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rate it 2badidiot tree get fat & die x-mist
rate it 3Dsfish tales flying nun
rate it a subtle plagueinheritance heyday
rate it able tasmanshey spinner! flying nun
rate it adam & the antspeel sessions strange fruit
rate it adolescentsst frontier
rate it afghan whigsup in it sub pop
rate it afghan whigsup in it sub pop
rate it alice donutmule alternative tentacles
rate it anastasia screamedlaughing down the limehouse roughneck
rate it angelo badalamentimusic from twin peaks warner bros
rate it arcwelderjacket made in canada big money inc
rate it aztec camerastray wea
rate it b.a.l.l.four shimmy disc
rate it b.a.l.l.four shimmy disc
rate it bad religionagainst the grain epitaph
rate it bastrosing the troubled beast homestead
rate it bayou pigsrehab messiah anomie
rate it belovedhappiness wea
rate it bewitchedbrain eraser n° 6
rate it bitch magnetben hur the communion label
rate it bmx banditsC86 click
rate it bob mouldblack sheets of rain virgin
rate it bongwaterdouble bummer shimmy disc
rate it bongwaterthe power of pussy shimmy disc
rate it boredomssoul discharge shimmy disc
rate it born againstnine patriotic hymns for children vermiform
rate it boss hogcold hands amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
rate it box of chocolatesfearful symmetry high beam / mad entropic carnival
No sleeve yet rate it bradfordshouting quietly the foundation label / rough trade / danceteria
No sleeve yet rate it breathing walkers/t vermin scum
rate it butterglovest speed kills
rate it caroliner rainbow fingers of the underground and their breakable bonesthe sabre waving saracen wall nuf sed
rate it carter the unstoppable sex machine101 damnations big cat
rate it caspar brötzmann & peter brötzmannlast home pathological
rate it certain generaljacklighter barclay
rate it chris knoxseizure flying nun
rate it chris knoxseizure flying nun
rate it chris knoxcroaker flying nun
rate it christian deathpast, present and forever contempo
No sleeve yet rate it christian deathinsanus, ultio, proditio, misericordiaque contempo
rate it chromehalf machine lip moves alien soundtracks touch and go
rate it chromeliquid forest dossier
rate it chromemission of the entranced dossier
rate it chromealien soundtracks touch and go
rate it chromethe visitation live in germany dossier
rate it cocteau twinsheaven or las vegas 4ad / virgin
rate it codeinefrigid stars LP glitterhouse / sub pop
rate it coo coo rockin timecoo coo party time 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it cop shoot copconsumer revolt circuit
rate it cop shoot copconsumer revolt big cat
rate it cowseffete and impudent snobs amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
No sleeve yet rate it crime and the city solutionparadise discotheque mute
No sleeve yet rate it cringer
tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip pe
ri pembo
vinyl communications
rate it cudleggy mambo imaginary
rate it dandelion adventurejinxs truck action
rate it daniel johnston1990 shimmy disc
rate it david bowiehunky dory emi
rate it david bowielow emi
rate it dead ctrapdoor fucking exit siltbreeze / precious metal
rate it dead can danceaion 4ad
rate it depeche modeviolator mute
rate it devosmooth noodle maps enigma
rate it died prettyevery brilliant eye beggars banquet
rate it digital undergroundsex packets bcm
rate it dirtshe-male sugarpussy drill the minx tupelo recording company
rate it dirty handslost in heaven black & noir
rate it divine comedyfanfare for the comic muse setanta
rate it drunks with gunssecond verses intellectual convulsion
rate it DUSTdevilsstruggling electric and chemical teenbeat / matador
rate it dwarvesblood guts and pussy sub pop
rate it ed halllove poke here tupelo / boner
No sleeve yet rate it faith over reasoneyes wide smile big cat
rate it fire in the kitchentheory of everything behemoth
rate it flagrumst trottel
rate it franklin brunosuggestion box: home recordings 1984-1990 shrimper
rate it fugazirepeater dischord
No sleeve yet rate it fugazirepeater test pressing dischord
rate it fugaziall politicians are innocent
rate it galaxie 500this is our music rough trade
rate it gaminedream boy barclay
rate it gang of fourthe peel sessions album strange fruit
rate it gatehate precious metal
rate it girls against boysnineties vs. eighties adult swim
rate it god and texasindustry standard lovehammer
rate it god bulliesdog show amphetamine reptile
rate it godfleshs/t earache
rate it green magnet schoolblood music sub pop
rate it half japanesewe are they who ache with amorous love psycho acoustic sounds
