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rate it a witnessi am john pancreas ron johnson
rate it able tasmansa cuppa tea and a lie down flying nun
rate it adrenalin o.d.humungousfungusamongus rough justice
rate it african head chargeoff the beaten track on-u sound
rate it band of outsidersact of faith barclay
rate it beastie boyslicensed to ill cbs / def jam
rate it bérurier noirconcerto pour détraqués folklore de la zone mondiale
rate it big blackthe hammer party homestead / lsr
rate it big blackatomizer blast first
rate it billy braggtalking with the taxman about poetry go! discs
rate it black flagwho's got the 10½? sst
rate it black sabbath featuring tony iommiseventh star warner bros
rate it bogshedtried and tested public speaker shelfish
rate it bogshedstep on it shelfish
No sleeve yet rate it breaking circusthe ice machine homestead
rate it bruce gilbertthe shivering man mute
rate it butthole surfersrembrandt pussyhorse cream corn from the socket of david touch and go
rate it butthole surfersrembrandt pussyhorse red rhino
rate it camberwell nowthe ghost trade recrec
rate it cargo cultstrange men bearing gifts touch and go
rate it caroliner rainbow stewed angel skinsi'm armed with quarts of blood subterranean
rate it christian deathatrocities normal
rate it chromedreaming in sequence dossier
rate it chromeeternity dossier / siren (USA)
rate it chromechromosome damage pentagram
rate it chumbawambastarvation, charity and rock & roll agit-prop
rate it clown alleycircus of chaos alchemy
rate it cocteau twinsvictorialand 4ad
rate it colin newmancommercial suicide crammed discs
rate it cranesfuse bite black!
rate it crime and the city solutionroom of lights mute
rate it damon edgegrand visions new rose
rate it dead kennedysbedtime for democracy alternative tentacles
rate it dead kennedysshowdown apche noire
rate it death of samanthastrung out on jargon homestead
rate it depeche modeblack celebration mute / virgin
rate it dog faced hermansdemo self-released
rate it effigiesink fever / restless
rate it elvis costelloking of america f-beat
rate it elvis costello and the attractionsblood & chocolate imp records
rate it étienne dahopop satori virgin
rate it eton cropyes please bob ediesta
rate it eton cropit's my dog, maestro grunt grunt a go go
rate it fall of becauselife is easy invisible / alleysweeper
rate it fecal matterilliteracy will prevail self-released
rate it feedtimeshovel rough trade
rate it feltlet the snakes crinkle their heads to death creation
rate it feltforever breathes the lonely word creation
rate it feltthe splendour of fear crumbling the antiseptic beauty cherry red
rate it firehoseragin', full-on sst
rate it flipperpublic flipper limited live 1980-1985 subterranean
rate it fluxuncarved block one little indian
rate it fools dancest contorsion
rate it fools dancest lambs to the slaughter
rate it frightwigfaster, frightwig, kill! kill! caroline
rate it funeral orationsurvival remedy
rate it goblin mixson of goblin mix flying nun
rate it godfleshs/t swordfish
rate it head of daviddogbreath blast first
rate it headless chickensst flying nun
rate it honor rolethe pretty song eskimo / no core
No sleeve yet rate it hostages of ayatollah manson youthkaaba kaaba hey split LP zorro
rate it hüsker dücandy apple grey warner bros
rate it iggy popblah-blah-blah a&m
rate it jamesstutter blanco y negro / sire
rate it jowe headstrawberry deutsche mark constrictor
rate it killdozerburl touch and go
rate it killing jokebrighter than a thousand suns eg
rate it kim wildeanother step MCA
rate it les thugsradical hystery closer
rate it live skullcloud one homestead
rate it lyresst ace of hearts
No sleeve yet rate it math batsbat day
rate it mecca normalthe first lp smarten up!
