(366 records found)
rate it 16-17gyatso pathological
rate it a housewide eyed and ignorant setanta / parlophone
rate it alice donutdry-humping the cash cow live at CBGB alternative tentacles
rate it aMINIATUREdepth five rate six restless
rate it aMINIATUREplexiwatt restless
rate it angel hairinsect mortality gravity
rate it antioch arrowin love with jetts gravity
rate it arcwelderxerses touch and go
rate it ashtray boymacho champions ajax
rate it avocado babysex and gum slampt
rate it azalia snailfumarole rising funky mushroom
rate it babylanda total let-down flipside
rate it back of dave prozac memorysplit 12" subfuse
rate it bailter spacevortura matador
rate it bakamonothe cry of the turkish fig peddler basura! / priority
rate it barbara manning with the san francisco sealsnowhere normal
rate it barbie complexst funky mushroom
rate it bästards/t semantic / zeitgeist
rate it beamtrapdémo self-released
rate it beastie boysill communication grand royal / capitol
rate it beastie boyssome old bullshit grand royal / capitol
rate it beckmellow gold geffen
rate it beckone foot in the grave k
rate it big'ncutthroat gasoline boost
rate it bilderscut imd
rate it blankdemo vermin scum
rate it bluesolid state flipped out
rate it blurparklife food / emi
rate it boredomschocolate synthesizer wea
rate it boy wonder gutsplit 12" your progress our destruction sauteed diced chicken with crispy noodle dot zit
rate it brainbombsgenius and brutality blackjack
rate it brainiacbonsai superstar grass
rate it breachoutlines burning heart
rate it brick layer caketragedy - tragedy touch and go
rate it brise glacewhen in vanitas... skin graft
rate it buccinatorthe great painter rafael basura! / priority
rate it bughummerour oral hour rural album standard
rate it bugskullphantasies and senseitions road cone
rate it built to spillthere's nothing wrong with love city slang
rate it bureau of the gloriousst sunney sindicut / enharmonik
rate it cheer-accidentthe why album complacency
rate it cherubs (USA)heroin man trance syndicate
rate it chokeboremotionless amphetamine reptile
rate it chromethe clairaudient syndrome dossier
rate it circle Xcelestial matador
rate it codeinethe white birch sub pop
rate it comedon't ask don't tell beggars banquet
rate it compulsioncomforter one little indian
rate it cop shoot coprelease big cat
rate it coralpillowtalk fist puppet
rate it cowsorphan's tragedy amphetamine reptile
rate it crawlost nation road choke
rate it crawlost nation road choke
rate it crown roasta nose has many jobs unclean
rate it cruntst trance syndicate
rate it crustcrusty love trance syndicate
rate it cutdemo self-released
rate it daisy chainsawfor they know not what they do one little indian
rate it daniel johnstonfun atlantic
No sleeve yet rate it dave kusworthall the heartbreak stories creation
rate it david kilgoursugar mouth flying nun
rate it de ku dilachtdémo self-released
rate it diabologumle goût du jour lithium
rate it dinosaur jrwithout a sound blanco y negro / warner
rate it dirty handsbleus roadrunner
rate it dis-M 386 .D57 1994 12 inch / cargo
rate it distorted ponyinstant winner trance
rate it dog faced hermansthose deep buds alternative tentacles
rate it dog faced hermanscat's craddle carrboro
rate it dolomitethe gift horse/acetate thrill jockey
rate it don martin threefire as a metaphor belladonna
rate it drive blindtropical motion fever take the wheel of the world and drive blind vicious circle
rate it drive blindsuper easy black & noir
rate it drive like jehuyank crime elemental / cargo / interscope
rate it drive like jehuyank crime headhunter / cargo
rate it dub narcotic sound systemhands on the dial punk in my vitamins
rate it dumpster juiceget that out of your mouth spanish fly / twin/tone
rate it eggsexploder teenbeat
No sleeve yet rate it eisenvatereisenvater 2 we bite
rate it elevatebronzee the flower shop
rate it elliott smithroman candle cavity research
rate it eric's tripforever again sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it F.M. einheit & caspar brötzmannmerry christmas our choice / rough trade
rate it festering rinyanyonsflatlander recluse bovine
rate it floodgatetroubles a' brewin youth strike chord / ebullition
rate it foreheads in a fishtankstripper newt
rate it foreskin 500manpussy basura / priority
rate it frank blackteenager of the year headache 4ad
rate it franklindemo self-released
rate it free kittenunboxed wiiija
rate it free kittennice ass kill rock stars
rate it frodusmolotov cocktail party gnome
rate it fudge tunnelthe complicated futility of ignorance earache
rate it gary younghospital big cat
rate it gastr del solcrookt, crackt, or fly drag city
rate it girls against boyscruise yourself touch and go
rate it glazed babykarmic debt red decibel
