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No sleeve yet rate it 3rd bassthe cactus album cbs / def jam
rate it 400 blows (UK)the new lords on the block pinpoint
rate it 7 secondsold school headhunter / cargo
rate it 808 state90 ztt
rate it abstürzende brieftaubenentschuldigen sie bitte nix checking people
rate it ac templesourpuss blast first
rate it alice donut
bucketfulls of sickness and horror in an otherwise me
aningless life
alternative tentacles
rate it archbishop kebabyinferranodge seldom fed
No sleeve yet rate it art phaggods of grunge vinyl drip
No sleeve yet rate it art phaginstant ventriloquism wanghead
rate it b.a.l.l.trouble doll shimmy disc
rate it babes in toylandspanking machine twin/tone
rate it bad religionno control epitaph
rate it bailter spacethermos flying nun
rate it band of outsidersarmistice day nocturnal
rate it band of susanslove agenda blast first
rate it barkmarketeasy listening C.D. brake out
rate it bastard kestreloh splendid mushroom wiiija
rate it bastardsmonticello glitterhouse / treehouse
rate it bastrobastro diablo guapo homestead
rate it beastie boyspaul's boutique capitol
rate it beat happeningblack candy k
rate it biff bang pow!songs for the sad eyed girl creation
rate it bill pritchardthree months, three weeks & two days midnight music
rate it bitch magnetumber star booty the communion label
rate it bitch magnetumber glitterhouse
rate it blake babiesearwig mammoth
rate it bob mouldworkbook virgin
rate it bongwatertoo much sleep shimmy disc
rate it bootstrappersst new alliance
rate it borbetomagusseven reasons for tears purge/sound league
rate it brickswinterspring merge
No sleeve yet rate it buffalo tomst sst
rate it butthole surfersdouble live latino burger veil
rate it butthole surferswidowermaker! touch and go
rate it caroliner rainbow wire thin sheep legs baking exhibitstrike them hard - drag them to church nuf sed
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerblack axis marat
rate it cat buttjourney to the center of cat butt sub pop
rate it cateranache black & noir
rate it chris knoxnot given lightly guppiplus!! flying nun
rate it chromelive in germany dossier
rate it chromealien soundtracks alien soundtracks II dossier
rate it close lobstersheadache rhetoric fire
rate it coffin breakpsychosis c/z
rate it coldcutwhat's that noise? big life / ahead of our time
rate it cop shoot copheadkick facsimile supernatural organization
rate it cosmic psychosgo the hack sub pop
rate it cowsdaddy has a tail amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
No sleeve yet rate it crime and the city solutionthe bride ship mute
rate it cudwhen in rome, kill me imaginary
rate it dana lynndemo tape self-released
rate it dandelion adventurepuppy shrine action
rate it daniel darc & bill pritchardparce que play it again sam
rate it de kiftyverzucht konkurrel / konkurrent
rate it de la soul3 feet high and rising tommy boy
rate it dead kennedyslife sentence alternative tentacles
rate it deadlinest peterbilt
rate it death of samanthacome all ye faithless homestead
rate it depeche mode101 mute
No sleeve yet rate it die hautdie hard what's so funny about...
rate it dog faced hermanseveryday timebomb vinyl drip / demon radge
rate it dominic soniccold tears crammed discs
rate it DUSTdevilsgeek drip matador
rate it econochristruination very small
rate it einstürzende neubautenhaus der luege danceteria / some bizarre
rate it elvis costellospike warner bros
rate it fangspun helga we bite
rate it fearless iranians from hellfoolish americans boner
rate it feedtimesuction aberrant
rate it feltme and a monkey on the moon él / cherry red
rate it fire partynew orleans opera dischord
rate it firehosefromohio sst
rate it first things firstdirtbag blowout glitterhouse
rate it flourluv 713 touch and go
rate it frightwigphone sexy tupelo
rate it fugazimargin walker dischord
rate it fugazifunction is the key
rate it galaxie 500on fire rough trade
rate it gatefear of music self-released
rate it gérard mansetmatrice emi / pathé marconi
rate it glenn brancasymphony no.6 devil choirs at the gates of heaven blast first / mute
rate it go!the word is go! demo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it gobblehoofs/t new alliance
rate it god bulliesmamawombwomb amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
