(391 records found)
rate it 2 foot flamest matador
rate it able tasmansstore in a cool place flying nun
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed30 song demo self-released
rate it akatenI magaibutsu
rate it akatenII magaibutsu
rate it alastair galbraithtalisman new best way
rate it alboth!ali yorn what's so funny about... / sub/mission
rate it alice donutpure acid park alternative tentacles
rate it aMINIATUREmurk time cruiser restless
rate it anandademo self-released
rate it antimonyphantom itch double deuce
rate it antioch arrowgems of masochism amalmagated
rate it arab on radardemo self-released
rate it archers of loafveevee alias
rate it ashtray boycandypants beach ajax
No sleeve yet rate it azitascattered brains SG research
rate it babes in toylandnemesisters reprise
rate it babylandwho's sorry now? flipside
rate it badgewearera toy gun in safe hands amanita / guided missile
rate it band of susanshere comes success restless
rate it beastie boysroot down grand royal / capitol
No sleeve yet rate it beeswaxdemo self-released
rate it björkpost island
rate it blankthe tab street affair muscle / vermin scum
rate it blonde redheads/t la mia vita violenta smells like records
rate it blonde redheadla mia vita violenta smells like records
rate it blunderbussconspiracy homestead
rate it bmx banditslove, come to me creation
rate it bob evansthe bradley suite east west / skene!
rate it boilermakerwatercourse goldenrod
rate it bongo furylord mongrel is dying red note
rate it born againstthe rebel sound of shit and failure vermiform
rate it boss hogs/t geffen
rate it braidfrankie welfareboyage 5 divot
No sleeve yet rate it brain policefuel bgr
rate it branch managerst dischord
rate it breachfriction burning heart
rate it buboniquetrance arse volume 3 kitchenware
rate it bud alzirst hansome
No sleeve yet rate it bud alzirst hansome
No sleeve yet rate it bunny brainsbunny brains matador
rate it bunnygruntaction pants! no life
rate it butthole surferspsychic, powerless ...another man's sac cream corn from the socket of david fundamental
rate it buzz hungryfried like a man engine
rate it buzz hungryat the hands of our intercessors compulsiv
rate it cap'n jazz
burritos, inspiration point, fork balloon sports, car
ds in the spokes, automatic biographies, kites, kung
fu, throphies, banana peels we've slipped on, and egg
man with gun
No sleeve yet rate it capsize 7mephisto caroline
rate it car vs. driverdeja grateful lunchbox
rate it carminelumielle acuarela / karina square
rate it caroliner rainbow customary relaxation of the shalesell heal holler bullshit
rate it caspar brötzmann & page hamiltonzulutime rought trade / blast first / sub rosa
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerhome thirsty ear
rate it castall change polydor
rate it caustic resinfly me to the moon up
rate it cc novamilk cult dispatch the communion label
rate it cerberus shoals/t stella white
rate it chavezgone glimmering matador
rate it chokeboreanything near water amphetamine reptile
rate it chris knoxsongs of you & me hanging out for time to cure birth a stranger's iron shore flying nun
rate it chrome cranksdead cool crypt
rate it condensegenuflex pandemonium
rate it condenselive no reason
rate it couch (DE)st kollaps
rate it crowsdelldreamette big cat
rate it cul de saci don't want to go to bed flying nun
rate it cutdemo self-released
rate it cut the navel stringtakis roadrunner
rate it dagobahst sampson
rate it dahlia seedvalentine kid's letter theologian
rate it daily planetsbetween green & town weird
rate it davenportbig ticket plus peas kor
rate it dead and goneT.V. baby prank
rate it deadguyfixation on a coworker victory
rate it deadguyfixation on a coworker victory