No sleeve yet rate it halfway to eddie'sflesh, blood and linoleum probe plus
No sleeve yet rate it hand of gloryfar from kith and kin skyclad
rate it happy mondayspills 'n' thrills and bellyaches factory
rate it harry crewsnaked in garden hills big cat
No sleeve yet rate it headbuttbassment C60 chainsaw cassettes
rate it helios creedboxing the clown amphetamine reptile
rate it helmetstrap it on amphetamine reptile
rate it his name is alivelivonia 4ad
rate it honeymoon killers'til death do us part blam! king size
rate it honeymoon killers'til death do us part blam! king size
rate it iggy popbrick by brick virgin
rate it inspector 12still on you bovine
rate it inspiral carpetslife mute
rate it jackofficersdigital dump rough trade / naked brain
rate it jamesgold mother fontana / phonogram
rate it jane's addictionritual de lo habitual warner bros
rate it jesse garon and the desperadoesnixon avalanche (ED)
rate it josef kthe only fun in town sorry for laughing les temps modernes
rate it king missilemystical shit fluting on the hump shimmy disc
rate it kitchens of distinctionstrange free world one little indian
rate it L7smell the magic sub pop
rate it lardthe last temptation of reid alternative tentacles
rate it laughing hyenaslife of crime you can't pray a lie touch and go
rate it leatherfacefill your boots roughneck
No sleeve yet rate it led zeppelinremasters atlantic
rate it left insanetool box nemesis
rate it lemonheadslovey atlantic
rate it les enfants terriblesanother country midnight music
rate it les shaking dollsgod is god black & noir
rate it les thugsstill hungry dirty white race electric troubles decoy / bondage
rate it levellers 5springtime probe plus
rate it lonely moansst tupelo
rate it loopa gilded eternity situation two
rate it loopa gilded eternity situation two / beggars banquet
rate it lou reed john calesongs for drella sire
rate it love + respectrecord penultimate
rate it love + respectdeep + heartfelt musical tragedies
rate it love batterybetween the eyes tupelo
rate it lubricated goatpsychedelitatessen black eye / normal / amphetamine reptile
rate it lunachicksbabysitters on acid blast first
rate it lungfishnecklace of heads dischord / simple machines
rate it lydia lunchconspiracy of women widowspeak
rate it lydia lunchword spoken oral fixation widowspeak
rate it mad monster partyten lovers black & noir
rate it mark laneganthe winding sheet sub pop / glitterhouse
rate it mathst self-released
rate it mazzy starshe hangs brightly rough trade / capitol
rate it mc 900 ft jesus & dj zerohell with the lid off nettwerk
rate it mccarthybanking, violence and the inner life today midnight music
rate it mega city fourwho cares win houlala / decoy
rate it miseryproduction thru destruction intellectual convulsion
rate it modern vendingone bad peccary ajax
rate it mudhoneysuperfuzz bigmuff plus early singles sub pop
rate it my bloody valentinebarbue, copenhagen 1989-03-01
rate it naked cityst elektra nonesuch
rate it napalm deathharmony corruption earache
rate it nauseaextinction profane existence
rate it neil young and the crazy horseragged glory reprise
rate it neomorthugs and kisses big money inc
rate it new fast automatic daffodilspigeonhole play it again sam
rate it nice strong armstress city homestead
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsthe good son mute
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenback to the coast creation
rate it nirvanasaturday night not so live fan club release
No sleeve yet rate it no man (USA)whamon express sst
rate it noir désirdu ciment sous les plaines barclay
rate it of cabbages and kingsbasic pain basic pleasure triple x
rate it olivelawnsap nemesis
rate it one blood
building a world of prosperity with… the efficiency o
f the free enterprise system
gern blandsten
rate it oxbowfuck fest cfy
rate it pain teensborn in blood case histories trance syndicate
rate it pain teensborn in blood trance syndicate
rate it pale saintsthe comforts of madness 4ad / rough trade
rate it peter astorsubmarine creation
rate it pitchforkeucalyptus nemesis / cargo
rate it pixiesbossanova 4ad
rate it pixiesle mouria phineas
rate it poopshoveli came, i saw, i had a hotdog community 3
rate it powderburnspowderburns noiseville / slumberland
rate it precious wax drippingsafter history amoeba
rate it pregnant neckshenanegan-esque rapscalianismz!! touche guffaw rekidz
rate it princegrafitti bridge warner bros
rate it public enemyfear of a black planet the counterattack on world supremacy def jam
rate it pussy galorehistoria de la musica rock danceteria
rate it pylonchain sky inc.