No sleeve yet rate it glenn brancathe world upside down atavistic
rate it gneissmaker40 acre fugue
rate it god (UK)anatomy of addiction big cat
rate it god (UK)appeal to human greed big cat
rate it god and texasdouble shot! restless
rate it god bullieskill the king alternative tentacles
rate it god is my co-pilothow to be i want to hear that wet sound loud get down low and make that loud sound now soul static sound
rate it god is my co-pilotsex is for making babies les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it god is my co-pilotmir shlufn nisht we don't sleep avant
rate it godfleshselfless earache
rate it godheadsilothe scientific supercake L.P. kill rock stars
rate it green daydookie reprise
rate it griefcome to grief century media
No sleeve yet rate it groundworktoday we will not be invisible nor silent bloodlink
rate it gumballrevolution on ice columbia
rate it guns 'n' wankersst snuffy smile
rate it gut multitude of the slothfulsplit 12" project a bomb
rate it guzzardget a witness amphetamine reptile
rate it h.oilersthe innocent catholic combat waltz crippled dick hot wax
rate it half japaneseboo! live in europe 1992 t.e.c. tones
rate it hammerhead (USA)into the vortex amphetamine reptile
rate it hash overashen nova express
rate it headbutttiddles dirter promotions
No sleeve yet rate it headbutt noize systymst køleskab dommedag
rate it headcleanerhead of the next one big deal
rate it heliogabale3ème démo self-released
rate it helios creedbusting throught the van allan belt cleopatra
rate it helios creedplanet x amphetamine reptile
rate it helmetbetty interscope
rate it hemslourd comme l'air distortion / semantic
rate it henry kaiser & mari kimura & jim o'rourke & john oswaldacoustics les disques victo
rate it hintenebris demo 45 minutes of full zen anxiety self-released
rate it holelive through this geffen
rate it horseydiet of worms invisible
rate it huggy bearweaponry listens to love wiiija / timebomb
rate it huggy bearweaponry listens to love kill rock stars / famous monsters
rate it hüsker düthe living end wea
rate it idahothis way out caroline
rate it indian summerhidden arithmetic
rate it indian summerlive blue universe
rate it inspiral carpetsdevil hopping mute / moo!
rate it ivichla mort heureuse la libre expression
rate it j churchprophylaxis allied
rate it j churchprophylaxis allied
rate it jack'o'nutson you radial
rate it jakshollywood blood capsule choke
rate it janitor joelucky amphetamine reptile
rate it jason willett & ruinsst megaphone limited
rate it jawboxfor your own special sweetheart atlantic
rate it jawbreaker24 hour revenge therapy tupelo / the communion label
rate it john zornmasada alef one diw
rate it john zornmasada beit two diw
rate it john zornmasada gimel three diw
rate it johnboyclaim dedications trance syndicate
rate it julian copeautogeddon echo
rate it kathy mccartydead dog's eyeball songs of daniel johnston bar none
rate it keponeugly dance quarterstick
rate it killdozer
uncompromising war on art under the dictatorship of t
he proletariat
touch and go
rate it kitchens of distinctioncowboys and aliens one little indian
No sleeve yet rate it kittensdoberman
rate it kristin hershhips and makers 4ad
rate it kurtdemo self-released
rate it laikasilver apples of the moon too pure
rate it lambchopi hope you're sitting down jack's tulips merge / city slang
rate it leatherfacethe last domino
No sleeve yet rate it lil' bunniesnight of the lepus moo-la-la
rate it linusst
rate it liquor ballhauls ass blackjack
rate it liquorballlive at hitler's bunker blackjack
No sleeve yet rate it lisa germanohappiness 4ad
rate it loggerheaddemons in rapture shock
rate it los crudos spitboysplit 12" ebullition
rate it love 666st self-released
rate it low barlow's acoustic sentridohwasted pieces '87 - '93 shrimper
rate it lubricated goatforces you don't understand pcp entertainment
rate it lunabewitched elektra
rate it lungfishpass and stow dischord
rate it lushsplit 4ad
rate it lyncthese are not fall colors k
rate it mainmotion pool beggars banquet
rate it mama tickgimme the five bucks dubious honor
rate it mambo taxiin love with... clawfist
rate it man or astroman?live! transmissions from uranus homo habilis
rate it mark burgess & the sons of godmanchester, 1993 pivot
rate it mark burgess & the sons of godzima junction pivot
rate it massive attackprotection wild bunch / circa
rate it mauser fkthe movie vögelspin / katakomb
rate it mazey fadesecret watchers built the world domino
rate it mc 900 ft jesusone step ahead of the spider american
rate it melt-bananacactuses come in flocks chocolate monk audio artifacts
rate it melt-bananaspeak squeak creak nux organization
rate it melvinsstoner witch atlantic
rate it milk cultburn or bury priority / basura!
