(344 records found)
rate it 3Dshellzapoppin first warning
rate it 8 eyed spylive danceteria
rate it a housei am the greatest radioactive
rate it able tasmanssomebody ate my planet flying nun
rate it afghan whigscongregation sub pop
rate it alboth!liebefeld permis de construire deutschland
rate it alice donutthe untidy suicides of your degenerate children alternative tentacles
rate it antischismstill life allied
rate it ashtray boy & liz phairhoneymoon suite feel good all over
rate it automatic dlaminifrom a diva to a diver big intention records
rate it avocado babya million and nine slampt
rate it azalia snailburnt sienna funky mushroom
rate it babes in toylandfontanelle southern
rate it babes in toylandthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it babes in toylandlive at the academy reprise
rate it babylandyou suck crap flipside
rate it bad religiongenerator epitaph
rate it band of susansnow restless
rate it beastie boyscheck your head grand royal / capitol
rate it beckettsmyth bad girl
rate it big blackpig pile touch and go
rate it big blackbulldozer touch and go
rate it big blackit's toasted touch and go
rate it bikini kill huggy bearsplit 12" yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah our troubled youth kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it birdsongs of the mesozoicpyroclastics cunieform
rate it black dahlianomad funky mushroom
rate it blood circusprimal rock therapy sub pop
rate it bongwaterthe big sell-out shimmy disc
rate it boredomspop tatari wea
rate it boredomswow 2 avant
rate it brainbombsburning hell blackjack
rate it brainbombsburning hell blackjack
rate it bratmobilepottymouth kill rock stars
rate it broccolidemo self-released
rate it bruce springsteenlucky town columbia
rate it bruce springsteenhuman touch columbia
rate it buffalo tomlet me come over situation two
rate it caroliner rainbow grace blocks used in the placement of the personalityrings on the awkward shadow bullshit
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerder abend der schwartzen folklore our choice / rough trade
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerthe tribe zensor
rate it catherine wheelferment fontana / phonogram
rate it cheer-accidentbabies shouldn't smoke complacency
rate it cherubs (USA)icing trance syndicate
rate it chino hordest file 13
rate it chino hordest file 13
rate it chumbawambashhh agit prop
rate it chumbawamba(someone's always telling you how to) behave agit prop
rate it circus lupussuper genius dischord
rate it comeeleven : eleven placebo
rate it comeeleven : eleven matador
rate it condensedull self-released
rate it cowscunning stunts amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it craw7 songs demo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it crowbarshapshapnahoowapwap x-mist
rate it daisy chainsaweleventeen deva / one little indian / virgin
rate it darksidemelomania situation two
rate it davy jones lockergreen album go get organized
rate it dazzling killmendig out the switch intellectual convulsion
rate it dead ceusa kills flying nun
rate it denimback in denim boy's own recordings
rate it devolive: the mongoloid years ryko
rate it die hauthead on what's so funny about...
rate it dim starsst caroline
rate it dinosaur jrjayloumurph hipdisc
rate it dirtsahara of the bozart worrybird
rate it dirty handsletters for kings black & noir
rate it distorted ponypunishment room bomp!
rate it distorted ponypunishment room bomp!