rate it railroad jerkst matador
rate it rainla vache qui rit peterbilt
rate it rancid hell spawngas mask love wrench
rate it rancid hell spawnchainsaw masochist wrench
rate it ratcattingles rooArt
rate it reptile fame and fossils bad taste
No sleeve yet rate it repulse kavaflow gently sweet alpha ajax
rate it revengeone true passion capitol
rate it ridenowhere creation
rate it ridenowhere sire / reprise
rate it rocket from the tombslife stinks jack slack
rate it rorschachremain sedate vermiform / gern blandsten
rate it rote kapelleno north briton in tape
rate it royal truxtwin infinitives drag city / royal
rate it ruinsstonehenge shimmy disc
rate it rutsthe crack virgin
rate it S.P.U.D.sour flying nun
rate it samiamst new red archives
rate it sandy duncan's eyedemo self-released
rate it sebadohweed forestin homestead
rate it sebadohthe freed weed homestead
rate it seconde chambrean expensive party black & noir
rate it seven siouxst x-mist
rate it shrugseptober octember no'wonder meantime / our mam's records
rate it sideshowst caulfield
rate it skullflowerxaman shock
rate it slowjamcrabapple stator / danceteria
rate it smogsewn to the sky drag city
No sleeve yet rate it sofa headpre marital predicament meantime
rate it sofa headwhat a predicament meantime
No sleeve yet rate it some have finsbubble disease childish
rate it sonic violencecasket case peaceville
rate it sonic violencejagd peaceville
rate it sonic youthgoo geffen
rate it sonic youthgoo demos goo
rate it soundgardenlouder than live a&m
rate it spaceheadsho! fat wallet bop cassettes
rate it spaceheadsho! fat wallet dark beloved cloud
rate it spacemen 3taking drugs to make music to take drugs to father yod
No sleeve yet rate it spacemen 3taking drugs to make music to take drugs to bomp
rate it spermbirdscommon thread x-mist
rate it steel pole bath tubtulip boner
rate it steel pole bath tublurch boner
rate it steel pole bath tubtulip tupelo
rate it steel pole bath tublurch butterfly love boner
rate it steer vegsdemo self-released
rate it straitjacket fitsmelt arista / flying nun
rate it sun city girlstorch of the mystics majora
rate it superchunkst matador
rate it superchunkst matador
rate it swansanonymous bodies in an empty room
rate it swansanonymous bodies in an empty room
rate it swellst psycho-specific
rate it tall dwarfsweeville flying nun
rate it tarroundhouse amphetamine reptile
rate it teenage fancluba catholic education paperhouse
rate it terminal cheesecakeangels in pigtails pathological
rate it terminal cheesecakeangels in pigtails pathological
rate it that petrol emotionchemicrazy virgin
No sleeve yet rate it the abused soa honor roledemolition 1 fan club
rate it the bachelor padtales of hofmann imaginary
rate it the band of holy joypositively spooked rough trade
rate it the beautiful southchoke go! discs
rate it the beckettslust bad girl
rate it the boo radleysichabod and i action
rate it the breederspod 4ad
rate it the chameleonsjohn peel sessions strange fruit
rate it the charlatanssome friendly situation two
rate it the chillssubmarine bells slash
rate it the cleanvehicle flying nun
rate it the cleanvehicle rough trade
rate it the crampsstay sick! enigma
rate it the curemixed up fiction
rate it the edsel auctioneervoice of the harolds decoy
rate it the fallextricate cog-sinister / fontana
rate it the fatima mansionsviva dead ponies kitchenware
rate it the flaming lipsin a priest driven ambulance restless
rate it the fluidglue sub pop
rate it the highsomewhere soon ffrr / london
rate it the house of lovest fontana / phonogram
rate it the icicle workspermanent damage epic / cbs
rate it the jesus lizardhead pure touch and go
rate it the jesus lizardhead touch and go
rate it the keatonsseven chewy
rate it the la'sst go! discs
rate it the matter babiesskinny dipping nightshift
rate it the monochrome setstrange boutique love zombies virgin
rate it the notwistst subway
rate it the perfect disasterheaven scent fire / rough trade
rate it the popgunseugenie midnight music
rate it the servantsdisinterest paperhouse
rate it the snakeshappy dischord /
rate it the sneetchesslow alias
rate it the stranglers10 epic
rate it the sundaysreading, writing and arithmetic rough trade
rate it the teardrop explodeseverybody wants to shag... fontana
rate it the telescopestrade mark of quality fierce
rate it the terminalsuncoffined flying nun
rate it the trash can sinatrascake go! discs
No sleeve yet rate it the unknownfall merkin
rate it the walkaboutsrag and bone glitterhouse / sub pop
rate it thee headcoats
heavens to murgatroyd, even! it's thee headcoats! (al
sub pop
rate it thrilled skinnyit's a good doss hunchback
rate it thulewheel wiiija
No sleeve yet rate it tone dogsankety low day c/z
rate it trottelyour sincere innocence trottel
rate it ugly foodseneca boulevard x-mist
rate it ultra vivid scenejoy 1967-1990 4ad / rough trade
rate it unrestkustom karnal blackx teenbeat / caroline
rate it unrest DUSTdevilsd.c. murder capital teen beat / easy
rate it uptown bonesst black & noir
rate it urge overkillamericruiser touch and go
rate it velvet monkeysrake danceteria
rate it vexedthe good fight c/z
rate it vomit launchmr. spench mad rover
rate it walter elfdedication x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it walter salas-humaralagartija rough trade
rate it weengod ween satan the oneness twin/tone
rate it western promiseshowdown with fate midnight music
rate it wiglying next to you nocturnal
rate it wipersrebels with a cause demos & outtakes 1979 - 1983 alien
rate it wolfhoundsattitude midnight music
rate it wrecksoul train play it again sam
rate it yo la tengofakebook city slang
rate it zeni gevamaximum money monster pathological
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