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rate it 100 watt clockst buddy system
rate it 16drop out theologian / pessimiser
rate it 3RA1N1AChissing prigs in static couture touch and go
rate it 808 statedon solaris ztt
rate it a day called zeroobservation of the perpetual gravity
rate it a minor forestflemish altruism (constituent parts 1993-1996) thrill jockey
rate it action patrolthe weak force whirled
rate it akatenIII magaibutsu
rate it alastair galbraithmorse gaudylight trance syndicate / emperor jones
rate it archers of loafall the nations airports alias / elektra
rate it arcwelderentropy touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it armst self-released
rate it as the sun setseach individual voice city of hell
No sleeve yet rate it ashtray boyeveryman's 4th dimension ajax
rate it astro perilst red note
rate it at the drive-inacrobatic tenement flipside
rate it ativinpills versus planes polyvinyl
rate it azalia snaildeep motif candy floss
No sleeve yet rate it baby harp sealst subjugation
rate it badgewearerthank you for your custom amanita / guided missile
rate it bakamonolong time cain super 8
rate it bare minimumst rx remedy
rate it barkmarketl ron american
rate it barkmarketl ron man's ruin
rate it barry adamsonoedipus schmoedipus mute
rate it bästardradiant, discharged, crossed-off semantic / zeitgeist
rate it beckodelay geffen
rate it bedheadbedheaded trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it beeswaxdemo self-released
rate it behead the prophet n.l.s.l.i am that great and fiery force outpunk / k
rate it belle and sebastiantigermilk electric honey
rate it big'ndiscipline through sound gasoline boost / skin graft
rate it björktelegram one little indian / elektra
rate it bluetipst dischord
rate it bob mouldst creation
rate it boilermakerin wallace's shadow goldenrod
rate it boochonprises de tête black & noir
rate it boredomssuper roots 6 reprise / warner
rate it boy sets fire jazz man's needlesplit 12" conquer the world / the orchard
No sleeve yet rate it boys lifedepartures and landfalls headhunter
rate it braidage of octeen mud
rate it brainbombsobey the releasing eskimo
rate it broccolis/t rugger bugger / gap recordings
rate it broken hearts are bluethe truth about love caulfield
No sleeve yet rate it bugskullsnakland scratch
rate it bullet in the headjawbone of an ass reissue vermiform
rate it butthole surferselectriclarryland capitol
rate it c-clampmeander + return actionboy 300
No sleeve yet rate it c-clampmeander + return the rosewood union / seek lamp
No sleeve yet rate it c-clampmeander + return ohio gold
rate it calabash caseparading constantly wrenched
rate it car vs. driverout of a silent sky lunchbox
rate it carolinerour american heritage volume one bullshit
rate it cars get crushedblue and west goldenrod
rate it cat powerwhat would the community think matador
rate it cat powermyra lee smells like records
rate it cerberus shoal...and farewell to hightide tree records / stickfigure
rate it chavezride the fader matador
rate it cheer-accidentnot a food pravda
rate it chokeborea taste for bitters amphetamine reptile
rate it christophebevilacqua sony
rate it clikatat ikatowiorchestrated and conducted gravity
rate it cocteau twinsmilk & kisses fontana
rate it coffeedestination moon blackjack
rate it comenear life experience matador
rate it condenseplacebo pandemonium
rate it coralaltamont in dub fist puppet
rate it country teaserssatan is real again feeling good about bad thoughts crypt
rate it cowswhorn amphetamine reptile
rate it cranespopulation four dedicated
rate it cynthia dallst drag city
rate it D.O.S.E featuring mark e smithplug myself in coliseum
rate it dahlia seedsurvived by troubleman
rate it damadrise and fall prank
rate it dark matterseeing strange lights cleopatra / hypnotic
rate it david thomas & two pale boyserewhon cooking vinyl
rate it daviess county panthersje n'aime pas beaucoup ma gamelle sonic bubblegum
rate it dawnbreedkiosk common cause
rate it deerhoofdirt pirate creed children of hoof
rate it deluxxthe forgiveness towel bolide
rate it denimdenim on ice the echo label
rate it descendentseverything sucks epitaph
rate it diabologum#3 lithium
rate it directionsdirections in music thrill jockey
rate it dot dot dotthe dot dot dot story the sound track album turkey