rate it dogbowlflan songs from the novel by stephen tunney shimmy disc
rate it dominique ala fossette lithium
rate it drainpick up heaven trance syndicate
rate it driveout freakage first strike
rate it drop nineteensdelaware caroline
rate it drunken boatsee ruby falls first warning / bmg
rate it drunken boatst houses in motion
rate it dum dum boysin a cotton candy world go get oragnized
rate it econochristtrained to serve vermiform
rate it econochristtrained to serve ebullition
rate it edselstrange loop merkin
rate it eggsbruiser teenbeat
rate it epic soundtracksrise above rough trade
rate it eugeniusoomalama fire / atlantic
rate it eyehategodin the name of suffering century media
rate it eyehategodin the name of suffering intellectual convulsion
rate it far flungdemo 7 songs self-released
rate it fibulatoreven from here you look big electro motive
rate it flipperthe generic album def american
rate it flipperamerican grafishy def american
rate it fm einheit & ulrike haagesteinzeit our choice / rough trade
rate it foetus in excelsis corruptus deluxemale big cat
rate it foreheads in a fishtankyeah baby wow some bizarre
rate it foreskin 500mustache ride kaustik
rate it fudge tunnelteeth ep relativity
rate it fudge tunnelteeth ep relativity
rate it gallon drunkyou, the night ...and the music clawfist / rosebud / danceteria
rate it gas hufferjanitors of tomorrow empty
rate it gateguitar majora
rate it girls against boystropic of scorpio adult swim
rate it glenn brancasymphony no.2 the peak of the sacred atavistic
rate it gobblehooffreezerburn new alliance
rate it god (UK)possession venture
rate it god and texashistory volume one community 3
rate it god is my co-piloti am not this body making of americans
rate it godfleshpure earache
rate it greenpop tarts futurist
rate it guided by voicespropeller scat
rate it half japanesefire in the sky paperhouse
rate it hanatarashhanatarash 3 RRR
rate it harriet the spy12 song demo self-released
rate it headcleanerau fou eve
No sleeve yet rate it heliogabale1ère demo self-released
rate it helios creedlactating purple amphetamine reptile
rate it hell noskin job wardance
rate it helmetmeantime interscope / amphetamine reptile
rate it hemsdémo self-released
rate it holy joytracksuit vendetta ecuador
rate it hypnolovewheelangel food alias / virgin
rate it ian mccullochmysterio warner / east west
rate it iceburnfiron victory
rate it inspiral carpetsrevenge of the goldfish mute / moo!
rate it jacob's mousei'm scared wiiija
rate it jad fairi like it when you smile paperhouse
rate it jane powlove it be it target
rate it jane powlove it be it slumberland
rate it jawboxnovelty dischord
rate it jawbreakerunfun whack & blite e.p. shredder
rate it jawbreakerbivouac chesterfield king e.p. tupelo / the communion label
No sleeve yet rate it jim o'rourkedisengage staalplaat / korm plastics
rate it jim o'rourkescend divided
rate it john zornelegy for jean genet tzadik / evva
rate it jon spencer blues explosionreverse willie horton pubic pop-can
rate it jugthe demo self-released
rate it juliana hatfieldhey babe mammoth
rate it karpdemo punk in my vitamins?
rate it katerineles mariages chinois et la relecture rosebud / barclay
rate it kill the thrilldemo self-released
rate it kinaparlami ancora x-mist
rate it kitchens of distinctionthe death of cool one little indian
rate it kitchens of distinctiongood, wild & sacred one little indian
No sleeve yet rate it kittenslike a plough
rate it kk null & jim o'rourkenew kind of water charnel
rate it L7bricks are heavy slash
rate it late!pocketwatch simple machines
rate it lemonheadsit's a shame about ray atlantic
No sleeve yet rate it les oidgts92 stylee black & noir
rate it liberty horsesjoyland rough trade
rate it loisbutterfly kiss k
rate it looplive
rate it love batterydayglo sub pop
rate it loveblobsextraction wiiija
rate it lucie vacarmemilkyway lithium
rate it lunachicksbinge & purge safe house
No sleeve yet rate it lung (CA)magnum opiate zulu
rate it lungfishtalking songs for walking dischord
rate it lushspooky 4ad
rate it mainhydra-calm situation two / beggars banquet
rate it man is the bastard bleeding rectumsplit 12"
rate it manic street preachersgeneration terrorists sony / columbia
rate it mc 900 ft jesuswelcome to my dream nettwerk / remark
rate it meathookscambodia soul music disastro-mix
rate it meatjackgnaw merkin
rate it mecca normaldovetail k
rate it mega city foursebastopol rd big life
rate it melvinslysol boner / tupelo
rate it melvinsking buzzo boner / tupelo
rate it melvinsdale crover boner / tupelo
rate it melvinsjoe preston boner / tupelo
rate it mercury revyerself is steam lego my ego mint films/jungle / beggars banquet
rate it midway stilldial square roughneck
rate it ministrypsalm 69: the way to succeed & the way to suck eggs sire
rate it moonshakeeva luna too pure
rate it moose...xyz hut
rate it morrisseyyour arsenal his master's voice / emi
rate it mudhoneypiece of cake reprise
rate it mushroomdémo self-released
rate it naked citygrand guignol avant
rate it naked cityheretic: jeux des dames cruelles avant
rate it naked cityleng tch'e toy's factory
rate it ned's atomic dustbinare you normal? sony / furtive
rate it neil youngharvest moon reprise
rate it neurosissouls at zero alternative tentacles
rate it nicest feel good all over
rate it nick cave & the bad seedshenry's dream mute
rate it nine inch nailsbroken nothing / tvt / interscope / island
rate it nine inch nailsfixed nothing / tvt / interscope / island
rate it nirvanalive
rate it no safetyspill knitting factory works
rate it noir désirtostaky barclay
rate it of cabbages and kingshunter's moon les disques du soleil et de l'acier / triple x
rate it pain teensstimulation festival trance syndicate
rate it painkillerburied secrets earache / relativity
rate it pale saintsin ribbons 4ad
rate it party diktatorworldwide
rate it pavementslanted and enchanted big cat
rate it pavementstray slack pseudo indie label
rate it peter astor and the holy roadparadise danceteria
rate it pilthat what is not virgin
rate it pitchshiftersubmit earache
rate it pj harveydry too pure
rate it planète zenst single KO.