rate it god bulliesplastic eye miracle mad queen / amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
rate it godfleshstreetcleaner earache
rate it godfleshlive from hell live from hell
No sleeve yet rate it godfleshlive from hell
rate it grant hartintolerance sst
rate it guillotinebring down the curtain alchemy
rate it half japanesethe band that would be king 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it half japanesethe band that would be king no mans land
rate it happy go lickylive ep peterbilt
rate it head of davidwhite elephant peel session blast first
rate it helios creedsuperior catholic finger subterranean
rate it helios creedthe last laugh amphetamine reptile
rate it honor rolerictus homestead
rate it hound god with a tumourautograph my C.I.A. assassination manual vinyl drip
No sleeve yet rate it hudson-styrenea monster and the devil the tinnitus label
No sleeve yet rate it hudson-styrenea monster and the devil the tinnitus label
rate it hudson-styrenea monster and the devil the tinnitus label
rate it ian mccullochcandleland wea / east west
No sleeve yet rate it jackdaw with crowbarhanging in the balance
rate it jad fair & daniel johnstonit's spooky 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it jamesone man clapping one man / rough trade
rate it jello biafra & d.o.alast scream of the missing neighbors alternative tentacles
rate it john calewords for the dying warner bros
rate it jones verywords and days hawker
rate it jowe headpersonal organizer constrictor
rate it joy divisionout of the room coverversions, jam sessions, soundchecks
rate it julee cruisefloating into the night warner
rate it jungle brothersdone by the forces of nature warner bros
rate it killdozertwelve point buck touch and go
rate it killdozerfor ladies only touch and go
rate it killdozerfor ladies only picture disc touch and go
rate it killdozerintellectuals are the shoeshine boys of the ruling elite touch and go
rate it king snake roostthings that play themselves amphetamine reptile
rate it kitchens of distinctionlove is hell one little indian
rate it leatherfacecherry knowle meantime
rate it les thugsstill hungry still angry decoy / bondage
rate it les thugsstill hungry / still angry sub pop
rate it loopeternal the singles 1988 chapter 22
rate it lushscar 4ad
rate it lydia lunchdrowning in limbo widowspeak
rate it mano negraputa's fever virgin
rate it maureen tuckerlife in exile after abdication 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it mccarthythe enraged will inherit the earth midnight music
rate it mccarthy3 peel sessions
rate it mega city fourtranzophobia decoy
rate it melvinsozma boner / tupelo
rate it membraneskiss ass godhead glass
rate it mercylandno feet on the cowling tupelo
rate it microdisneythe peel sessions album strange fruit
rate it ministrythe mind is a terrible thing to taste sire
rate it missing foundationdemise humanity
No sleeve yet rate it moss iconthe life demo self-released
rate it mudhoneyst glitterhouse
rate it my dad is deadthe taller you are, the shorter you get homestead
rate it naked citytorture garden shimmy disc
rate it naked raygununderstand? caroline
No sleeve yet rate it nerve rackexperiments with facial hairs
rate it new ordertechnique factory
No sleeve yet rate it night soil mangarden of delights vinyl communications
rate it nine inch nailspretty hate machine island / tvt
rate it nirvanableach sub pop
rate it nirvanableach tupelo / sub pop
rate it nirvanableach waterfront
rate it nirvanableach sessions tupelo recording company
rate it nirvanableach sub pop
rate it no man (USA) no man's banddamage the enemy new alliance
rate it no safetythis lost leg recrec
rate it noir désirveuillez rendre l'âme (ŕ qui elle appartient) barclay
rate it nomeansnowrong alternative tentacles / wrong records
rate it nosefluteszib zob and his kib kob rictus
rate it pain teenscase histories anomie
rate it pain teenscase histories anomie
rate it passion fodderwoke up this morning... barclay
rate it phantom 309a sinister alphabet tupelo
No sleeve yet rate it pigsick city rough trade
rate it pixies(live) 4ad
rate it pixiesdoolittle 4ad
rate it pixies(live) elektra / 4ad
rate it plaid retinapink eye lookout!
rate it poopshovelopus lengthemus community 3
rate it pounding serfsst k
rate it primal screamst creation
rate it princebatman paisley park / warner bros
rate it pussy galoredial 'm' for motherfucker product inc.