rate it milkminebraille choke
rate it möl triffid plainfieldsplit 12" smelly
rate it moldsonic youth at disney world funky mushroom
No sleeve yet rate it moldreject funky mushroom
rate it moonshakethe sound your eyes can follow too pure
rate it moosehoney bee play it again sam
rate it morrisseyvauxhall and i emi
rate it morselnoise floor choke
rate it mosquitocupid's fist red note
rate it moss iconlyburnum wit's end liberation fly (unreleased lp) vermiform
rate it mount shastaput the creep on skin graft
rate it mousetraplover grass
rate it muleif i don't six quarterstick
rate it neil young and crazy horsesleeps with angels reprise
rate it neurosispain of mind alternative tentacles
rate it new radiant storm kingaugust revival grass
rate it nick cave & the bad seedslet love in mute
rate it nine inch nailsthe downward spiral nothing / tvt / interscope
rate it nirvanaunplugged in new york geffen
rate it nirvanaunplugged in new york heart-shaped cover + t-shirt geffen
No sleeve yet rate it nitre pitlo!
rate it noir désirdies irae barclay
No sleeve yet rate it none left standingstingray candy 100 rhetoric
rate it nova mobst restless
rate it oedipussydivan hansome
rate it ottawa jihadsplit 12" council / abiology
rate it painkillerexecution ground subharmonic
rate it palace brothersst drag city
rate it panel donorst lotuspool
rate it pascal comeladedanses et chants de syldavie (apologie de la reprise individuelle) les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it pavementcrooked rain, crooked rain matador
rate it pegboyearwig quarterstick
rate it pencilskantron grass
rate it pile upnorwalk headhunter / cargo
rate it pitchblendeau jus cargo / fist puppet
rate it plainfield ted bundy's volkswagonsplit cd, dum ass smelly / wrocklage
rate it policy of threedead dog summer old glory
rate it ponycosmovalidator homestead / fire
rate it popejohnpaulgeorgeringo rugger bugger
rate it portisheaddummy go! discs / go beat
rate it primal screamgive out but don't give up creation
rate it prohibition (FR)nobodinside distorsion
rate it prolapsepointless walks to dismal places cherry red
rate it prolapsepointless walks to dismal places cherry red
rate it pulpit fire
rate it pussycat trashnon-stop hip-action slampt
rate it r.e.m.monster warner bros
rate it radial spanglesyrup macrame beggars banquet / mint industries
rate it radioheadmy iron lung emi
rate it raeoadios jupiter g3g
rate it rats of unusual sizeyes i can funky mushroom
rate it refrigeratorhow to continue dreaming the communion label
rate it regrapedsnacks, drugs and rock & roll
No sleeve yet rate it render uselessdemo self-released
rate it rig (CA)belly to the ground cruz
rate it ritual devicetrademark of quality years
rate it rodanrusty quarterstick
rate it rubber o cementcapacitor rubber o cement
rate it ruins & kazutoki umezust f.m.n sound factory
rate it S.W.A.T.deep inside a cop's mind amphetamine reptile
rate it sammydebut album smells like records
rate it scornevanescence earache
rate it scrawlbloodsucker simple machines
rate it sebadohbakesale sub pop / domino
rate it sebadohbakesale domino
rate it second story windowst gravity
rate it shadyworld beggars banquet
rate it shellacat action park shellac record no.4 touch and go
rate it silkwormin the west c/z
rate it silkwormlibertine el recordo
rate it silver jewsstarlight walker drag city / domino
rate it simon joynerthe cowardly traveller pays his toll sing, eunuchs!
rate it sister iodineadn 115 zeitgeist / semantic
rate it sizeabledemo self-released
rate it skinkdeaf to suggestion sycophant
rate it skullflowercarved into roses vhf
rate it slant 6soda pop*rip off dischord
rate it slugthe out sound pcp entertainment / matador
rate it smashing orangeno return in the end mca
rate it snivlemprick amphetamine reptile
rate it soilent greenpussysoul dwell
rate it solid gold hellswingin hot murder flying nun
rate it some velvet sidewalkwhirlpool k
rate it sonic youthexperimental jet set, trash and no star geffen
rate it soul coughingruby vroom slash
No sleeve yet rate it soul junk1950 free shrimp shrimper
rate it soul-junk1950 holy kiss rex
rate it space streakings7-toku skin graft
rate it spacemen 3sound of confusion taang!