rate it dragibusbarbapoux saravah
rate it drainregional action! trance syndicate / astralwerks
rate it drainoff speed and in there trance syndicate
rate it dub narcotic sound systemboot party k
rate it dumpster juicewho died in here? spanish fly / twin/tone
rate it duotronabattalia feminil! bulb
rate it DUSTdevilsextant matador
rate it east river pipemel merge
rate it einstürzende neubautenende neu mute
rate it elevatethe architect the flower shop
rate it elevator to hellpart three sub pop
rate it envybreathing and dying in this place... H.G. fact
rate it epic soundtrackschange my life bar none
rate it eric's trippurple blue sub pop
rate it eucharistst mountain
rate it evergreen (KY)s/t hi-ball
rate it exit-13smoking songs relapse
No sleeve yet rate it experimental poller winosplit 12" ghetto defendant
rate it eyehategoddopesick emetic / century media
rate it eyehategoddopesick century media
rate it fastbacksnew mansions in sound sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it faustyou know faust
rate it final2 sentrax
rate it firewaterget off the cross... ... we need the wood for the fire jetset
rate it firewaterget off the cross... ... we need the wood for the fire jetset
No sleeve yet rate it foreskin 500starbent but superfreak priority / basura!
rate it frank blackthe cult of ray cooking vinyl
rate it franklinst
rate it frontierlive at the empty bottle tug o'war
rate it galaxie 500selected rykodisc
rate it gallon drunkin the long still night city slang
rate it gastr del solupgrade & afterlife drag city
rate it girls against boyshouse of GVSB touch and go
rate it glazed babyatomic communists red decibel
rate it glenn brancasymphonies no.8 and 10 blast first
rate it glo-wormglimmer k
rate it godfleshsongs of love and hate earache
rate it godfleshslateman cold world earache
rate it godheadsiloskyward in triumph sub pop
rate it godheadsiloskyward in triumph sub pop
rate it griefmiserably ever after theologian / pessimiser
No sleeve yet rate it grinst
rate it grotusmass london
rate it guided by voicesunder the bushes under the stars matador
rate it guided by voicestonics & twisted chasers rockathon
No sleeve yet rate it guiltfurther victory
No sleeve yet rate it guyver-oneobsessed with... inchworm
rate it guzzardthe alienation index survey amphetamine reptile
rate it hammerhead (USA)duh, the big city amphetamine reptile
rate it han bennink & dave douglasserpentine songlines
rate it hash overopen cage nova express
rate it haystackright at you outside society productions
rate it headachest flat earth
rate it heavenlyoperation heavenly wiiija / k
rate it helios creed"NUGG" the transport dossier
rate it hemlockvalvestate goldenrod
No sleeve yet rate it hintdemo self-abuse
rate it hintdys- pandemonium
rate it hintproduct topology
deconstruction and reconstruction of "100% white puzz
le" tracks
rate it his hero is gonefifteen counts of arson prank
rate it his hero is gonedemo medicine self-released
rate it his name is alivestars on e.s.p. 4ad
rate it horseyswarm invisible
rate it hubcapthose kids are weird actionboy 300
No sleeve yet rate it i'm being goodterryfying shirts graphic death audio products
rate it I.B.O.P.A.squids: obsession and devotion self-released
No sleeve yet rate it impetus interan infinite capacity for romance cerebellum
rate it international strike forceromance for every slampt
rate it j churchthe drama of alienation honest don's
rate it jad fair & phono-combmonsters, lullabies... and the occasional flying saucer shake the record label
rate it jawboxst city slang
rate it john parish & polly jean harveydance hall at louse point island
rate it john zornmasada zayin seven diw
rate it john zorn & masada chamber ensemblesbar kokhba tzadik
rate it june of 44tropics and meridians quarterstick
rate it kampec doloreszugo rapid recommended records
rate it killdozerthe last waltz man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it king losercaul of the outlaw flying nun
rate it kiss it goodbyedemo be afraid self-released
rate it kletka redhijacking tzadik
rate it kurtst x-mist
rate it l'invention de moreldemo la libre expression
rate it labradfordst blast first / kranky
rate it lambchophank merge
rate it laurelsL revolver
rate it les thugsl'adieu aux thugs on a faim!
