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No sleeve yet rate it abwärtsder westen ist einsam mercury
No sleeve yet rate it african head chargeenvironmental studies on-u sound
rate it albert marc?ur this heatsplit tape tago mago
rate it altered imagespinky blue epic / cbs
rate it angry samoansback from samoa ami-hard core aggressive rockproduktionen
rate it au pairssense and sensuality kamera
rate it bashungplay blessures barclay
rate it bauhauspress the eject and give me the tape beggars banquet
rate it bauhausthe sky's gone out beggars banquet
rate it big boysfun fun fun moment productions
rate it black flagblack flag interview with frazier of klos unicorn
rate it blue orchidsthe greatest hit (money mountain) rough trade
rate it blurtst red flame
rate it bruce springsteennebraska cbs
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandice cream for crow virgin
rate it captain sensiblewomen and captains first a&m
rate it chrome3rd from the sun don't fall off the mountain
rate it chrome3rd from the sun siren
rate it cocteau twinsgarlands 4ad
rate it daniel johnstonthe what of whom august 1982 self-released
rate it daniel johnstondon't be scared self-released
rate it david bowieziggy stardust: the motion picture emi
rate it dead kennedysplastic surgery disasters alternative tentacles / statik
rate it depeche modea broken frame mute
rate it descendentsmilo goes to college new alliance / sst
rate it die hautschnelles leben monogam
rate it dire straitslove over gold vertigo
rate it dub syndicatethe pounding system (ambience in dub) on-u sound
rate it duke ellington the rolling stones jimi hendrixstill life (american concert 1981) cbs
rate it elvis costello and the attractionsimperial bedroom f-beat
No sleeve yet rate it epic soundtracks & jowe headdaga, daga, daga unreleased
No sleeve yet rate it eric random meets the bedalmitesearthbound ghost need new hormones
rate it fanglandshark boner
rate it fearthe record slash
rate it feltcrumbling the antiseptic beauty cherry red
rate it flux of pink indiansstrive to survive causing the least suffering possible spiderleg
rate it frank zappaship arriving too late to save a drowning witch cbs / barking pumpkin
rate it gang of foursongs of the free emi
rate it hugh beaumont experiencevirgin killers ev
rate it hüsker düland speed record new alliance
rate it iggy popzombie birdhouse irs
rate it in embracepassionfruit pastels glass
rate it indochinel'aventurier clemence melody / arabella
rate it intensified chaos social unrest naked lady wrestlers m.a.d. killjoy fang capitol punishment ribsy crucifix square cools los olvidados code of honor 7 seconds unaware frigidettes 5th column ghost dance dead kennedys rebel truth pariah lennonburger impatient youth bad posture demented youth mdc karnage domino theory nbj whipping boy (usa) angst free beer flipper vengeance juvinel justice section 8 tongue avulsion maniax vicious circle uxb scapegoats church police deadly reign no alternative wrecks urban assault bent nails miamaximum rock n roll presents not so quiet on the western front alternative tentacles
rate it jacques dutroncc'est pas du bronze gaumont musique
rate it judas priestscreaming for vengeance cbs
rate it kas producttry out rca
rate it kevin rowland & dexy's midnight runnerstoo-rye-ay mercury / phonogram
rate it kim wildeselect rak
rate it king crimsonbeat polydor
rate it les nusst victor / RCA
rate it liliputliliput rough trade
rate it lora logicpedigree charm rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it ludusdanger came smiling new hormones
No sleeve yet rate it ludusriding the rag expanded
rate it lydia lunch13.13 ruby
rate it lydia lunchin limbo doublevision
rate it lydia lunch the birthday partysplit 12" the agony is the ecstasy drunk on the pope's blood 4ad
rate it mansetcomme un guerrier l'enfant qui vole emi / pathé marconi
rate it maximum joystation m.x.j.y. Y
rate it meat puppetsmeat puppets sst
No sleeve yet rate it men & voltsrhythms & blues eat
rate it michael jacksonthriller cbs
rate it minutemenwhat makes a man start fires? sst
rate it mission of burmavs. ace of hearts
rate it modern englishafter the snow 4ad / beggars banquet / virgin
rate it modern englishmelt with you 4ad
rate it negative approach10-song ep touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenwaiting on egypt abstract
rate it nomeansnomama wrong stuff
rate it octobrenext year in asia pathé marconi / emi
No sleeve yet rate it oil tastersst thermidor
rate it orchestre rougeyellow laughter rca
rate it patrik fitzgeralddrifting towards violence red flame
rate it peter gabrielpeter gabriel IV charisma
rate it savage republictragic figures independent project
rate it savage republictragic figures fundamental
rate it screamstill screaming dischord
rate it scritti polittisongs to remember rought trade
rate it simple mindsnew gold dream (81-82-83) virgin
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesa kiss in the dreamhouse polydor
No sleeve yet rate it slovenlyafter the original style new alliance
rate it sonic youthst neutral
rate it supreme cool beingssurvival of the coolest k
rate it svätsoxruins platen twepi
rate it talk talkthe party's over emi
rate it talking headsthe name of this band is talking heads sire
rate it tall dwarfslouis likes his daily dip flying nun
rate it téléphonedure limite virgin
rate it television personalitiesthey could have been bigger than the beatles whaam!
rate it television personalitiesmummy your not watching me whaam!
rate it the birthday partyjunkyard 4ad / missing link
rate it the birthday partyst missing link
rate it the boomtown ratsV deep mercury
rate it the clashcombat rock cbs
rate it the cravatsthe colossal tunes out corpus christi
rate it the curepornography fiction / polydor
rate it the exhistory is what's happening more DPM
rate it the fallroom to live kamera
rate it the fallhex enduction hour kamera
rate it the falla part of america therein cottage
rate it the falllive in london 1980 the legendary chaos tape chaos tapes
rate it the fun boy threest chrysalis
No sleeve yet rate it the gloveblue sunshine fiction
rate it the go-betweenssend me a lullaby rough trade
rate it the go-go'svacation irs
rate it the gordons1st album flying nun
rate it the gun clubfire of love new rose
rate it the gun clubfire of love beggars banquet
rate it the homosexualsvenceremos black noise
rate it the jamthe gift polydor
rate it the jamdig the new breed polydor
rate it the meatmenblud sausage touch and go
rate it the meatmencrippled children suck e.p touch and go
rate it the monochrome seteligible bachelors cherry red
rate it the psychedelic fursforever now cbs
rate it the saintsi thought this was love, but this ain't casablanca emi
rate it the saintsout in the jungle new rose
rate it the soundall fall down wea
rate it the stranglersfeline cbs
rate it the timespop goes art! whaam!
rate it the undertones buzzcockssplit 12''
the undertones "the finest flowering of the pure pop
ideal" live to air bbc 1980
buzzcocks - live to air wpixfm club 57 new york 1979
happy porpak
rate it the wakeharmony factory
rate it toxic shockst
rate it visagethe anvil polygram / polydor
rate it void faithsplit 7" dischord
rate it wall of voodoocall of the west irs
rate it weekendla variété celluloid
rate it xtcenglish settlement virgin / epic
rate it you've got foetus on your breathache self immolation
rate it zowisoat a jogtrot to death atoomaatje records
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