rate it ramonesbrain drain chrysalis
rate it rancid hell spawnjumpin' jack flesh wrench
rate it razorcutsthe world keeps turning creation
rate it rein sanctionst w'sup
rate it rifle sportlive at the entry, dead at the exit angry fish music
rate it scrawlhe's drunk rough trade
rate it screaming treesbuzz factory sst
rate it sebadohthe freed man homestead
rate it shanksmasterbait schemer
rate it shockabillylive ...just beautiful shimmy disc
rate it shrimp boatspeckly specimen
rate it simple mindsstreet fighting years virgin
rate it sixteen tonsturbophallic trashcan
rate it skullflowerform destroyer broken flag
rate it slinttweez jennifer hartman
rate it snuffflibbiddydibbiddydob workers playtime
rate it snuff
workers playtime
rate it sofa headpre marital yodelling [1127 walnut ave.] meantime / double a
rate it soulsidehot bodi-gram dischord
rate it spacemen 3playing with fire fire / vogue
rate it spacemen 3sound of confusion fire
rate it speed the ploughst coyote
rate it stand to fallst x-mist
rate it steel pole bath tubbutterfly love boner
rate it stephendumb flying nun
rate it swallow (USA)sourpuss sub pop
rate it swallow (USA)st sub pop / tupelo
rate it swell mapsa trip to marineville mute
rate it tadgod's balls sub pop
rate it tadsalt lick glitterhouse / sub pop
rate it tadgod's balls poster fanzine sub pop
rate it tarhandsome amphetamine reptile
rate it television personalitiesprivilege fire
rate it terminal cheesecakejonny town-mouse wiiija
rate it terminal cheesecakev.c.l. valium chicken leg wiiija
rate it test dept & brith gofgododdin ministry of power
rate it that petrol emotiondouble peel sessions strange fruit
rate it the B-52'scosmic thing reprise
rate it the band of holy joymanic, magic, majestic rough trade
rate it the batsthe law of things flying nun
rate it the beautiful southwelcome to the beautiful south go! discs
rate it the charlotteslovehappy the subway organization
rate it the crampsall aboard the drug train
rate it the curedisintegration fiction / polydor
No sleeve yet rate it the curedisintegration elektra
rate it the durutti columnvini reilly factory
rate it the exjoggers & smoggers ex
rate it the ex dog faced hermanstreat demon radge
rate it the family cattell 'em we're surfin' bad girl
rate it the fatima mansionsagainst nature kitchenware
rate it the flaming lipstelepathic surgery enigma / restless
rate it the fluidroadmouth sub pop
rate it the go teamarcher come sparrow k
No sleeve yet rate it the golden palominosa dead horse celluloid
rate it the hatedeverysong vermin scum
rate it the jasmine minksscratch the surface creation
rate it the jazz butcherbig planet scarey planet creation
rate it the jesus and mary chainautomatic blanco y negro / wea
rate it the jesus lizardpure touch and go
rate it the nivens (NOR)shake danceteria
rate it the pastelssittin' pretty chapter 22 / danceteria
rate it the perfect disasterup fire / rough trade
rate it the psychedelic fursbook of days cbs
rate it the red crayolamalefactor, ade glass
rate it the rolling stonessteel wheels cbs
rate it the saintsscarce saints 1977-1981 15 tracks not on australian albums raven
rate it the shamenin gorbachev we trust demon
rate it the stone rosesst silvertone
rate it the sugarcubeshere today, tomorrow next week! one little indian / bmg / ariola
rate it the sun also rises phantom 309split 12" tupelo
rate it the telescopestaste what goes on
rate it the themind bomb cbs / epic / some bizarre
rate it the timesE for edward creation
rate it the tinklerscasserole shimmy disc
No sleeve yet rate it the undertonesthe peel sessions dutch east india / strange fruit
rate it the vaselinesdum-dum 53rd&3rd
rate it the walkaboutscataract glitterhouse / sub pop
rate it the wedding presentbizarro bmg / rca
rate it the wolfhoundsblown away midnight music
rate it the wolfhoundsbright and guilty midnight music
rate it the young godsl'eau rouge play it again sam
rate it thee hypnoticslive'r than god sub pop
rate it thinking fellers union local 282tangle thwart productions
rate it thrilled skinnythey said we wouldn't but we did hunchback
rate it throwing museshunkpapa 4ad
rate it tiltawhirlthis big money inc
No sleeve yet rate it trottelborderline syndroma gougnaf mouvement
rate it ugly foodst x-mist
rate it urge overkilljesus urge superstar touch and go
rate it utgriller blast first / torso
rate it velvet monkeysrotting corpse au go-go impressions volume one shimmy disc
rate it verlainessome disenchanted evening flying nun
rate it volcano sunsthing of beauty sst
rate it warlock pinchersdeadly kung fu action boner
rate it warlock pinchersdeadly kung fu action pinch a loaf boner
No sleeve yet rate it wat tylerbavarian drinking songs meantime
rate it when people were shorter and lived near the waterbobby shimmy disc
rate it world of poohthe land of thirst nuf sed
rate it xtcoranges & lemons virgin
rate it yo la tengopresident yo la tengo coyote
rate it zeni gevamaximum love + fuck nux organization
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