tornavalanche todd miss murgatroid & petra haden william elliott whitmorev/a: say your prayers, vermin southern
rate it darediablo tight phantomz karate dianogah slow loris tornavalanche todd miss murgatroid & petra haden william elliott whitmorev/a: when the cat returns, the mice are fucked southern
rate it dub narcotic sound system little wings coco & bean [[[[vvrssnn]]]] the blow all girl summer fun band yume bitsu mirah beat happening old time relijun tender trap the microphones landing dennis driscoll wolf colonel calvin johnsonv/a: invisible shield k
rate it el eje del mäl shooting victor francis socrates violent breakfastv/a: 4 way split CD gaffer
rate it experimental dental school sabot astro can caravan ?v/a: tenzenmen presents: eccentrics issue #3 tenzenmen
rate it flaming fire dälek rocket from the tombs the dirtbombs le nombre sally crewe smokey and miho zmrzlina gary wilson devendra banhart rev. isaiah owens with ann talbert revolutionary sanke ensemble mojave 3 dan melchior brian jonestown massacre neko case the soft boys measles mumps rubella comets on fire miminokoto khanate deerhoof tim eriksen and friends sunroof! coachwhips aavikko brother jt3 harris newman julia vorontsova gogol bordellov/a: tunes on toxic terrain WFMU live from new jersey
rate it fritz normandy pengo mouthus dremcron magik markers residual echoes the demars humectant interruption pissed jeans double leopards chris bozzonev/a: we didn't come here to make friends 200 pound underground
rate it guitar wolfgolden black narnack
rate it horace pinker the methadones new black the bomb fingers cut megamachine the tossers t. duggins calliope hanalei haymarket riot lasalle gasoline fight cougars the arrivals resident geniusv/a: mean it man thick
rate it icky boyfriendsa love obscene menlo park
No sleeve yet rate it jetscreamer the hells archie bronson outfitv/a: 3-way split buffalo recordings
rate it jilted john gordon the morontrue love stories... plus castle music
rate it lifesavas tender forever plat the baptist generals psyche origami unwed sailor oneida calvin johnson magnolia electric co. boom bip voltage tussle timonium page france blank_blank cesar comanche bellafea walking dead ticonderoga endless mic cities kaleidoscope death witch kings snmnmnm boxcar bertha tim smith band l in japanese ahleuchatistas the enrichment center percussion ensemble the strugglersv/a: 18 watts are better than none
rate it lightning bolt fast fourier the hellsquad the wildhearts jim o'rourke porch gouls the jon spencer blues explosion total dork autoramas snuff puffy amiyumi cato salsa experience j. mascis & the fogv/a: i love guitar wolf very much narnack
rate it los lobos theresa andersson & grayson capps thalia zedek nathan larson trespassers william lonnie pitchford magic slim & the teardrops john travolta giant drag big bill morganfield grayson capps nada surf lightnin' hopkinsv/a: a love song for bobby long OST hyena
rate it made in mexico koenjihyakkei gorge trio point line plane yowie ruins cheer-accident the flying luttenbachers the chinese stars quintron arab on radar strangulated beatoffsv/a: the blueghost party flavor skin graft
rate it mare the dillinger escape plan mastodon strapping young lad pig destroyer high on fire & keelhaul meatjack strapadon factory isis & agoraphobic nosebleed absentee eyehategod dog fashion disco disengage blessing the hogs cky & gnarkill maritime murder made out of babies pincer 2v/a: we reach the music of the melvins fractured transmitter
rate it matt skiba mxpx smoke or fire nofx coalesce the falcon the tim version joey cape communique dead to me darkest hour the soviettes the ergs anti-flag grabass charlestons tim barry the arrivals bars teenage bottlerocket jawbreaker rusty pistachio the mishaps the lovekill hot cross western addiction against me!v/a: protect
a benefit for the national association to protect chi
fat wreck
rate it maximum joyunlimited (1979-1983) crippled dick hot wax
rate it melt-banana13 hedgehogs MxBx singles 1994-1999 a-zap
rate it midway stilli won't try (the collection) fire
rate it mm__bnous sommes les architectes raremm__bhits les disques transat
rate it my discocollapse of an erratic lung language of numbers golden brown
rate it myra lee chick peas neptune erevan rubiks el justiciero boxing elena one second riot hand fed babies hanna trance dededeluluxe! tamagawav/a: boom boom rikordz compil'1 boom boom rikordz
rate it nathan larson vaz brett rosenberg phil puleo paradise island sonny vincent steve mackay immortal lee county killers & rebecah boynton eddie angel jesse everrett hughes elliott sharp jim coleman stephen brodsky blues goblin brant bjork simeon coxe & silver apples black lipstick brent eyestone john easdale the scheme amps for christ r. hoak nikki suddenv/a: you've got orders volume 2 chrome peeler
rate it new brutalism2001-2003 (turbo record/record of american fury/+2) lujo
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsB-side & rarities mute
rate it nlf3 & dominique petitgand prohibition patton the berg sans nipple wilfried nlf3 f. lor don nino soeza heliogabale purr mendelsonv/a:
1995-2005 ten years of prohibited records un annivers
aire !