rate it polvocor-crane secret touch and go
rate it poredorsale permis de construire deutschland
rate it prince & the new power generationthe love symbol album paisley park / warner bros
rate it pulpseparations fire
rate it r.e.m.automatic for the people warner bros
rate it railroad jerkraise the plow matador
rate it refrigeratorrael shrimper
rate it rein sanctionmariposa sub pop
rate it ridegoing blank again sire / reprise
rate it rocket from the cryptcirca, now! headhunter / cargo
rate it rorschachprotestant wardance / gern blandsten
rate it rorschachprotestant wardance / gern blandsten
rate it ruinsburning stone shimmy disc
rate it samiambilly new red archives
rate it sandy duncan's eyest flipside
rate it scornvae solis earache
rate it scorndeliverance
rate it scorpio rising doctor phibes leatherface boo radleyssecound out round one imaginary
rate it screaming treessweet oblivion sony
rate it seamheadsparks city slang
rate it season to riskst columbia
rate it seaweedweak sub pop
rate it sebadohrocking vs the forest city slang
rate it sebadohsmash your head on the punkrock sub pop
rate it sebadohIII homestead
rate it sebadohrocking the forest domino
rate it sebadohsebadoh vs helmet domino / 20/20 recordings
rate it see saw motiondemo self-released
rate it seven siouxkind x-mist
rate it severinst dischord
rate it shanksit's a sleeper brinkman
rate it shatterst FFPR
rate it shiny beasts/t boner / tupelo
rate it shrimp boatcavale rough trade
rate it shudder to thinkget your goat dischord
rate it silverfishorgan fan creation
rate it silverfishorgan fan chaos / columbia
rate it skrewburning in water, drowning in flame metal blade
rate it skullflowerIIIrd gatekeeper headdirt
No sleeve yet rate it sleepyheadpunk rock city usa bitter sweet
rate it smashing orangethe glass bead game native
rate it smogforgotten foundation drag city
rate it snuffreach konkurrel / 10 past 12
No sleeve yet rate it solvent draginsentient gasoline boost
rate it some velvet sidewalkavalanche k
rate it sonic violencetransfixion dreamtime
rate it sonic youthdirty geffen
No sleeve yet rate it spectrumsoul kiss silvertone
rate it spermbirdseating glass x-mist
rate it spermbirdsjoe x-mist
rate it spiritualizedlazer guided melodies dedicated
rate it sprinklermore boy, less friend sub pop
rate it steel pole bath tubthe miracle of sound in motion boner / tupelo
rate it stereolabpeng! too pure
rate it stereolabspace age batchelor pad music too pure
rate it steroid maximusgondwanaland big cat
No sleeve yet rate it sticks and stonestheme song for nothing skene!
