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rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deads/t trance
rate it 16blaze of incompetence theologian / pessimiser
rate it 2 foot flameultra drowning matador
rate it 3-mile pilotanother desert, another sea headhunter / cargo
rate it 30 second motion picturecan't kill time spectra sonic sound
rate it 31 knotsalgut allbrain ranghok
rate it 3RA1N1ACelectro-shock for president touch and go
rate it a photograph to remember you byst excursions into the abyss
rate it acid king altamontsplit CD man's ruin
rate it aerial mas performed by aerial m drag city
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed cattlepresssplit 12" bovine
rate it akatenIV magaibutsu
rate it alboth!amor fati pandemonium
rate it all scarsearly ambient dischord / slowdime
rate it amps for christthorny path vermiform
rate it anandahabeas corpus unfortunate for the fortunate
No sleeve yet rate it angelist freeland
rate it appendix outthe rye bears a poison drag city
rate it arab on radarqueen hygiene II heparin
rate it archbishop kebabbellyhunting zorlac
rate it armstrongs secret ninethe corpse came calling donut friends
rate it art and language & the red crayolacorrected slogans drag city / dexter's cigar
rate it ashtabulariver of many dead fish silt breeze
rate it ativingerman water secretly canadian
rate it atom and his packages/t bloodlink
rate it autoclavest dischord / mira
rate it autumn risingthe kraken brass ass
rate it azitascattered brains atavistic
rate it badgewearernowness amanita / guided missile
rate it bailter spacecapsul turnbuckle / flying nun
rate it barbara manning1212 matador
rate it beltainecrowning the caged kid atomic action
rate it björkhomogenic mother / one little indian
rate it black light pantherss/t peterbilt
rate it blonde redheadfake can be just as good touch and go
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro matador
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro matador
rate it bluetipjoin us dischord
rate it bob ostertagverbatim red note
rate it bob tiltoncrescent subjugation
rate it bobby connst truckstop audio
rate it bottledoghot dolphin terror GDDT
rate it bowery electricbeat kranky / beggars banquet
rate it boxer rebellionthe romance of aeronautics hydra head
rate it brainbombsobey wabana
rate it branch manageranything tribal dischord
rate it breachit's me god tru$t no one
rate it built to spillperfect from now on city slang
rate it C4AM95III home taping is recording music frenetic
rate it calmst unleaded
rate it cars get crushedwarped speed
rate it castmother nature calls polydor
No sleeve yet rate it catherine wheeladam and eve chrysalis
rate it cerberus shoalelements of structure permanence audioinformationphenomena
rate it charles bronsonyouth attack! lengua armada
rate it cheer-accidentenduring the american dream pravda
rate it chris knoxyes!! flying nun
rate it chromeretro transmission cleopatra
rate it chrometidal forces (no humans allowed pt II) man's ruin
rate it clikatat ikatowiaugust 29 + 30 1995 gravity
rate it clikatat ikatowiriver of souls gravity
rate it closurest mountain
rate it colossamiteall lingo's clamor skin graft
rate it company flowfuncrusher plus rawkus
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it couch (DE)etwas benutzen kollaps / kitty-yo
rate it courgemon nouveau groupe s'appelle courge self-released
rate it crawmap, monitor, surge cambodia
rate it cream abdul babarthe backwater of masculine ethics albert ayler's jukebox / what's wrong with your eye?
rate it crom-techs/t gravity
rate it crown heightsmore pricks than kicks warner
rate it custom floorfrom a body analog sound
rate it david grubbsbanana cabbage, potato lettuce, onion orange table of the elements
rate it david thomasmonster the sound of the sand variations on a theme more places forever monster walks the winter lake blame the messenger cooking vinyl
rate it dawnbreedaroma trans solar
rate it de kiftgaaphonger konkurrel
rate it dead and gonegod loves everyone but you alternative tentacles
rate it dead moonhard wired in ljubljana empty
rate it deadguyi know your tragedy hawthorne street
rate it deerhoofthe man, the king, the girl 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it depeche modeultra mute
rate it devolaplaying the game of revenge and winning every time mountain
rate it dianogahas seen from above actionboy 300
rate it dickybird? xtt / noise product
No sleeve yet rate it die hautspring our choice
rate it dinosaur jrhand it over blanco y negro / warner
rate it dirty old man riverst radial
rate it dk3neutrons quarterstick
rate it donkeypump in the yard, dump in the bucket loveletter / wormer brothers
rate it donkeystroke my wings gently guided missile / wormer brothers
rate it duotron & tom smithst menlo park
No sleeve yet rate it echo and the bunnymenevergreen london
rate it eleventh dream dayeighth city slang / thrill jockey
rate it elliott smitheither / or kill rock stars
rate it empire state gamess/t makoto
No sleeve yet rate it ethel meservethe milton abandonment tree records
rate it ex-chittlemoving solves everything kalliste!