rate it ligamentkind deeds the flower shop
rate it lollipopdog piss on dog amphtamine reptile
rate it long fin killievalentino too pure
No sleeve yet rate it los huevoswallygigs moo-la-la
rate it lou barlowlou barlow plays waterfront spun
rate it love 666please kill yourself so i can rock amphetamine reptile
rate it lowercaseall destructive urges... seem so perfect amphetamine reptile
rate it lungfishsound in time dischord
rate it lushlovelife 4ad
rate it make upsound verite k
rate it man or astroman?intrevenous television continuum one louder
rate it man or astroman?experiment zero one louder
rate it mars78+ atavistic
rate it mazzy staramong my swan capitol
rate it mecca normalthe eagle & the poodle matador
rate it melt-bananascratch or stitch skin graft / nux organization
rate it melvinsleech egg one / cool hand
rate it melvinsstag atlantic / mammoth
rate it miamdemo #2 self-released
rate it michael morleythe pavilion of fools gallerie dessford vogel
No sleeve yet rate it minetetanus common cause
No sleeve yet rate it mmoobelectroommoob demo self-released
rate it mocketdevil pups punk in my vitamins?
rate it modest mousethe fruit that ate itself k
rate it modest mouse
this is a long drive for someone with nothing to thin
k about
rate it modest mouseinterstate 8 up
rate it monoshockwalk to the fire blackjack
rate it moonshakedirty & divine world domination
rate it mr quintronI.F. 001-011 the amazing spellcaster bulb
rate it nearly godst durban poison / island
rate it neurosisthrough silver in blood iron city
rate it neutral milk hotelon avery island merge
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsmurder ballads mute
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenseven lives later glitterhouse
rate it ninefingerninefingered too damn hype / chord
rate it nirvanafrom the muddy banks of the wishkah geffen
rate it noir désir666.667 club barclay
rate it okaramonths like years spectra sonic sound
rate it okarademo self-released
rate it one eyed god prophecyst the great american steak religion
rate it orange glassprotography wabana
rate it oxbowserenade in red crippled dick hot wax
rate it pachinkobehind the green alternative tentacles
rate it palace musicarise therefore drag city
rate it panel donorlobedom & global lotuspool
rate it party diktatordive-bomb roadrunner
rate it party of helicoptersdemo donut friends
rate it pascal comelademusiques pour films, vol. 2 delabel
rate it peltsnake to snake klang industries
rate it peter planeburlesque monde from belgium with love
rate it peu être carther matha rachelsplit CD le brun le roux
rate it phoaming edisonsold to the 2nd highest grady dark beloved cloud
rate it phono-combfresh gasoline quarterstick
rate it piebaldsometimes friends fight point the blame
rate it polvoexploded drawing touch and go
rate it portobello bones & burning heads portobello bones & hint portobello bones & condense portobello bones & cornu portobello bones & ouled el rai & beamtrap & swat el atlas portobello bones & tantrum portobello bones & near death experience & ouled el rai portobello bones & fragile portobello bones & fred norguet portobello bones & babe portobello bones & julie bonnieportobello amigos pandemonium / forked tongues
rate it portraits of pastst ebullition
rate it pregnantcraft demo self-released
rate it prohibition (FR)towncrier prohibited
rate it quintronamazing spellcaster bulb
rate it r.e.m.new adventures in hi-fi warner
rate it r.l. burnsidea ass pocket of whiskey matador
rate it rachel'sthe sea and the bells quarterstick
rate it rachel'smusic for egon schiele quarterstick
rate it refrigeratoranchors of bleed the communion label / shrimper
No sleeve yet rate it regulator wattsthe mercury ep slowdime
rate it rein sanctionblue men souldier
rate it retsinegg fusion simple machines
No sleeve yet rate it revolutionnary dub warriorsstate of evolution on-u sound
rate it rexc southern
rate it ricaineregret is an inevitable consequence of life rubber
rate it ridetarantula sire / reprise
rate it rig (CA)king of the soft serve (with a semi) cruz