rate it nu frequency comets on fire paik sean nate denver's neck night after night hightower romanteek numinous the flying luttenbachers red bennies subarachnoid space ludicra child abuse shellshag condor no doctors thev/a: a benefit for our friends aquarius
rate it orchidtotality
No sleeve yet rate it orthrelm umbrella zann loa loa balls trencher the murder of rosa luxemburg schorf malkovich unhold apatt esquilax speck birds of paradise creeper & frightv/a: burp core S.O.U.L.
rate it pulsallama mofungo red transistor vortex original soundtrack certain general sonic youth rhys chatham clandestine with ned sublette glorious strangers felix jim jarmusch & del-byzanteens don king jill kroesen ut the static y pantsv/a: new york noise vol. 2 soul jazz
rate it sandy bull will oldham & alan licht alvarius b. calexico wilco steffen basho-junghans mark eitzel & marc capelle roscoe holcomb suntanama giant sand charalambides leadbelly sonic youth cat power roy montgomeryv/a: you can never go fast enough plain
rate it sequoia disturb fat society up rights backsight seekers of the truth no compromise the cold within disphoria 1984 headust lithium694 spinning heads superstatic revolution metronome charisma the third memory stanley millgram nesseria one more season feeding aporiav/a: better at making enemies than friends eternalis
rate it some girls year future 400 blows (USA) the plot to blow up the eiffel towerv/a: GSL and 31G SXSW Showcase gsl
rate it sullen local h the methadones blue meanies goldblade the tossers tom daily new black the gc5 motel blonde the arrivals haymarket riot vortis bitchy calliope lil' dave merriman scott lucasv/a: sex & subversion thick
rate it swervedriverjuggernaut rides '89-'98 castle
rate it the death of anna karina rats into robots kodan armada if it doesn't kill you the assailant la quiete phoenix bodies die emperor diev/a: microwave says to the pacemaker slave union
rate it the exsingles period the vinyl years 1980-1990 ex
rate it the ex voodoo muzak cheer-accident sleepytime gorilla museumv/a: knormalities vol.3 posthumorites dephine knormal music
rate it the fallthe complete peel sessions 1978-2004 castle
rate it the field micesnowball les temps modernes
rate it the field miceskywriting + singles les temps modernes
rate it the holy shroud transistor transistor newgenics bucket full of teeth malady shikari coliseum a day in black and white air conditioning amanda woodward anodyne the one am radio books lie hot cross get fucked bright calm blue envy the fiction lickgoldensky neil perry north of america kaospilot melt banana city of caterpillar avorza gods and queens golden birds nixon we are empire wolvesv/a: 80 records and we're not broke (yet) level plane
rate it the marked men the sultans the heart achesv/a: 3-way split swami
rate it the oals skinny winners turmoiled functions crotch council limplungsv/a: oh no, the engine light cephia's treat / kinky noise / ted records
rate it the pratsnow that's what i call prats music one little indian
rate it the robot ate me xiu xiu slim moon & what army no-neck blues band amps for christ deerhoof hella the planet the mae shi the advantage need new body wooden hand and the vanishing voice the punks metalux excepter barrv/a: sur la mer samp-le-mer 5 rue christine
rate it the walkmen they might be giants folksongs for the afterlife clem snide a.m. radio grand mal the mendoza line weeds of eden calla ex models bee and flower hoagy geometry scout les savy fav rainer maria cub country cindy wheeler the seconds hub the reverend vince anderson the boggs ben kweller french kicks mink lungs stereobate champale ida jumbo jets elk city hem the birdwatcher enon gloria deluxe interpol nada surf mascott timesbold black beetle laura cantrell blasco homev/a: this is next year arena rock recording co.
rate it thronesa day late southern lord
rate it titan clash exzoskeleton makunouchi bento the minibosses max cloud malade de souci royal space force jmstwghrpr trumans water no doctors terror at the opera strangulated beatoffsv/a: vote now! no sides
rate it unnatural helpers partman parthorse the old-timerz coconut cooloutsv/a: the black garfield comp haunted horse
rate it violent femmespermanent record (the very best of violent femmes) rhino
rate it wagstaff minutemen alastair galbraith spam allstars deerhoof ian nagoski el salvadorian duo morbid opera to live and shave in l.a. bostorfex noggin kim kohler wolf eyes king felix jetty cock e.s.p. bo and roxy mr. quintron thin ensemble julian dashper & marco fusinato sprinkle genies who needs punch tibetan beefgarden derek bailey bob fay and friends monostadt 3 trash monkeys cavity lionel goldbart kaliedapy late jalopaz akash reynols rosebowl queens sonic youth harry pussy azalia snail orchid spangiafora & don van vliet universal indians alzo boszormeigni & the terry reid solo project temple of bon matin velvet cactus society duo pumice outhern acifict funyons ashtray navigations antipope ceramic hobs kreamy 'lectric santav/a: like a rug in a lake freedom from
rate it yo la tengoa smattering of outtakes and rarities 1986-2002 matador
rate it zann danse macabre louise cyphire shikari raein la quiete june paik daitro utarid boa narrow cease upon the capitol mock heroic what price wonderland yossarian is drowning a fine boat that coffin sl-27 am i dead yet daseinv/a: emo armageddon react with protest
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