rate it ex-chittlemoving solves everything the rosewood union
rate it fabric (UK)stella maris simba
rate it faith no morealbum of the year bonus limited version slash / london
rate it fan modineslow road to tiny empire slow river / rykodisc
rate it fat dayburrega 100% breakfast!
rate it feasts of meritphanyaa mahn naga kio brass ass
rate it finalthe first millionth of a second manifold
rate it firewaterthe ponzi scheme jetset
rate it fireworks!off the air au go-go
rate it flufwaikiki mca / way cool
rate it flying saucer attacknew lands domino
rate it foetusnull/void cleopatra
rate it four hundred yearssuture the great american steak religion
rate it four hundred yearssuture makeshift version the great american steak religion
rate it fragiletri from belgium with love
rate it françoiz breutst lithium
rate it franklinbuilding in a and e file 13 / spectra sonic sound
rate it free kittensentimental education wiiija
rate it frodusF-letter lovitt / art monk construction
rate it frodus22-D10 nlb
rate it fruithark at her one little indian
rate it fuehlers/t amanita / dephine knormal
rate it geiger counternever odd or even the rosewood union
rate it gerty farishbulks up load
No sleeve yet rate it gloriumeclipse golden hour
rate it gnomes of zurich33rd degree burns amphetamine reptile
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub earache
rate it godheadsiloshare the fantasy sub pop
rate it gogogoairheartst produced by spacewürm vinyl communications
rate it goldens/t the trans solar syndicate
rate it grivers/t point the blame
rate it grivers/t tyle-vora
rate it guapotowers open fire power tool
rate it haberdashersongs on love nos 48602-48608 reptilian
rate it hail marydemo paralogy
rate it half japanesebone head alternative tentacles
rate it half japaneseheaven sent emperor jones
No sleeve yet rate it half man half biscuitvoyage to the bottom of the road probe plus
rate it happy angernonsense... dreams jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it headcleanerpigment of imagination musidisc
rate it heliogabalethe full mind is alone the clear prohibited / heliogabale
rate it heliumthe magic city matador
rate it helmetafterstate interscope
rate it himinterpretive belief system wordsound
rate it him the dylan groupsplit CD bubble core
rate it his hero is gonemonuments to thieves prank
rate it his hero is gone union or uranussplit 12" the great american steak religion
rate it his hero is gone uranussplit 12" 1997 tour release the great american steak religion
rate it hovercraftakathisia mute / blast first
rate it hurlnot a memory my pal god
rate it i am heavenst julyninety5
rate it i hate myselfst no idea
rate it i hate myself10 songs no idea
rate it I.B.O.P.A.ballads of the benpadrone nubby
rate it icon zerovacuum logic kfx recordings
No sleeve yet rate it in/humanitythe history behind the mystery music to kill yourself by H.G. fact
No sleeve yet rate it instil gray before my eyessplit 12" track star
No sleeve yet rate it irving klaw trioutek pahtoo mogoi road cone
No sleeve yet rate it isotope 217the unstable molecule thrill jockey
rate it jeff humphrey triono fun camp the lotus sound
rate it jenny piccoloinformation battle to denounce the genocide three one g
rate it jessaminethe long arm of coincidence kranky
rate it jim o'rourkebad timing drag city
rate it jim o'rourkehappy days revenant
rate it john coltranethe complete 1961 village vanguard recordings impulse!
