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rate it 8 eyed spy8 eyed spy fetish
rate it 8 eyed spylive ROIR
rate it 9 below zerodon't point your finger a&m
rate it a certain ratiosextet factory
rate it ac/dcfor those about to rock we salute you atlantic / warner
rate it adam and the antsprince charming cbs
rate it african head chargemy life in a hole in the ground on-u sound
rate it alan vegacollision drive celluloid
No sleeve yet rate it associatesfourth drawer down situation 2
rate it au pairsplaying with a different sex human
rate it bad religionhow could hell be any worse? epitaph
rate it basement 51968-1980 island
rate it bashungpizza philips
rate it bauhausmask beggars banquet
rate it big boyswhere's my towel? industrial standard / wasted talent
rate it black flagdamaged sst / unicorn
rate it brian eno & david byrnemy life in the bush of ghosts sire
rate it chromeblood on the moon don't fall off the mountain / beggars banquet
rate it colin newmanprovisionally entitled the singing fish 4ad
rate it crasspenis envy crass
rate it daniel johnstonsongs of pain self-released
rate it dead kennedysin god we trust, inc. alternative tentacles
rate it delta 5see the whirl pre
rate it depeche modespeak & spell mute
rate it deutsch amerikanische freundschaftgold une liebe virgin
rate it deutsch amerikanische freundschaftalles ist gut virgin
rate it devonew traditionalists virgin
rate it devospaced out record man
No sleeve yet rate it dislocation danceslip that disc new hormones
rate it dislocation dancemusic, music, music new hormones
rate it echo and the bunnymenheaven up here korova / wea
rate it einstürzende neubautenkollaps zickzack
rate it elvis costello & the attractionsalmost blue f-beat
rate it elvis costello and the attractionstrust f-beat
rate it étienne dahomythomane virgin
rate it fela anikulapo kutiblack president arista
rate it flipperthe generic album subterranean
rate it gang of foursolid gold emi
rate it gérard mansetle train du soir emi / pathé marconi
rate it girls at our bestpleasure happy birthday
rate it gun clubsex beat 81 lolita
rate it iggy popparty virgin
rate it jacno stinky toys elli & jacno elli medeirosinédits 77-81 vogue
rate it josef kthe only fun in town postcard
rate it jowe headpincer movement hedonics / armageddon
rate it joy divisionstill factory
rate it joy divisionwarsaw rzm productions
rate it joy divisionwarsaw rzm productions
rate it judas priestpoint of entry cbs
rate it killing jokewhat's THIS for...! eg
rate it kim wildest rak
rate it king crimsondiscipline eg
rate it kiss(music from) the elder casablanca
No sleeve yet rate it ludusthe seduction new hormones
No sleeve yet rate it marc bolanyou scare me to death cherry red
rate it marquis de saderue de siam emi / C.B.H.
rate it matt johnsonburning blue soul 4ad
rate it medium mediumthe glitterhouse cherry red
rate it men at workbusiness as usual cbs
rate it mission of burmasignals, calls and marches ace of hearts
rate it modern englishmesh & lace 4ad
rate it MX-80 soundcrowd control ralph records
rate it neil youngre-ac-tor reprise
rate it new ordermovement factory
rate it nitwitz götterfliessplit 12" wielingen walgt! vögelspin
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkarchitecture & morality dindisc
rate it pascal comeladesentimientos dys
rate it pere ubusong of the bailing man rough trade
rate it pere ubu390 degrees of simulated stereo ubu live: volume one rough trade
rate it pete shelleyhomosapien genetic / island
rate it positive noiseheart of darkness statik
rate it pretendersII sire
rate it public image limitedflowers of romance virgin
rate it ramonespleasant dreams sire
rate it richard earlthe egg store ilk pilot
rate it section 25always now factory
rate it simple mindssons and fascination virgin
rate it simple mindssister feelings call virgin
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesjuju polydor
rate it sleeperspainless night adolescent
No sleeve yet rate it soft cellnon-stop erotic cabaret phonogram
rate it starshooterpas fatigué cbs
rate it T.S.O.L.dance with me frontier
rate it taxi girlseppuku virgin
rate it television personalities...and don't the kids just love it rough trade
rate it the birthday partyprayers on fire 4ad / missing link
rate it the crampspsychedelic jungle a&m / I.R.S.
rate it the curefaith fiction
rate it the curehappily ever after a&m
rate it the diagram brotherssome marvels of modern science new hormones
rate it the durutti columnLC factory
rate it the go-go'sbeauty and the beat irs
rate it the gun clubfire of love ruby / slash
rate it the gun clubfire of love expanded
No sleeve yet rate it the original modern loversthe original modern lovers bomp
rate it the policeghost in the machine a&m
rate it the psychedelic furstalk talk talk cbs
rate it the raincoatsodyshape rough trade
rate it the red crayola & art and languagekangaroo? rough trade
rate it the rolling stonestattoo you cbs
rate it the soundfrom the lions mouth korova
rate it the spizzlesspikey dream flowers a&m
rate it the stranglersthe meninblack emi / liberty
rate it the stranglersla folie emi / liberty
rate it the teardrop explodeswilder mercury
rate it the timespop goes art! artpop
rate it the u-man's experimental bandthe art of talking raven
rate it the undertonespositive touch ardeck / harvest
rate it this heatdeceit rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it triost mercury
rate it tuxedomoondesire pre
rate it U2october island
rate it ultravoxrage in eden chrysalis
rate it wah!nah = poo - the art of bluff eternal
rate it wiredocument and eyewitness rough trade
rate it you've got foetus on your breathdeaf self immolation
rate it zz topel loco warner bros
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