rate it derek bailey & john zorn & william parkerharras avant
rate it derek bailey & the ruinssaisoro tzadik
rate it dickybirdrevolt H2P
rate it die 116dyna-cool wreck-age
rate it dirty threest touch and go
rate it dog faced hermansbump & swing alternative tentacles
rate it dolomiteeaster someday thrill jockey
rate it dominique ala mémoire neuve lithium
rate it don caballerodon caballero 2 touch and go
rate it donkeyi ain't yer house-nigger guided missile / wormer brothers
rate it dub narcotic sound systemrhythm record volume one echoes from the scene control room k
rate it duhthe unholy handjob alternative tentacles
rate it dumpi can hear music brinkman
rate it dunkel:heitobey suggestion
No sleeve yet rate it duotronwe modern! we now! bulb
rate it ed hallla la land trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it ed matus' strugglest space cadette
rate it elasticast geffen
rate it elliott smithst kill rock stars
rate it engine kidangel wings revelation
rate it excuse 17st atlas / chainsaw
rate it excuse 17such friends are dangerous kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it explosive cooliesst black & noir
rate it fabric (UK)lightbringer whole car
rate it faucetst southern
rate it fibulatorunhammerlike jim wilbur records & productions / silly bird
rate it finger printst homegrown
rate it foetusgash big cat
rate it foo fightersst roswell / capitol
No sleeve yet rate it franklingo kid go energy network
rate it frodusfireflies level
rate it fugazired medicine dischord
rate it furry thingsthe big saturday illusion trance syndicate
rate it gang of fourentertainment! yellow ep emi
rate it gastr del solthe harp factory on lake street table of the elements
rate it gatelive in boston, nyc 1994 poon village
rate it gentle veincutcupid mount etna hazelwood
No sleeve yet rate it go!musings on the need to be epistrophy
rate it god is my co-pilotno fi neko no akubi : nihon no fi making of americans
rate it green magnet schoolilluminatus sonic bubblegum
rate it gumballtokyo encore gumball ink
rate it guzzardquick, fast, in a hurry amphetamine reptile
rate it half japanesegreatest hits safe house
rate it half japanesehot fire
rate it half man half biscuitsome call it godcore probe plus
No sleeve yet rate it harmony rocketsparalyzed mind of the archangel void big cat
rate it headcleanerno offense meant...plenty taken big deal / musidisc
No sleeve yet rate it heavenlyheavenly vs. satan k
rate it heliogabaleyolk agony
rate it helios creedcosmic assault cleopatra
rate it heliumthe dirt of luck matador
rate it hell no!adios armageddon! x-mist / reservoir
rate it hell no!adios armageddon! x-mist / reservoir
rate it hellchildin words, for words H.G. fact
rate it himegg southern
rate it hint100% white puzzle black & noir
rate it hissanol4th and back alternative tentacles
rate it hose.got.cables/t old glory
rate it humyou'd prefer an astronaut bmg / rca
rate it hurla place called today my pal god
rate it hurla place called today third gear
rate it icequarantine carcrashh
rate it iceburnpoetry of fire revelation
rate it in/humanitythe nutty antichrist passive fist
No sleeve yet rate it irving klaw triost imp
rate it j churcharbor vitae rugger bugger
rate it jack frostsnow job beggars banquet
rate it jacob's mouserubber room wiiija
rate it jawbreakerdear you geffen
rate it jim o'rourketerminal pharmacy tzadik
rate it john zornmasada hei five diw
rate it john zornmasada vav six diw
rate it john zornjohn zorn's cobra - tokyo operations '94 avant
rate it john zornmasada live jazz door
rate it juliast bloodlink
rate it juliast ebullition / river ends
rate it june of 44engine takes to the water quarterstick
rate it karpsuplex k