rate it robert pollardnot in my airforce matador
rate it rocket from the cryptradio and tv broadcasts from the uk 1995
rate it rocket from the crypt the misfitssplit 12" radio and tv broadcasts from the uk 1995 live in passaic, new jersey, 25 feb 1981
rate it roofthe untraceable cigar red note
rate it rubbish heap cornucopialive split tape
rate it run onstart packing matador
No sleeve yet rate it rusted shutst fleece
rate it satisfactst k
rate it satisfactthe unwanted sounds of up
rate it scanner david shea mainsub rosa live sessions > paris june 1996 sub rosa
rate it scornlogghi barogghi earache
rate it scornzander kk
rate it screaming treesdust epic
No sleeve yet rate it sea scoutspattern recognition chapter music
No sleeve yet rate it seelyjulie only too pure
rate it servotronno room for humans one louder
rate it shakuhachi surprisespace streakings sighted over mount shasta skin graft
rate it shalelie truth peas kor
rate it shotmakermouse ear [forget-me-not] troubleman unlimited
rate it shub1996 demo self-released
rate it shunatao anna luif & noël akchotésplit CD amanita
rate it silver jewsthe natural bridge drag city
rate it simplement jacques simplement jacques & the skirts & old time relijun the lookers vicki lewis & melissa klein 66% chick hallie ruth the skirts monsieur bryce panic miss lady hand grenade old time relijun panties nikki mcclure godzilla & cybelle & ben cocozelle miranda july flying tigers agnes and hattie's eastside witches' revival simplement jacques & old time relijuncha cha cabaret chez vous k
rate it six finger satelliteparanormalized sub pop
rate it six finger satelliteclone theory load
rate it six horsefine business, excellent dubious honor
rate it sizeabledémo self-released
rate it skullduggeryst jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it skullflowertransformer sympathy for the record industry
rate it skullflowerthis is skullflower vhf
rate it sleater-kinneycall the doctor chainsaw
rate it slugthe 3 man themes pcp entertainment / matador
rate it slughoggrit wonderdrug
rate it smogthe doctor came at dawn domino / drag city
rate it snapperadm flying nun
rate it snuffdemmamussabebonk fat wreck
rate it solid gold hellthe blood and the pity flying nun
No sleeve yet rate it soul coughingirresistible bliss slash
rate it spaceheadsround the outside live in the u.s.a. dark beloved cloud
rate it spanakorzoinflux wrenched / goldenrod
rate it spatulaunder the veil of health squealer
rate it speculum fightswimming pool volvolo
rate it speed the ploughmarina east side digital
rate it splinteredmoraine suggestion / no risk-no fun
rate it spoontelephono matador
rate it star pimpdocudrama kill rock stars
rate it stauV3 fidel bastro
rate it steve wynnmelting in the dark zero hour
rate it stuntman (USA)the american fadeout mag wheel
rate it stuntman (USA)st link
rate it superconductorbastardsong boner
rate it suppression cripple bastardssplit 12" degradation/elimination of the robot swine-pig more frustrations bovine
rate it surfaceseven times over fold 803b
rate it swansreal love atavistic
rate it swanssoundtracks for the blind young god / atavistic
rate it sweet peachris hate wes trance syndicate / my very first label
rate it sweetheartintoxicated boom boom bad vugum
No sleeve yet rate it swobpersis hursey project a bomb
No sleeve yet rate it tarnationlive labels / 4ad
rate it techno animalbabylon seeker blue angel
rate it television personalitiesi was a mod before you was a mod overground
rate it television personalitiespaisley shirts & mini skirts overground
rate it television personalitiesmade in japan little teddy recordings
rate it the afghan whigsblack love elektra
rate it the auteursafter murder park virgin
rate it the boo radleysc'mon kids creation
rate it the boys next doormasturbation generation live 1977
rate it the chillssunburnt flying nun
rate it the chrome crankslove in exile pcp
rate it the cleanunknown country flying nun
rate it the coctailshere now today hi-ball
rate it the crownhate ruinuntil the eagle grins dischord
