(213 records found)
rate it a.c. templesongs of praise furthur
rate it appliances-sfbthem green door ruthless
rate it automatic dlaminithe d is for drum idea
rate it b.a.l.l.period shimmy disc
rate it band of susanshope against hope furthur
rate it bar-b-q killersst fundamental / twilight records
rate it beefeaterhouse burning down dischord
No sleeve yet rate it bhopal stiffsdemo self-released
rate it biff bang pow!the girl who runs the beat hotel creation
rate it biff bang pow!oblivion creation
rate it big blacksongs about fucking touch and go
rate it big black(sound of impact,) you've got it all, dad! we're gonna hit! not / blast first
rate it big black
the incredibly corporate whorish big black interview
touch and go
rate it big blacksongs about fucking blast first
rate it big blacksongs about fucking au go-go
rate it big blacksongs about fucking torso
rate it big blacksongs about fucking di di music
rate it bird nest roysst flying nun
rate it black snakesst self-released
rate it bogshedbrutal shelfish
rate it breaking circussmokers' paradise homestead
rate it brian ritchiethe blend sst
rate it bruce springsteentunnel of love cbs
rate it butthole surferslocust abortion technician touch and go
rate it buzzcockstotal pop 1977-80: rare, live and great weird system
rate it caroliner rainbow open wound choralerise of the common woodpile nuf sed
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerthe tribe rounder
rate it chromeanother world the lyon concert dossier
rate it chromeanother world dossier
rate it chumbawambanever mind the ballots agit-prop
rate it close lobstersfoxheads stalk this land fire
rate it couch flambeaumodels couch flambeau
rate it cowstaint pluribus taint unum treehouse
rate it damon edgethe surreal rock dossier
rate it daniel johnstonthe lost recordings 1983 stress
rate it daniel johnstonthe lost recordings II 1983 stress
rate it david westlakewestlake creation
rate it dead can dancewithin the realm of a dying sun 4ad
rate it dead kennedysgive me convenience or give me death alternative tentacles
rate it depeche modemusic for the masses mute
rate it descendentsall sst
rate it descendentsliveage ! sst
rate it dinosaur jr.you're living all over me sst
No sleeve yet rate it dog faced hermans death by milkfloatdemo self-released
rate it drunks with gunsst chopper / arch villain
rate it DUSTdevilsrhenyards grin rouska
rate it echo and the bunnymenthe game sire
rate it einstuerzende neubautenfuenf auf nach oben offenen richterskala some bizarre
rate it eleventh dream dayst amoeba
rate it embracest dischord
rate it embracest dischord
rate it eric b. & rakimpaid in full 4th and broadway
rate it eric b. & rakimpaid in full 4th & broadway
rate it eton cropand the underwater music goes on ediesta
rate it eton cropa bundle of bucks (for a dead dog is a bargain) ediesta
rate it fanga mi ga sfafas? boner
rate it fearless iranians from helldie for allah boner
rate it feltpoem of the river creation
rate it firehose"if'n" sst
rate it george michaelfaith epic
rate it go-betweenstallulah beggars banquet / rebel rec
rate it greenelaine mackenzie pravda
rate it half japanesemusic to strip by 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it hangman's beautiful daughterstrash mantra constrictor
rate it happy mondays
squirrel and g-man twenty four hour party people plas
tic face carnt smile (white out)
rate it heada snog on the rocks demon
rate it henry rollinshot animal machine texas hotel
rate it honeymoon in redst widowspeak
rate it hüsker düland speed record sst
rate it hüsker düwarehouse : songs and stories warner bros
rate it indochine7000 danses ariola
rate it jeremy glucki knew buffalo bill flicknife
rate it jesus and mary chainyou trip me up crisis music enterprise
rate it julian copesaint julian island
rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' touch and go
rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' test pressing touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it killing jokelive at the lyceum
rate it l'attentatmade in g.d.r. x-mist
rate it l.l. cool jbad bigger and deffer cbs
rate it laughing hyenasyou can't pray a lie touch and go
rate it lee ranaldofrom here -> infinity blast first / mute
rate it les thugselectric troubles vinyl solution
rate it live skulldusted homestead
rate it live skulldon't get any on you live skull live homestead
rate it live skulldon't get any on you live skull live homestead
rate it lloyd cole and the commotionsmainstream polydor
rate it loopthe world in your eyes head (UK)
rate it loopheaven's end head (UK)
rate it marc seberglumières & trahisons virgin
rate it mark stewart and the mafiasurvival mute
rate it mccarthyi am a wallet september
rate it mccarthy870411
rate it meat puppetshuevos sst
rate it membranessongs of love and fury in tape
rate it michael jacksonbad epic
rate it microdisneycrooked mile virgin
rate it missing foundationst purge/sound league
rate it mission of burmaforget taang!