rate it keponeskin quarterstick
rate it kerosene 454situation at hand art monk construction
rate it kerosene 454came by to kill me slowdime / dischord
rate it killdozergod hears pleas of the innocent touch and go
rate it kittenstiger comet sonic unyon
No sleeve yet rate it kosjer dst genet
rate it la gritonast vaya con discos
rate it labradforda stable reference kranky
rate it lambchophow i quit smoking city slang
rate it latimerLP title world domination
rate it latimerworld's portable world domination
rate it laughing hyenashard times touch and go
rate it leatherfacelive in oslo rugger bugger
rate it leatherface jawboxsplit CD your choice live series your choice
rate it les thugs"strike" roadrunner
No sleeve yet rate it liimanarinaspermarket drag city
rate it lisa gerrardthe mirror pool 4ad
rate it loisbet the sky k
rate it long fin killiehoudini too pure
rate it love 666american revolution amphetamine reptile
rate it love batterystraight freak ticket a&m
rate it lozengeplenum farrago
No sleeve yet rate it lunapenthouse elektra
rate it luzifers mob golgathasplit 12" x-mist
rate it lydia lunchdrowning in limbo atavistic
rate it man is the bastardthoughtless gravity
rate it mazey fadedraco's light marginal communication
rate it mecca normalsitting on snaps matador
rate it medusa cyclonest third gear
rate it melted menbreathe the gas champagne audio
rate it mercury revsee you on the other side sony
rate it miamdemo self-released
rate it michael gira swans jarboedrainland sacrificial cake alternative tentacles
rate it mick harveyintoxicated man songs of serge gainsbourg sung in english mute
rate it minnowthe sound of urban folk bloodred
rate it minxuspabulum too pure
rate it monstersyouth against nature record junkie
rate it morrisseysouthpaw grammar rca
rate it mount shastawho's the hottie skin graft
rate it mousetrapthe dead air sound system grass
rate it mudhoneymy brother the cow reprise
rate it my dad is deadfor richer, for poorer emperor jones
rate it nailbombproud to commit commercial suicide roadrunner
rate it nailbombpoint blank roadrunner
rate it neil youngmirror ball reprise
rate it nemademo tape council / abiology
rate it new wet kojakst touch and go
rate it nick cavebook and mini-cd sconcerto
No sleeve yet rate it nineironspitfiredemo self-released
rate it nodi'm around nod / baby music
rate it noise addictmeet the real you grand royal
rate it nomeansnothe worldhood of the world (as such) alternative tentacles
rate it nomeansnolive in warsaw QQRYQ recordings
rate it noothgrushkashyyyk demo self-released
rate it nuzzlefollow for now youth strike chord
rate it oldformula earache
rate it omoide hatobakinsei birdman / earthnoise
rate it ordination of aaronimmersion in a 90 mph world council
No sleeve yet rate it outrageous cherrystereo action rent party third gear
rate it oxbowlet me be a woman brinkman / crippled dick hot wax!
rate it pain teensbeast of dreams trance syndicate
rate it palace musicviva last blues domino / palace
rate it patrik fitzgerald grouppillow tension lazy dog
rate it pavementwowee zowee! big cat / play it again sam
rate it pencilel toro grass
rate it pere uburay gun suitcase tim kerr
No sleeve yet rate it phoaming edisonsold to the highest grady dark beloved cloud
rate it piebaldsometimes friends fight self-released
rate it pitchblendequartetgygax! matador
rate it pj harveyto bring you my love island
rate it pondthe practice of joy before death sub pop
rate it portobello bonesnu forked tongues / semetry / wotre music
rate it portobello boneszyqkimasz pandemonium / forked tongues
No sleeve yet rate it pramsargasso sea too pure
rate it prohibition (FR)cobweb-day prohibited / semetry / wotre music
