(298 records found)
rate it 14 iced bearswonder borderline
rate it 808 stateex:el ztt
rate it a.c. templebelinda backwards blast first
rate it action swingerss/t wiiija / primo scree
rate it alain bashungosez joséphine barclay
rate it alboth!amour 1991 permis de construire deutschland
rate it alice donutrevenge fantasies of the impotent alternative tentacles
rate it american music clubeverclear alias
rate it anastasia screamedmoontime roughneck
rate it art phaginstant ventriloquism resonance / semaphore
rate it b.s.g.warm inside x-mist
rate it babes in toylandto mother twin/tone
rate it badgewearerf.t.q. gruff wit
rate it band of susansthe word and the flesh rough trade
rate it barkmarketvegas throat triple x
rate it beat happeningdreamy k / sub pop
rate it bewitchedharshing my mellow n° 6
rate it big blackkerosene black death
rate it big blacklive 1986 oblivion
rate it birdland (UK)st lazy
rate it birdland (UK)st lazy
rate it blatant dissenthold the fat glitterhouse
rate it blurleisure food / parlophone / emi
No sleeve yet rate it breathing walkerdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it breedgrin nightshift
rate it butthole surferspiouhgd danceteria
rate it buzzov-enbuttrash demo self-released
rate it calamity janemartha jane cannary smr
rate it caroliner rainbow scrambled egg taken for a wifebanknotes, dreams and signatures nuf sed
No sleeve yet rate it chapterhousewhirlpool dedicated
rate it cheer-accidentdumb ask complacency
rate it chromeone million eyes dossier
rate it chumbawamba eve libertine mecca normalsplit tape live at the barricades in seattle nickle
No sleeve yet rate it citizens arrestcolossus vermiform
rate it condensedemo self-released
rate it consolidatedfriendly fa$cism nettwerk
rate it cop shoot copwhite noise big cat
rate it cowspeacetika amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
rate it crainspeed automatic wreckords
rate it craneswings of joy dedicated
No sleeve yet rate it crawcelephais self-released
No sleeve yet rate it cringeri take my desires for reality... full circle
rate it crowd of isolatedmemories and scars x-mist
rate it crusts/t trance syndicate
rate it daddy longheadcheatos touch and go
rate it daniel johnstonartistic vice shimmy disc
rate it daniel johnstonlive at SXSW stress
rate it daniel johnstoncontinued story + hi how are you homestead
rate it dark artscarnival of lost souls nate starkman and son
rate it david kilgourhere come the cars flying nun
rate it davy jones lockers/t go get organized
rate it dawson
how to follow so that others will willingly lead (oh
my godley and creme cheese)
gruff wit
rate it dawsonbarf market: yoou're ontae plums gruff wit
No sleeve yet rate it de ku dilachtdemo self-released
rate it deity gunselectricity live in italy blu bus
rate it deity gunsstroboscopy black & noir
rate it dinosaur jrgreen mind warner bros / sire / blanco y negro
rate it dog faced hermansmental blocks for all ages konkurrel
rate it dog faced hermanshumans fly/everyday timebomb konkurrel
rate it dog faced hermansancienne chocolaterie demon radge
rate it downcastst ebullition
rate it downcastst ebullition
rate it dr phibes and the house of wax equationswhirlpool 50 seel street
rate it drillskin down abstract sounds
rate it drive like jehus/t headhunter / cargo
rate it drive like jehus/t headhunter / cargo
rate it drunk tankst radial / matador
rate it duhblowhard boner / tupelo
rate it ed hallgloryhole trance syndicate
rate it einstürzende neubautenheiner müller: die hamletmaschine ego / rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it elliott sharpcarbon: tocsin enemy
rate it elvis costellomighty like a rose warner bros
rate it end of the linest ebullition
rate it extreme noise terrorphonophobia vinyl japan
rate it fibulatorst fred productions
rate it field micefor keeps danceteria
rate it first things firstlife reducer glitterhouse
rate it fishwifesnail killer headhunter
rate it flippernürnberg fish trial musical tragedies
rate it flourmachinery hill touch and go
rate it foreheads in a fish tankbuttocks stuff
rate it fudge tunnelhate songs in e minor earache
rate it fugazisteady diet of nothing dischord
rate it G.W. mclennanwatershed beggars banquet
rate it gas hufferjanitors of tomorrow musical tragedies
rate it god (UK)loco pathological
rate it god bullieswar on everybody amphetamine reptile
rate it god's eyelove's a bargain rough trade
rate it godfleshslavestate earache
rate it greenhousenormless (greenhouse 1962/1966) lithium
rate it greg sagesacrifice (for love) restless
rate it grotusbrown spirit
rate it gumballspecial kiss paperhouse
rate it hand of gloryhere be serpents skyclad
rate it happy mondayslive factory / london / barclay
rate it head of davidseedstate blast first
rate it heavenlyheavenly vs. satan sarah
rate it helios creedyour choice live series your choice
No sleeve yet rate it high risk grouprunning among the sevens blaster!