rate it john davisblue mountains shrimper
rate it john fahey & cul de sacthe epiphany of glenn jones thirsty ear
rate it john von ryanorgans vs. furniture load
rate it jon spencer blues explosioncontroversial negro toy's factory
rate it jough dawn baker vadesplit 12" henry's finest
rate it karatein place of real insight southern
rate it karpself titled LP k
rate it keelhauldemo self-released
rate it keponest quarterstick
rate it kill the thrilllow noise product
rate it kiss it goodbyeshe loves me, she love me not... revelation
rate it kittensbazooka and the hustler sonic unyon
rate it krisisdemo self-released
rate it l.a.l.#1 USA k
rate it labradfordmi media naranja blast first / labels / kranky
rate it laddio bolockostrange warmings of hungarian
rate it laikasounds of the satellites too pure / labels
rate it lake of draculast skin graft
rate it lambchopthriller merge / city slang
rate it land of the wee beastiesst sunney sindicut
rate it lardpure chewing satisfaction alternative tentacles
rate it left for dead acridsplit 12'' hacked to pieces no idea
rate it les savy fav3/5 the self starter foundation
rate it les thugsnineteen something labels
rate it löbedédales from belgium with love
rate it lollipopsucked in, blown out amphtamine reptile
rate it long fin killieamelia too pure / labels
rate it long hind legsst kill rock stars
rate it los crudoscanciones para liberar nuestras fronteras johnny thunders
rate it lowercasekill the lights amphetamine reptile
rate it lung legmaid to minx vesuvius
rate it lungfishindivisible dischord
rate it lustre kingthe money shot actionboy / divot
rate it lynnfield pioneersemerge matador
rate it maindeliquescence beggars banquet
rate it make-upafterdark dischord
rate it man is the bastard & mumia abu-jamalspoken word and music alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it marble valleysauckiehall street echostatic
rate it mark cunninghamblood river dusk par caridad producciones
rate it mecca normalwho shot elvis? matador
rate it melted menthe sheets are soaked champagne audio
No sleeve yet rate it melted menflame retarded rainbow of decay
rate it melting processst fucking kill
rate it melvinshonky amphetamine reptile
rate it menace dementst vermiform
rate it mercury 4°Fphased suggestion
rate it mick harris & eraldo bernocchioverload lady sub rosa
rate it mick harveypink elephants more songs of serge gainsbourg sung in english mute
rate it milky wimpshakebus route to your heart slampt
rate it mineralthe power of failing crank!
rate it mission of burmavs. bonus tracks ace of hearts / ryko
rate it mission of burmasignals, calls and marches academy fight song 7" ace of hearts / ryko
rate it mmoobdemo self-released
rate it modest mousethe lonesome crowded west up
rate it mogwaiyoung team chemikal underground / labels
rate it monorchidlet them eat... the monorchid simple machines / dischord / lovitt
rate it more fire for burning peoplesitting breathless in new chairs ruido
rate it morphineyes rykodisc
rate it morseli'm a wreck small stone
rate it my dad is deadeveryone wants the honey but not the sting emperor jones
rate it naked cityheretic avant
No sleeve yet rate it naked cityblack box tzadik
rate it neil young crazy horseyear of the horse reprise
rate it neptune3 songs release #2.5-3a self-released
rate it neptunestudio recordings may, MCMXCVII release #3 archenemy
rate it neptunestudio recordings may, MCMXCVII release #3 archenemy
rate it new day rising hourglasssplit 12" the magic moments of childhood when the days pass on moo cow
rate it new wet kojaknasty international touch and go
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsthe boatman's call mute
rate it nomeansnoin the fishtank 1 konkurrent
rate it noothgrush corruptedsplit cd reservoir
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijunsongbook vol. I pine cone alley
rate it olneyville sound systembecause we're all in it together load
No sleeve yet rate it orchiddemo O is for orchid who was killed by an axe we hate you clean plate / self-released
No sleeve yet rate it outrageous cherrynothing's gonna cheer you up third gear
rate it p.w. longwe didn't see you on sunday touch and go
rate it panel donorsurprise bath sonic bubblegum
rate it pavementbrighten the corners domino
rate it pavementlive europaturnen mcmxcvii