rate it prohibition (FR)cobweb-day prohibited / semetry / wotre music
rate it pulpdifferent class island
rate it quicksandmanic compression island
rate it quitters clubst imminent rock
rate it rachel'shandwriting quarterstick
rate it radioheadthe bends capitol
rate it railroad jerkone track mind matador
rate it red red meatbunny gets paid sub pop
rate it rexst southern
rate it rocket from the cryptscream, dracula, scream! elemental / virgin
rate it rocket from the crypthot charity perfect sound
rate it ron anderson & tatsuya yoshidafirst meeting commercial failure
No sleeve yet rate it royal truxthank you hut
rate it ruinshyderomastgroningem tzadik / new japan
rate it rye coalition karpsplit CD troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it sangre de torodemo
rate it sangre de torobooglejasm pinche gringo
rate it scenicincident at cima world domination
rate it schwermut forestpilot hausmuzik / kollaps
rate it scorngyral earache
rate it scornellipsis scorn recordings / earache
rate it scout freemasonrysplit 12" lunchbox
No sleeve yet rate it scud (UK)bullgator bgr
rate it seamare you driving me crazy? touch and go
rate it seamare you driving me crazy? touch and go
rate it season to riskin a perfect world columbia
rate it sebadohlocal band feel x-mas
rate it sevens8 songs akashic
rate it shiny beast regrapedsplit 12" blast-o-platter
No sleeve yet rate it shock treatmenti'm burning rumble fish corporation
rate it shotmakerthe crayon club the great american steak religion
rate it shotmaker maximilian colbysplit 12" nervous wreck kids
rate it show business giantslet's talk with dead essential noise
rate it sideshowlip read confusion flydaddy
rate it siouxsie & the bansheesthe rapture geffen
rate it six finger satellitesevere exposure sub pop
rate it skullduggeryc'est la vie démo self-released
rate it skullflowerargon freek
rate it skullflowerinfinityland headdirt
rate it skullflower ramlehadieu, all you judges split CD broken flag
rate it slant 6inzombia dischord
rate it sleeppersanother demo in your hand self-released
rate it sloyplug roadrunner / productions du fer
rate it smogwild love city slang
rate it some velvet sidewalkshipwreck k
rate it son of crackpipethe benevolence of dogs and other evolutionary accidents bgr
rate it sonic youthconfusion is sex kill yr. idols geffen
rate it sonic youthwashing machine geffen
rate it sonic youthlive in bremen
rate it sonic youthmade in USA rhino
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youthblastic scene: ao vivo em lisboa, 14.7.93 moneyland
rate it soul-junk1951 shrimper
rate it spaceheadsst dark beloved cloud / red note
rate it spacemen 3
for all the fucked up children of this world we give
you spacemen 3
first ever recording session, 1984
sympathy for the record industry
No sleeve yet rate it spatulamedium planers and matchers jesus christ
No sleeve yet rate it spazz romantic gorillasplit 12" sound pollution
rate it spectrethe illness wordsound
rate it speculaerupt scat
rate it spirit assemblywelcome to lancaster county yuletide
rate it st christopherce soir soiree
rate it stanleyclobbered another planet
rate it starfishstellar sonic solutions trance syndicate
rate it steakdaddy sixhoustonia: 12 inch
rate it steakknifegod pill x-mist
rate it steel pole bath tubscars from falling down slash / london
rate it still life jarasplit 12" sunflower tribe
No sleeve yet rate it stun guns joe wednesday swivel stick al gálvez pepe alva y alma raymi suende sift jorn theelen cavity kreamy 'lectric santa inmundo mundo the neighbor's band noel the coward limpkin down ed matus' struggle pink elephants piedras vivas gingervitisspace cadette compilation space cadette
rate it subraum kaderhenny porten kollaps / I.C.R.