No sleeve yet rate it moss icondemo self-released
rate it my bloody valentineecstasy and wine lazy
rate it my bloody valentineecstasy lazy
rate it my bloody valentinelive at raffles, port talbot uk 1987-06-18
rate it my dad is deadpeace, love & murder birth
rate it napalm deathscum earache
rate it neurosispain of mind alchemy
rate it nice strong armreality bath homestead
rate it nikki suddendead men tell no tales creation
rate it nikki sudden & rowland s. howardkiss you kidnapped charabanc creation
rate it no trendtritonian nash - vegas polyester complex touch and go
rate it noir désiroù veux-tu qu'je r'garde barclay
rate it nomeansnosex mad alternative tentacles
rate it opalhappy nightmare baby torso
rate it pagansburied alive treehouse
rate it parabellumquatre garçons dans le brouillard gougnaf mouvement
No sleeve yet rate it pete wyliesinful siren
rate it pink floyda momentary lapse of reason emi
rate it pixiescome on pilgrim 4ad
rate it pixiesthe purple tape
rate it primal screamsonic flower groove elevation / wea
rate it princesign 'o' the times paisley park
rate it public enemyyo! bum rush the show the government's responsible def jam
rate it public image limitedhappy? virgin
rate it pussy galoreright now! product inc.
rate it pussy galoregroovy hate fuck (feel good about your body) vinyl drip
rate it r.e.m.document irs
rate it ramoneshalfway to sanity sire
rate it rifle sportwhite ruthless
rate it ruinsII transrecords
rate it scratch acidberserker touch and go
rate it screaming treeseven if and especially when sst
rate it sharky's machinelet's be friends shimmy disc
rate it simple mindsin the city of light virgin
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesthrough the looking glass wonderland / polydor
No sleeve yet rate it sister rayrandom violence resonance
rate it slaughter joe and the modern folk quintetall around my hobby horse's head kaleidoscope sound
rate it sonic youthsister sst
rate it soulsideless deep inside keeps dischord / sammich
rate it spacemen 3the perfect prescription glass
rate it steel pole bath tubwe own drrrills self-released
rate it sun city girlshorse cock phepner placebo
rate it swansfeel good now atavistic
rate it talking headseyes wide open tdad
rate it tall dwarfshello cruel world flying nun
rate it tall dwarfslouis likes his daily dip flying nun
No sleeve yet rate it test depta good night out ministry of power / some bizarre
rate it test deptbeating the retreat some bizarre / phonogram
rate it test deptbeating the retreat some bizarre / phonogram / mercury
rate it that petrol emotionbabble polydor
rate it thatcher on acidcurdled all the madmen
rate it the band of holy joymore tales from the city flim flam
rate it the band of holy joywhen stars come out to play byebye baby
rate it the batsdaddy's highway flying nun / mammoth
rate it the birthday party
a social gathering for the celebration of someone's b
antipode / deathrec
rate it the bodinesplayed magnet
rate it the cannanesafrican man's tomato self-released
rate it the chesterf!eldskettle the subway organization
rate it the crampsrockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx vengeance
rate it the creepersrock 'n' roll liquorice flavor red rhino
rate it the curekiss me kiss me kiss me fiction / polydor
rate it the doorslive at the hollywood bowl elektra
rate it the extoo many cowboys ron johnson / fist puppet / ex
rate it the exlive in wroclaw red tapes
No sleeve yet rate it the ex firehosesplit tape geronto postorder
rate it the falldomesday pay-off triad plus big time / beggars banquet
rate it the feeliesthe bad earth duck production
rate it the ferretsangry young fettets jargon
rate it the flaming lipsoh my gawd!!!... enigma / restless
rate it the gun clubmother juno red rhino
rate it the honeymoon killersturn me on buy our records
rate it the house of lovest creation / rough trade germany
rate it the housemartinsthe people who grinned themselves to death elektra / go! discs
rate it the jean-paul sartre experiencelove songs the communion label / flying nun
rate it the jesus and mary chaindarklands blanco y negro / wea
rate it the mercy seatst slash
rate it the palookas phillip boa & the voodooclub the wedding present hangman's beautiful daughters mint addicts 1000 violins big flame gaye bikers on acid television personalities the creepers christian hound the membranes kino the legend! inca babies jowe head10 years after the goldrush constrictor
rate it the pastelsup for a bit with the pastels glass
rate it the perfect disasterperfect disaster glass
rate it the revolutionary army of the infant jesusthe gift of tears probe plus
rate it the shamendrop moksha
rate it the shrubstake me aside for a midnight harangue ron johnson
rate it the smithsstrangeways, here we come rough trade
rate it the soup dragonshang ten! sire
No sleeve yet rate it the sperm wailsmr wonderful spurt
No sleeve yet rate it the style councilwanted or waiter, there's some soup in my flies polydor
rate it the triffidscalenture island
rate it the turbinesmagic fingers & hourly rates new rose
rate it the weather prophetsmayflower wea
rate it the wedding presentgeorge best midnight music
rate it the wolfhoundsunseen ripples from a pebble the pink label
rate it the young godsst organik / product inc.
rate it the young godsst organik
rate it thin white ropebottom feeders zippo
rate it this heat elliott sharp duoizgon bojazni iz komune nikad robom
rate it thornsold world old world
rate it throwing musesthe fat skier 4ad
rate it throwing museshouse tornado 4ad
No sleeve yet rate it tom verlaineflash light irs
rate it U2the joshua tree island
rate it unrestuntitled (Tink of SE) teenbeat
rate it utin gut's house blast first
rate it utearly live life blast first
rate it volcano sunsbumper crop homestead
rate it walkingseedsskullfuck probe plus
rate it wim mertenseduces me les disques du crépuscule
rate it wipersfollow blind restless / enigma
rate it wirethe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it wirethe ideal copy mute
rate it wirenot about to die amnesia
rate it wiseblooddirtdish K.422
rate it yargobodybeat bodybeat
rate it yo la tengonew wave hot dogs coyote
No sleeve yet rate it zeni gevaskullfuck live nux organization
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