No sleeve yet rate it spatulaeven the thorny acacia jesus christ
rate it splinterednoumena dirter promotions
rate it spore (MAS)giant taang!
rate it st. christopherlove you to pieces vinyl japan
rate it sticks and stonesthe optimist club tinnitus
rate it strangulated beatoffsdays of our lives death by blowjob
rate it sugarfile under easy listening creation
rate it sugar shackshotgun for two au go-go
rate it sugarshockthe mother nature E.P. thrill jockey
rate it superchunkfoolish merge
rate it sweetheartan ordinary family visits hell bad vugum
rate it swell41 beggars banquet / spv
rate it tadlive alien broadcasts music for nations / futurist
rate it tadtexas chainsaw assault alien
rate it tall dwarfs3 eps flying nun
rate it tantrumdemo self-released
rate it tarnationi'll give you something to cry about! nuf sed
rate it terminal cheesecakeking of all spaceheads jackass
rate it the auteursnow i'm a cowboy hut / virgin
rate it the backbeat bandsongs from the original motion picture backbeat virgin
No sleeve yet rate it the breederslive in stockholm breeders digest
rate it the bunnybrainsbunny magick blackjack
rate it the cleanmodern rock flying nun
rate it the denison/kimball triowalls in the city skin graft
rate it the earls of suavethe basement bar at the heartbreak hotel vinyl japan
rate it the exhistory is what's happening ex / fist puppet
rate it the exdisturbing domestic peace ex
rate it the fallmiddle class revolt aka the vapourisation of reality permanent / cog sinister
rate it the family catmagic happens dedicated / arista
rate it the fatima mansionslost in the former west radioactive
rate it the flaming lipsproviding needles for your balloons warner bros
rate it the flying luttenbachersconstructive deconstruction ugEXPLODE / quinnah
rate it the folk implosiontake a look inside the communion label
rate it the fucking angels vicious ginkssplit 12" gravity
rate it the god machineone last laugh in a place of dying... fiction
rate it the hairy patt bandbuford's last pusser choke
rate it the jesus lizardshow collision arts / giant
rate it the jesus lizarddown touch and go
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionorange crypt
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionorange matador
No sleeve yet rate it the keatonsthe beige album dogfish
rate it the mabusesthe melbourne method rough trade
rate it the mountain goatstransmissions to horace sonic enemy
rate it the mountain goatstaking the dative car in car disco product
rate it the onsetthe pool of life revisited probe plus
rate it the pooh sticksst overground / bbc enterprises
rate it the residentsfreak show euro ralph / indigo
rate it the reverend horton heatliquor in the front interscope / sub pop
rate it the spittersgive funky mushroom
rate it the walkaboutssetting the woods on fire sub pop
rate it the wedding presentwatusi island
rate it the wolfgang pressfunky little demons 4ad
rate it the yummy furthe edith massey eggsplosion
rate it therapy?troublegum a&m
rate it thinking fellers union local 282strangers from the universe matador
rate it thinking fellers union local 282tangle scratch
rate it three mile pilotthe chief assassin to the sinister negative records
rate it tit wrencheveryone know there's a god vinyl communications
rate it tit wrenchok you homos, out of the car vinyl communications
rate it today is the daysupernova amphetamine reptile
rate it tonebuild independent project
rate it torches to romedemo self-released
rate it tortoisest thrill jockey
rate it totalsky blue void freek
rate it treepeopleactual re-enactmentshortcut c/z
rate it trickymaxinquaye island
No sleeve yet rate it trotteltrottel archiv 86-88 trottel
rate it trumans watergodspeed the punchline elemental / the workers playtime music co
rate it trumans watercouch of the spastics chocolate monk audio artifacts
rate it trumans watergodspeed the punchline homestead
rate it trumans watersantee busbill destroy all music
rate it tsunamiheart's tremolo simple machines
rate it unbrokenlife. love. regret. new age
rate it undertowat both ends excursion
rate it universal order of armageddonthe switch is down kill rock stars
rate it unsanethe peel sessions matador
rate it unseen noise death man is the bastard bizarre uproarsplit 12"
rate it unwoundnew plastic ideas kill rock stars
rate it vanillademo sorry for the fear that shines in my eyes... i dream self-released
rate it versusthe stars are insane teen beat
rate it voodoo queenspeel sessions strange fruit
rate it w.o.o.wootopia funky mushroom
rate it weenchocolate and cheese flying nun
rate it weezerblue geffen
rate it weird movesun-lavable demo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it wingtip sloatchewyfoot vhf / tupelo
rate it x-rated-xab imo pectore pandemonium
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