rate it sunny day real estatest sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it supernovaages 3 and up amphetamine reptile
rate it swansthe great annihilator young god
rate it swervedriverejector seat reservation creation
rate it swervedriverejector seat reservation creation
rate it tadinfrared riding hood elektra / mechanic
rate it tantrumst semetry / wotre music
rate it tarover and out touch and go
rate it tarnationgentle creatures 4ad
rate it techno animalre-entry machinery dream heavy lids virgin
rate it temple of bon matinthunder feedback confusion siltbreeze
rate it the batscouchmaster flying nun
rate it the cannanesthe cannanes ajax
rate it the cannanescaveat emptor feel good all over
rate it the championsdemo self-released
rate it the chemical brothersexit planet dust freestyle dust / virgin
No sleeve yet rate it the crabsjackpot k
rate it the deadwood divine & tom lomacchiost spearfinger
rate it the denison/kimball triosoul machine skin graft
rate it the drift (F)liquid time black & noir
rate it the edsel auctioneerthe good time music of... alias records
rate it the exdignity of labour ex / vgz
rate it the exmudbird shivers ex / recrec
rate it the exinstant ex
rate it the fallcerebral caustic permanent / cog sinister
rate it the fallthe twenty seven points permanent / cog sinister
rate it the flaming lipsclouds taste metallic warner bros
rate it the flying luttenbachersdestroy all music ugEXPLODE / bourgeois/elevated chimp
rate it the hair and skin trading companypsychedelische musique (lava surf kunst) freek
rate it the lazy cowgirlsragged soul crypt
rate it the martianslow budget stunt king allied
rate it the meicestastes like chicken deceptive
No sleeve yet rate it the meta-maticsst dischord / slowdime
rate it the metroschifterfort saint metroschifter doghouse
rate it the mountain goatszopilote machine ajax
rate it the mountain goatsnine black poppies emperor jones
rate it the mountain goatssweden shrimper
rate it the pastelsmobile safari domino
rate it the pooh sticksoptimistic fool seed
rate it the red krayolacoconut hotel drag city
rate it the saintsthe most primitive band in the world hot records
rate it the sea and cakenassau thrill jockey
rate it the secret starsst shrimper
rate it the sleeppersillogical moody mind total heaven / grosse rose records
rate it the smashing pumpkinsmellon collie and the infinite sadness virgin
rate it the spitterssun to sun pcp entertainment
rate it the sporestypical flitwick
rate it the stranglersthe sessions castle
No sleeve yet rate it the volebeatsbittersweet third gear
rate it the young godsonly heaven interscope / play it again sam
rate it thee speaking canariessongs for the terrestrially challenged scat
rate it thick shakesoft spot ballyhoo guns
rate it thinking fellers union local 282i hope it lands the communion label
rate it thinking fellers union local 282porcelain entertainments return to sender
rate it three mile pilotthe chief assassin to the sinister headhunter
rate it three mile pilotthe chief assassin to the sinister geffen
rate it three studies for a crucifixion colemansplit 12" crucifixion of coleman lp mountain
rate it thronesalraune the communion label
rate it throwing musesuniversity sire / reprise
rate it thurston moore & tom surgalklangfarbenmelodie... and the colorist strikes primitive corpus hermeticus
rate it tindersticksst this way up
rate it tindersticksthe bloomsbury theatre 12.3.95 this way up
rate it today is the daywillpower amphetamine reptile
rate it tony conradslapping pythagoras table of elements
rate it tortoiserhythms, resolutions & clusters thrill jockey
rate it totalexploded star sad servant self-abuse
rate it trans amtrans am thrill jockey
rate it tribes of neurotsilver blood transmission release entertainment
rate it trottelthe stolen garden az ellopott kert / trottel
rate it trumans waterthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it trumans watermilktrain to paydirt homestead
rate it tubwhy i drink double deuce
rate it tulipsnight of the hunter sonic bubblegum
rate it turbonegroass cobra boomba
rate it uisidelong southern
rate it uiunlike remixes vol.1 lunamoth
rate it ulan batorst les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it ultra bidégod is god, puke is puke alternative tentacles
rate it union of uranusdemo backhand self-released
rate it unionsuitdemo hydra head
rate it unsanescattered, smothered & covered amphetamine reptile
rate it unsaneattack in japan zk
rate it unwoundthe future of what kill rock stars
rate it unwoundst honey bear / punk in my vitamins
rate it versusdead leaves teen beat
No sleeve yet rate it wake ooloowhat about it houses in motion
rate it warsawwarsaw plus bonus tracks movie play gold
rate it weird movesdémo des mutants dans le décor
rate it well spottedshine your star weird records / schwartzwäler kirschtorte
rate it whirling pig dervishthree small one tall flat earth / gruff wit / anonymous / mender
rate it yann tiersenla valse des monstres sine terra firma
rate it yo la tengoelectr-o-pura matador
rate it yona-kityona-kit lp skin graft / nux organization
No sleeve yet rate it young pioneersfirst virginia volunteers vermiform
rate it zeni gevafreedom bondage alternative tentacles
rate it zeni gevatrance europe experience black hole / nux organization
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