rate it pegboycha cha damore quarterstick
rate it penthousegutter erotica world domination
rate it phillippé guinea pigsplit 12" tropical / short egg
rate it philosopher's stonepreparation kranky
rate it phylrcontra la puerta invisible
No sleeve yet rate it physics2 gravity
rate it pipeslowboy merge
rate it plainfieldshe's not my daughter, she's my wife crippled dick hot wax
rate it plainfieldshe's not my daughter, she's my wife crippled dick hot wax
rate it plungerst planaria
rate it polarisbelated common cause
rate it polvoshapes merge
rate it portisheadportishead go! beat
rate it prohibition (FR)follow the towncrier prohibited
rate it pudding makerbowie, '72 & other stuff wabana
rate it pussy galorelive : in the red in the red
rate it racebannondemo self-released
rate it radioheadOK computer capitol
rate it ramlehboeing majora
rate it ravinest ant
rate it refrigeratorst shrimper
rate it regulator wattsthe aesthetics of no-drag slowdime / dischord
rate it rexc southern
rate it ricainemainlanders
rate it ricainethe clarity of distance rubber
rate it robert wyattshleep hannibal
rate it rogojinedemo self-released
rate it ruinsrefusal fossil unreleased tracks & live with guests skin graft
rate it run onno way matador
rate it rye coalitionhee saw dhuh kaet gern blandsten
No sleeve yet rate it sabotsomehow i don't think so qqryo productions
rate it sabotsomehow i don't think so... vice versa broken rekids
rate it saetiademo level plane
rate it sangre de torohold yer breath bacon grease industries
rate it sap cowardsplit lp little deputy
rate it scornwhine invisible
rate it scorndeliverance earache
rate it seikazokuout takes 66-78 fractal records
rate it seppukuthe awesome houses of earth's innocents spectra sonic sound
No sleeve yet rate it serotoninst concurrent
rate it seven storey mountainleper ethics art monk construction
rate it shake ray turbinethe sauce of solution file 13 / harlan
rate it shellacthe futurist shellac record no.9 self-released
rate it shipping newssave everything quarterstick
rate it shunataohighway to hell amanita
rate it silver applessilver apples contact mca
No sleeve yet rate it sixpackreading history spliff
rate it sleater-kinneydig me out kill rock stars
rate it sleepperssubconscious nocturnal activity vicious circle
rate it sleepytime trioplus 6000 lovitt
rate it slintlive songs
rate it smogred apple falls domino / inspirational
rate it snuff
potatoes and melons at wholesale prices direct to you
the public
rate it snuffcaught in session vinyl japan
rate it sogst
rate it some velvet sidewalkgenerate!
rate it songs:ohiast secretly canadian
rate it spanakorzodrama wrenched
rate it spare snarewestfield lane wabana
rate it sparkmarker500wattburner@seven crisis
rate it spatuladespina by land squealer
rate it spazzla revancha sound pollution
rate it spectrethe second coming wordsound
rate it sprawl(sprc:l) trost
rate it squarepusherhard normal daddy warp
rate it squarepusherburning tree warp
rate it starfishfrustrated trance syndicate
rate it stars of the lidgravitational pull vs. the desire for an aquatic life kranky
rate it still life resinsplit 12"
No sleeve yet rate it stizzletwo weeks too late boxcar
rate it storm and stress
this is the teenage we are bright and broken so shock
ed we can only think of one thing but never the same
touch and go
rate it sugar shackfive weeks ahead of my time estrus
rate it sunshinehysterical stereo loops, beats and bloody lips (dark wave vol.2) gsl
rate it superstar18 carat camp fabulous
rate it sweep the leg johnny4.9.21.30 divot
rate it swelltoo many days without thinking beggars banquet / labels
rate it swervedriver99th dream zero hour
rate it t tauriending deconstruction gsl / stickfigure
rate it tall dwarfsstumpy flying nun
rate it tannergermo (phobic) headhunter
rate it tantrumtwisted in anguish vicious circle
rate it tarnationmirador 4ad / labels
rate it techno animalphobic position chrome
rate it techno animal & porter ricks & alec empiredemonoid! version 2 grand royal
rate it teenage fanclubsongs from northern britain creation
rate it teenage filmstarsbuy our record support our sickness creation
rate it terry edwards and the scapegoatsi didn't get where i am today wiiija
No sleeve yet rate it the audiences/t hymnal sound
rate it the big swiftyakroasis cherry smash