rate it the curewild mood swings elektra / fiction
rate it the divine comedycasanova setanta / labels
rate it the divine comedya short album about love setanta / labels
rate it the fallthe light user syndrome jet
rate it the flaming starssongs from the bar room floor vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersrevenge of the flying luttenbachers skin graft / ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbacherslive at WNUR 2-6-92 destructo noise explosion! ugEXPLODE / coat-tail
rate it the for carnationmarshmallows matador
rate it the go-betweens16 lovers lane acoustic demos labels / beggars banquet
rate it the hal al shedads/t buddy system / troubleman unlimited
rate it the halo bendersdon't tell me now k
rate it the jesus lizardshot capitol
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionnow i got worry mute
No sleeve yet rate it the lemonheadscar button cloth atlantic
rate it the make-updestination: love live! at cold rice dischord
rate it the moleculesno-fi amanita / commercial failure
rate it the mountain goatsyam, the king of crops oska
rate it the mountain goatsnothing for juice ajax
No sleeve yet rate it the pterodactysreborn bulb
rate it the raincoatslooking in the shadows rough trade
rate it the republic of freedom fightersst linkwork / mountain
rate it the scissor girlswe people space with phantoms atavistic
rate it the sidewindercolonized mille plateaux
rate it the sortscommon time atlas
rate it the third eye foundationsemtex linda's strange vacation
No sleeve yet rate it the trash can sinatrasa happy pocket go! discs
rate it the van peltstealing from our favorite thieves gern blandsten
rate it the warmersst dischord
rate it the wedding presentmini cooking vinyl
rate it the wedding presentsaturnalia cooking vinyl
rate it the yummy furnightclub guided missile / slampt
rate it thee hydrogen terrorserotic adventures of thee hydrogen terrors load
rate it three second kissfor pain relief lollypop
No sleeve yet rate it throwing museslimbo 4ad
rate it thumbnailst headhunter / cargo / file thirteen
rate it thumbnail harriet the spysplit 12" file thirteen
rate it thurston moorepiece for yvonne rainer destroy all music
rate it thymme jonescareer move perdition plastics
rate it thymme joneswhile perdition plastics
rate it tim harringtonmaster frequency & his deepness triple x
rate it tired from now onromantic no idea
rate it tobin sproutcarnival boy matador
rate it today is the dayst amphetamine reptile
rate it tortoisemillions now living will never die thrill jockey
rate it tortoisemillions now living will never die gamera ep thrill jockey
rate it trans am wingtip sloatsplit 12" tuba frenzy / friction media
rate it trickypre-millenium tension island
rate it trumans wateraction ornaments runt
rate it trumans watercough forth such dilemmas union pole
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages skin graft
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages skin graft
rate it ulan bator les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it ulcerindignation bovine
rate it unwoundrepetition kill rock stars
rate it vae victisst satan's pimp / black mot
rate it vanillast genet
rate it varnalineman of sin zero hour
No sleeve yet rate it velocity girlgilded stars and zealous hearts shellshock
rate it versussecret swingers teen beat
rate it village of savoongaphilipp schatz hausmusik
rate it wandering lucyleap year k
rate it wheeljackst stickfigure / gay jay
rate it windsor for the derbycalm hades float trance syndicate
rate it wirethe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it workdogsone night only! in the red
rate it worst case scenariost vermiform
rate it xerobotcontrol panel coat-tail
No sleeve yet rate it yann tiersenrue des cascades sine terra firma
rate it yann tiersenrue des cascades sine terra firma
rate it yesteryearunder the rug magic eye
rate it yo la tengoride the tiger matador
rate it zeni geva superunitnai-ha skin graft / nux organization
rate it zoinks!stranger anxiety dr strange
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