rate it holepretty on the inside city slang / caroline
rate it hunger farmdogma nemesis
rate it icky joeypooh c/z
No sleeve yet rate it inside outshe's lost her head meantime
rate it inspiral carpetsthe beast inside mute / moo!
rate it jack brewer bandharsh world new alliance
rate it jacob's mouseni fish shop parking blithering idiot
rate it jad fairgreater expectations psycho acoustic sounds
rate it jawboxgrippe dischord
rate it jello biafra & nomeansnothe sky is falling and i want my mommy alternative tentacles
rate it jonestownall day sucker project a bomb
rate it julian copepeggy suicide island
rate it kampec doloreslevitation recommended records
rate it king kongold man on the bridge homestead
rate it leatherfacemush roughneck
rate it les thugs"i.a.b.f." houlala / decoy
rate it love batterybetween the eyes sub pop
rate it love corporationlovers creation
rate it loveblobscongealed wiiija
No sleeve yet rate it lydia lunchqueen of siam ufo
rate it lydia lunchqueen of siam triple x
rate it lydia lunch rowland s. howardshotgun wedding triple x / ufo
rate it mad monster partywandering black & noir
No sleeve yet rate it man is the bastardsum of the men "the brutality continues...." vermiform
rate it massrushingbloodperfume abstract
rate it massive attackblue lines circa
rate it mecca normalwater cuts my hands calico kills the cat matador / k
rate it mecca normalwater cuts my hands matador
rate it melvinsyour choice live series your choice
rate it melvins8 songs c/z
rate it melvinsbullhead boner / tupelo
rate it melvins10 songs c/z
No sleeve yet rate it melvins10 songs c/z
rate it minor threat12XU
rate it minor threatlive toast
rate it möl triffidtouch the monkey
rate it momushippopotamomus creation
rate it morrisseykill uncle his master's voice / emi
rate it moss icon silver bearingsplit 12" vermin scum
rate it mudhoneyevery good boy deserves fudge sub pop
rate it mudhoneyevery good boy deserves fudge sub pop
rate it murder inc.murder inc. invisible / devotion
rate it my bloody valentineloveless creation
rate it my dad is deadchopping down the family tree scat
No sleeve yet rate it my white bedroomst plastic
rate it nation of ulysses13-point program to destroy america dischord
rate it ned's atomic dustbingod fodder furtive / sony
No sleeve yet rate it neomortworld of hurt big money inc
No sleeve yet rate it nerve rackunhinged meantime
No sleeve yet rate it nerve rackgnaw
rate it neurosisthe world as law lookout
rate it neurosisthe world as law lookout
No sleeve yet rate it new fast automatic daffodilspeel session strange fruit
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenthe jewel thief ufo
rate it nirvananevermind geffen
rate it nirvananevermind geffen
rate it no man (USA)how the west was won sst
rate it nomeansno0+2=1 alternative tentacles
rate it nomeansnolive + cuddly konkurrel / wrong records
rate it northern bushmenst peas kor
rate it northsidechicken rhythms factory / london
rate it noseflutesmellow throated rictus
rate it nova mobthe last days of pompeii rough trade
rate it olivelawnsophomore jinx! headhunter / cargo
rate it ox bowking of the jews cfy
rate it painkillerguts of a virgin earache
rate it passion fodderwhat fresh hell is this? barclay
rate it paul learythe history of dogs rough trade
rate it pegboystrong reaction three-chord monte quarterstick
rate it pigfacegub anagram
rate it pixiestrompe le monde 4ad
rate it polvost jesus christ
rate it poster childrendaisychain reaction twin/tone
rate it primal screamscreamadelica creation
rate it primussailing the seas of cheese interscope
rate it r.e.m.out of time warner bros
rate it ramlehblowhole shock
rate it ramleh mauro teho teardosplit LP crystal revenge paid in full minus habens
rate it rat at rat rrat at rat r purge/sound league
rate it ratcatblind love rooArt
rate it refrigeratorlonesome surprise shrimper
rate it rein sanctionbroc's cabin sub pop
rate it reverend horton heatsmoke 'em if you got sub pop
rate it richard thompsonrumor and sigh capitol
rate it ridesaigon 1991 big records
rate it rideroxy, L.A. 1991 polymer
rate it ridekaleidoscope plus 6 live tracks sire / reprise
rate it rifle sportprimo big money inc / ruthless
rate it robert wyattdondestan rough trade
rate it rocket from the cryptpaint as a fragrance headhunter / cargo
rate it ruinsearly works: live & unreleased tracks bloody butterfly
rate it S.P.U.D.gnaw flying nun / festival
rate it saint etiennefoxbase alpha heavenly
rate it samiambeauf beri beri
rate it samiamsoar new red archives
rate it screaming treesuncle anesthesia epic
rate it seven siouxan other x-mist
rate it shrimp boatduende bar none / rough trade
rate it silverfishfat axl wiiija
rate it silverfishfat axl test pressing wiiija