rate it still lifedemo self-released
rate it strawmanst allied
rate it strugglest ebullition
rate it sugarcopper blue creation
rate it sugar shackcharmer fist puppet
rate it sugarcubesstick around for joy one little indian
rate it sun dialreflecter ufo
rate it superchunkon the mouth city slang
rate it superstargreatest hits vol. one creation
rate it swansreal love no label
rate it sweetheartwell-dressed meat bad vugum
rate it tadgreat last meal deals death row
rate it teenage filmstarsstar lift off mit der teenage filmstars creation
rate it televisionst capitol / emi
rate it television personalitiesclose to god fire
rate it terminal cheesecakepearlesque kings of the jewmost world serpent
rate it terminal power companyrun silent, run deep situation two
rate it terry edwards
plays salutes executes the music of jesus and mary ch
ain, the fall, miles davis
stimm / artlos
rate it th'faith healerslido too pure
rate it thatcher on acidsquib allied
rate it the adventure babieslaugh factory
rate it the attitude robotst megaphone
rate it the batsfear of god rough trade
rate it the beautiful south0898 beautiful south go! discs
rate it the boo radleyseverything's alright forever creation
No sleeve yet rate it the chameleonshere today... gone tomorrow imaginary
rate it the charlatansbetween 10th and 11th situation two
rate it the chillssoft bomb slash / reprise
rate it the disposable heroes of hiphoprisyhypocrisy is the greatest luxury 4th and broadway
rate it the edsel auctioneersimmer decoy / kokopop
rate it the exblueprints for a blackout ex / fist puppet
rate it the exjoggers & smoggers ex / fist puppet
rate it the exeurope tour live 1988-89
rate it the fallslates a part of america therein dojo
rate it the fallcode : selfish cog-sinister / fontana / phonogram
rate it the family catfurthest from the sun dedicated
rate it the family catfurthest from the sun dedicated
rate it the flaming lipshit to death in the future head warner bros
No sleeve yet rate it the flying luttenbacherslive at WNUR 2-6-92 destructo noise explosion! ugEXPLODE
rate it the god machinescenes from the second storey fiction
rate it the hair and skin trading companyjo in nine g hell beggars banquet / situation two
rate it the hatedawl simple machines
rate it the hatedwhat was behind vermin scum
No sleeve yet rate it the high llamassanta barbara jbm
rate it the honkiesall my screws fell out megaphone
rate it the jesus and mary chainhoney's dead blanco y negro / warner
rate it the jesus lizardliar touch and go
rate it the jesus lizardliar picture disc touch and go
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionst hut
rate it the mike gunndurban poison double naught
rate it the monkeywrenchclean as a broke-dick dog sub pop
rate it the mountain goatsthe hound chronicles shrimper
rate it the nation of ulyssesplays pretty for baby
the birth of the ulysses aesthetic (the synthesis of
speed and transformation)
rate it the pastelsa bit on the side kid's playtime
No sleeve yet rate it the shitst vermin scum
rate it the stairsmexican r 'n' b go! discs
rate it the sugarcubesit's it one little indian
rate it the telescopesthe telescopes aka higher 'n' higher creation
rate it the terminalscul-de-sac flying nun
rate it the terminalstouch xpressway raffmond
rate it the thedusk epic
rate it the throttle bottomdemo 1 throt.tlelbottom self-released
rate it the throttle bottomdemo 2 isosceles silicone self-released
rate it the timesat the astradome lunaville creation
rate it the vulgar boatmenplease panic rough trade
rate it the young godsT.V. sky play it again sam
rate it therapy?nurse a&m
rate it they might be giantsapollo 18 elektra
rate it thinking fellers union local 282mother of all saints matador
rate it three mile pilotnà vuccà dò lupù negative records
rate it throwing musesred heaven 4ad
rate it tim garriganto be & not to be nihilist
rate it tit wrenchtit wrench presents... twelve swinging inches vinyl communications
rate it tom verlainewarm and cool rough trade
rate it treepeoplesomething vicious for tomorrow time whore c/z
rate it trumans waterof thick tum justice my eye / elevated loin
rate it ultra vivid scenerev 4ad
rate it unamusedhaven't you been deceived allied
rate it unrestimperial f.f.r.r. guernica
rate it uptown bonesmove black & noir
rate it velvet crushin the presence of greatness creation
rate it village of savoongast hausmuzik / kollaps
rate it voodoo muzakwhite noise self-released
No sleeve yet rate it welcome to julianst rosebud / danceteria
rate it xtcnonsuch virgin
rate it yo la tengomay i sing with me alias / virgin
rate it zeni gevalive in amerika nux organization
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