rate it the boxhead ensembledutch harbour: where the sea breaks its back atavistic
rate it the chemical brothersdig your own hole freestyle dust / virgin
rate it the crimson curseboth feet in the grave goldenrod
rate it the end of the century partyst belladonna
rate it the exploderthis sound starts right now reptilian
rate it the fallin a hole cog sinister
rate it the falllevitate artful
rate it the fallin the city... artful
rate it the fallthe legendary chaos tape feel good all over
rate it the flaming starsbring me the rest of alfredo garcia vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starssell your soul to the flaming stars vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersgods of chaos skin graft / ugEXPLODE
rate it the foetus symphony orchestrayork first exit to brooklyn big cat
rate it the great unravelings/t kill rock stars
rate it the hal al shedadtextures of tomorrow buddy system / troubleman unlimited
rate it the last crimest the omega
rate it the mountain goatsfull force galesburg emperor jones
rate it the needst chainsaw
rate it the party of helicoptersabracadaver x-mist / donut friends
rate it the pastelsillumination domino
rate it the promise ringthe horse latitudes jade tree
rate it the red crayola & art and languageblack snakes drag city
rate it the red expandablesst grimmwerks
rate it the sea and cakethe fawn thrill jockey
rate it the seahorsesdo it yourself geffen
rate it the sortsmore there slowdime
rate it the sortsgateway sounds spring
No sleeve yet rate it the sortsgateway sounds copper spurs
rate it the terminalslive medication
rate it the third eye foundationghost domino
rate it the trans megettisteal the jet keys art monk construction
rate it the valentine sixst crippled dick hot wax / pcp
rate it the van peltsultans of sentiment gern blandsten
rate it the verlainesover the moon sony
rate it the vidal banddemo la libre expression
rate it the vssnervous circuits honey bear
rate it the walkaboutsnighttown virgin
rate it the wellwater conspiracydeclaration of conformity third gear
rate it thee hydrogen terrorsterror, diplomacy & public relations load / super 8
rate it thoughts of ionesco...and then there was motion makoto
rate it thoughts of ionescothe triptych session conquer the world
rate it thumbnailred! dead! headhunter / cargo
rate it tied + tickled triotied + tickled trio kollaps / payola
rate it tinderstickscurtains island / this way up
rate it tindersticksmarks moods polygram
rate it tit wrench8-11-96 (live) vinyl communications
No sleeve yet rate it to live and shave in L.A.tonal harmony self-released
rate it tobin sproutmoonflower plastic (welcome to my wigwam) matador
rate it today is the daytemple of the morning star relapse
rate it torches to romest ebullition
rate it trans amsurrender to the night thrill jockey / city slang
rate it transmisiafrigid prose invisible
rate it trotteltroxx-tracks trottel / amanita
rate it trumans waterfragments of a lucky break emperor jones / trance syndicate
rate it trumans waterapistogramma justice my eye / elevated loin
rate it trumans waterno dead space union pole
rate it u.s. maplesang phat editor skin graft
rate it unsaneamrep christmas man's ruin
rate it usaybissai baby drag city
rate it varnalinest zero hour
rate it village of savoongascore hausmuzik / kollaps
rate it voodoo muzakcartilage amanita / popov island
No sleeve yet rate it vox humanas/t self-released
rate it walking timebombsst charnel music
rate it wallsidefrom the sky makoto
No sleeve yet rate it wallside shag van clubsplit 12" longbow / makoto
rate it weas is. asphodel
rate it ween & boredomsz-rock hawaii nipp guitar
rate it white tornadofrom hand to mouth freeland
rate it will oldhamjoya drag city
rate it windsor for the derbyminnie greutzfeldt trance syndicate
rate it windsor for the derbymetropolitan then poland trance syndicate
rate it wingtip sloatif only for the hatchery vhf
rate it world / inferno friendship societythe true story of the bridgewater astral league gern blandsten
rate it yann tiersenle phare labels / ici d'ailleurs
rate it yo la tengoi can hear the heart beating as one matador
rate it you've got foetus on your breathache thirsty ear
rate it you've got foetus on your breathdeaf thirsty ear
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