rate it siouxsie and the bansheessuperstition polydor / wonderland
rate it sixteen tonsheadshot abstract sounds
rate it skeezicksno second chance lost & found
rate it slintspiderland touch and go
rate it slowdivejust for a day creation
rate it slowjampig stator / danceteria
rate it smashing orangest native
rate it smashing pumpkinsgish caroline
rate it snuffkilburn national 27-11-90 vinyl japan
rate it so much hateseein' red x-mist
rate it sofa headtwat! e.p. workers playtime
rate it some velvet sidewalkappetite for extinction the communion label
rate it sonic youthgoo demos sonic death
rate it soundgardenbadmotorfinger a&m
rate it spacemen 3recurring dedicated
rate it speed the ploughwonder wheel east side digital
rate it spirea xfireblade skies 4ad
rate it splinteredparapraxis intellectual convulsion
rate it sproton layerwith magnetic fields disrupted new alliance
rate it st christopherman, i could scream vinyl japan
rate it steel pole bath tubyour choice live series your choice
rate it steroid maximusquilombo big cat
rate it stretchheadspish in your sleazebag blast first
rate it superchunkno pocky for kitty matador / city slang
rate it swell...well? danceteria
rate it swervedriverraise creation
rate it swervedriverraise creation
rate it tad8-way santa sub pop
rate it tad8-way santa sub pop
rate it tad8-way santa waterfront
rate it talk talklaughing stock polydor
rate it talulah goshthey've scoffed the lot sarah
rate it tarjackson amphetamine reptile
rate it techno animalghosts pathological
rate it techno animalghosts pathological
rate it teenage fanclubthe king creation
rate it teenage fanclubbandwagonesque creation
rate it test deptpax britannica invisible
rate it the can openersst megaphone
rate it the charlottesthings come apart cherry red
rate it the european sonsthe love of life rosebud
rate it the ex & tom corascrabbling at the lock ex / fist puppet / recrec
rate it the ex & tom corascrabbling at the lock ex / recrec
rate it the fallshift-work cog-sinister / fontana / phonogram
rate it the fatima mansionsvalhalla avenue kitchenware / radioactive
rate it the fatima mansionsbertie's brochures kitchenware / radioactive
rate it the feeliestime for a witness a&m / coyote
No sleeve yet rate it the high-back chairsof two minds dischord
rate it the honeymoon killershung far low fist puppet
rate it the jauntiesasthma megaphone
rate it the jazz butchercondition blue creation
rate it the jesus lizardgoat touch and go
rate it the jesus lizardgoat picture disc touch and go
rate it the little rabbitsdans les faux puits rouges et gris single KO.
rate it the mabusesst rough trade
rate it the mike gunnhemp for victory anomie
rate it the mock turtlestwo sides siren (UK)
rate it the mock turtlesturtle soup relativity
rate it the moleculessteel toe tragic mule
rate it the monochrome setjack honeymoon
rate it the pooh stickstrade mark of quality fierce
rate it the pooh sticksmultiple orgasm fierce
rate it the pooh sticksthe great white wonder fierce / zoo entertainment
rate it the rolling stonesflashpoint cbs
rate it the tinklerssaplings shimmy disc
rate it the verlainesready to fly slash
rate it the wakemake it loud danceteria / sarah
rate it the walkaboutsscavenger sub pop
rate it the weather prophetsthe weather prophets '87 live creation
rate it the wedding presentseamonsters bmg / rca
rate it the wolfgang pressqueer 4ad
rate it the young godsplay kurt weil play it again sam
rate it thee headcoatsheadcoatitude shakin' street
rate it therapy?babyteeth wiiija
rate it therapy?pleasure death wiiija
rate it thinking fellers union local 282wormed by leonard thwart productions
rate it thinking fellers union local 282lovelyville the crowded diaper matador
rate it this mortal coilblood 4ad
rate it this mortal coillate night 4ad
rate it throwing musesthe real ramona 4ad
rate it treepeopleguilt regret embarrassment k
rate it treepeopleguilt regret embarrassment toxic shock
No sleeve yet rate it trottelthe final salute in the name of human misery x-mist
rate it tumor circusst alternative tentacles
rate it U2achtung baby island
rate it unsanest city slang / matador
rate it unsanest matador
rate it unwounddemo self-released
rate it uzedaout of colours a.v. arts
rate it venus beadsincision emergo insight / roadrunner
rate it venus beadsblack aspirin emergo insight / roadrunner
rate it violent femmeswhy do birds sing? slash / london
rate it volcanosvnscarrier in rock quarterstick
rate it voodoo muzakblunt amanita
rate it walter elfhomo sapiens x-mist
rate it warlock pincherscircusized peanuts tupelo
rate it well spotteddemo self-released
rate it x-rated-xdemo self-released
rate it zeni gevatotal castration public bath
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