rate it melvinsgluey porch treatments alchemy
rate it mighty mightyis there anyone out there? girlie
rate it ministrytwitch sire
rate it modern englishstop start sire
rate it modern englishspin radio concert series entertainment radio
rate it motörheadorgasmatron gwr
rate it new orderbrotherhood factory
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsyour funeral... my trial mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedskicking against the pricks mute
rate it nikki sudden & the jacobitestexas creation
rate it noseflutesseveral young men ignite hardboard stump reflex (UK)
rate it parabellumgratuit 2 morceaux en moins bondage / gougnaf mouvement
rate it pascal comeladebel canto les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it passion fodderfat tuesday beggars banquet / barclay
rate it peter gabrielso geffen
rate it prince and the revolutionparade warner bros
rate it psychedelic fursmidnight to midnight cbs
rate it public image ltd.album virgin
rate it pulpfreaks
ten stories about power, claustrophobia, suffocation
and holding hands
rate it pussy galoreexile on main street shove
rate it pussy galore1 Yr live shove
rate it pussy galoreexile on main street shove
rate it r.e.m.lifes rich pageant irs
rate it red guitarstales of the expected virgin
rate it rolling stonesbeggars banquet london / abkco
rate it savage republicceremonial fundamental
rate it scratch acidst fundamental / rabid cat
rate it scratch acidjust keep eating rabid cat / fundamental
rate it scratch acidjust keep eating rabid cat
rate it scratch acidjust keep eating rabid cat
No sleeve yet rate it scratch acidjust keep eating rabid cat
rate it screamthis side up dischord / sixth international
rate it screaming treesclairvoyance velvetone
rate it sharky's machinea little chin music love's simple dreams
rate it shop assistantsst chrysalis / blue guitar
rate it siouxsie and the bansheestinderbox wonderland / polydor
rate it skin yardst c/z
rate it sonic youthevol sst
rate it sonic youthwalls have ears not / blast first
rate it sonic youthevol blast first
No sleeve yet rate it spacemen 3sound of confusion glass
rate it squirrel baitskag heaven drag city / dexter's cigar
rate it squirrel baitskag heaven homestead
rate it steel pole bathtubdemo self-released
rate it stitched-back foot airmanseven egg-timing greats very mouth
rate it stumpquirk out stuff
rate it sun city girlsmidnight cowboys from ipanema breakfast without meat
rate it sun city girlsgrotto of miracles placebo
rate it swansgreed K.422
rate it swansholy money K.422 / PVC
rate it swanspublic castration burn one
rate it talk talkthe colour of spring emi
rate it talking headslittle creatures emi
rate it talking headstrue stories sire
rate it tall dwarfsthrow a sickie flying nun
rate it television personalitiesmummy your not watching me big dream
No sleeve yet rate it terry allen and the panhandle mystery band meredith monk david byrne carl finch kronos quartet banda eclipse steve jordansounds from true stories sire
rate it test deptthe unacceptable face of freedom ministry of power / some bizarre
rate it that petrol emotionmanic pop thrill demon
rate it that petrol emotionmanic pop thrill demon
rate it the bonaparte'swelcome to the isle of dogs principe logique / contorsion
rate it the brilliant cornerswhat's in a word SS20
rate it the chameleons ukstrange times geffen
rate it the crampsa date with elvis big beat
rate it the creepersmiserable sinners in tape
rate it the durutti columncircuses and bread attitude
rate it the durutti columnwithout mercy airea
rate it the fallbend sinister part of the domesday pay-off triad! comotion / beggars banquet
rate it the fallhex enduction hour line
rate it the feeliesthe good earth a&m / coyote
rate it the flaming lipshear it is enigma
rate it the go-betweensvery quick on the eye - brisbane, 1981 man made / missing link
rate it the go-betweensliberty belle and the black diamond express rebel rec
rate it the honeymoon killerslet it breed fur
rate it the housemartinslondon 0 hull 4 go! discs / chrysalis
rate it the icicle worksseven singles deep beggars banquet
rate it the jazz butcher conspiracydistressed gentlefolk big time
rate it the mighty lemon dropshappy head chrysalis / blue guitar
rate it the moon and the melodiesthe moon and the melodies 4ad / virgin
rate it the rolling stonesdirty work cbs
rate it the smithsthe queen id dead rough trade
rate it the theinfected cbs / epic / some bizarre
rate it the triffidsborn sandy devotional hot
rate it the verlaineshallelujah all the way down flying nun / normal
rate it the weather prophetsdiesel river rough trade / creation
rate it the wolfgang pressstanding up straight 4ad
rate it the woodentopsgiant rough trade / virgin
rate it the woodentopshey! northlake
No sleeve yet rate it this kind of punishmentsame room flying nun
rate it this mortal coilfiligree & shadow 4ad
rate it throwing musesst 4ad
rate it tupelo soulsargasses blameless act
rate it violent femmesthe blind leading the naked slash
rate it volcano sunsall night lotus party homestead
rate it whipping boy (USA)the third secret of fatima cfy
rate it xtcskylarking virgin
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