(323 records found)
rate it (young) pioneersfree the young pioneers now! lookout!
rate it 7000 dying ratsfanning the flames of fire caroline / up jumps the devil / invisible
rate it a minor forestinindependence thrill jockey
rate it a minor forestinindependence thrill jockey
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedhonky reduction relapse
rate it alain bashungfantaisie militaire barclay
No sleeve yet rate it alanis morissettesupposed former infatuation junkie maverick
rate it alastair galbraithmirrorwork emperor jones / trance syndicate
rate it albion kevorkiansplit 12" minority
rate it all natural lemon and lime flavorsturning into small gern blandsten
rate it ambassador 990s/t voice of the sky
rate it amber innall roads lead home ebullition
rate it american heritagest the rosewood union
rate it ancient chinese secretcaveat emptor slap a ham
rate it arab on radarrough day at the orifice oppoppop
rate it archers of loafwhite trash heroes alias
rate it astoveboatnew bedford load
rate it at the drive-inin/casino/out fearless
rate it atom and his packagea society of people named elihu x-mist / mountain
rate it bare minimumcan't cure the nailbiters rx remedy
rate it basementunderneath vicious circle
rate it bazhenathe kissing ambulance break even
rate it beastie boyshello nasty grand royal / capitol
rate it beautifuzzst spectra sonic sound
rate it beckmutations geffen
rate it bedheadtransaction de novo trance
rate it beehive and the barracudasfeaturing the insects flapping jet
rate it beth ortoncentral reservation arista
rate it blonde redheadin an expression of the inexpressible touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it bob mouldthe last dog and pony show creation
rate it boilermakerst wrenched
rate it boredomssuper roots 7 warner bros
rate it boredomssuper roots 8 warner bros
rate it boredomssuper roots ae warner bros
rate it boss hogfunhouse demos geffen
rate it botchamerican nervoso hydra head
rate it bottledoganother product s.k.a.m.
rate it bozartkurth frenetic
rate it braidframe & canvas polyvinyl
rate it brass knuckles for tough guysnoise man kills him divot
No sleeve yet rate it breaker morant amputee setsplit CD self-released
rate it broccolihome rugger bugger
rate it bughummerthe getaway with self-released
rate it calabash casest wrenched
rate it camp blackfootcritical seed vs. the spartan society pandemonium
rate it carbombtotal eclipse young heartattack
rate it cat powermoon pix matador
rate it cataract fallsthe sound of your breath still excursions into the abyss
rate it chokeboreblack black punk in my vitamins?
rate it chuck berryback in the usa time wind
rate it colossamiteeconomy of motion skin graft
rate it colossamiteeconomy of motion freeland / skin graft
rate it comegently down the stream domino
rate it compound redalways a pleasure the self starter foundation
rate it convergewhen forever come crashing equal vision
No sleeve yet rate it couch potatoesoutweight scene police
rate it cowssorry in pig minor amphetamine reptile
rate it creta bourziamemories of earth gruntgravel
rate it cromtechs/t slowdime
rate it currentdiscography council
rate it daddy longheadclassic man's ruin
rate it daniel johnstonfrankenstein love live at the houston room 1992 stress
rate it david grubbsthe thicket drag city
rate it david grubbsthe coxcomb rectangle
rate it deadbodieseverywherest 625 / satan's pimp
rate it die hautspringer our choice
rate it dirty old man riverthe saddest movie screen radial
rate it ditherneve oblique soundscapes series vol. 12 noise museum
No sleeve yet rate it dogonbefore and after dogon amanita / stereosupremo
rate it don caballerowhat burns never returns touch and go
rate it dropdeadst armageddon label
rate it dropdeadst tour edition armageddon label
rate it dub narcotic sound systemout of my mind k
rate it eagle bravost gridsector
rate it envyfrom here to eternity H.G. fact
rate it facade burned blackashen remains of midwestern flames clean plate
rate it fat dayfutoribi burrega my name is i hate you devour
rate it fields lay fallowone hundred years of high rises lunchbox
rate it fifty tons of black terrordemeter world domination / beggars banquet / butchers wig
rate it fin fang foomunified fortification mentalstatic
rate it finalsolaris alley sweeper / invisible
rate it flufroad rage honest don's
rate it former members of alfonsin project hatesplit 12" phyte
rate it forstella fordrelics of an unseen life the first time
rate it four hundred yearstransmit failure lovitt
rate it fragile dithermacrostigma fario
rate it frodusconglomerate international tooth & nail
No sleeve yet rate it fugaziend hits dischord
rate it fugaziend hits dischord
rate it gastr del solcamoufleur domino / drag city
rate it gentle veincutthe return of mrs. brain kultur x
rate it get hustlenow we're all gone gsl
rate it girls against boysfreak on ica freakonica geffen
rate it glazed babyancient chinese secret atomic action / fidel bastro
rate it god is my co-pilotget busy atavistic
rate it goemreduktie noise museum
rate it gogogoairheartlove my life... hate my friends vinyl communications
rate it goldensuper golden original movement slowdime
rate it gorge triodead chicken fear no knife freeland
rate it greenmachineD.A.M.N. man's ruin
rate it grieftorso pessimiser
rate it guapohirohito pandemonium / power tool
No sleeve yet rate it guts pie earshotmusik zum film anatopia revolution inside
rate it harriet the spyunfuckwithable troubleman
rate it harriet the spyunfuckwithable troubleman
rate it harry pussylive fuck love songs infinite egg
rate it harry pussylive at salon zwerge blackbean and placenta
rate it haystackslave me threeman / music for nations
rate it headbuttsolvent bassed product suggestion
rate it helios creedactivated condition man's ruin
rate it helios creedchromagnum man dossier
rate it hellfiretaking drugs in the name of satan
No sleeve yet rate it heroic dosess/t sub pop
rate it hintwu-wei pandemonium
rate it his hero is gonethe plot sickens: enslavement redefined the great american steak religion
rate it hitchout of the light, into the fire... delboy / from belgium with love
rate it holecelebrity skin geffen
rate it hovercraftexperiment below mute / blast first
rate it hurlwe are quiet in this room my pal god
rate it i hate myself twelve hour turnsplit 12" no idea
rate it i'm being goodpoisonous life infinite chug
rate it icebad blood in bloom / reprise
rate it in/humanitythe history behind the mystery music to kill yourself by prank
rate it inlanticst 404
rate it irei discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice mountain
rate it isisdemo 98 self-released
rate it isisdemo self-released
rate it j churchcat food damaged goods
rate it jaap blonk & fred lonberg-holm & michael zerangfirst meeting buzz
No sleeve yet rate it jack o'lanternesmines de rien kerig
rate it jacobitesgod save us poor sinners chatterbox
rate it jacobitesgod save us poor sinners glitterhouse
No sleeve yet rate it jaïlmademo théâtre
rate it jessaminedon't stay too long kranky
rate it jessejesse rugger bugger
rate it jetpackst atomic action / sampson
rate it jets to brazilorange rhyming dictionary jade tree
rate it john holmesel louso suavo flat earth
rate it john zornthe circle maker issachar masada string trio zevulun bar kokhba sextet tzadik
rate it john zornmasada het eight diw
rate it john zornmasada tet nine diw
rate it john zornmasada yod ten diw
rate it june of 44four great points quarterstick
rate it keelhaulst escape artist
rate it keelhaulst cambodia
rate it kerosene 454at zero slowdime
rate it kittensthe night danger album sonic unyon
rate it knutbastardiser snuff
rate it kourganehomme libre, toujours tu chériras la steppe ampli
rate it krümel monsterun budget de plusieur$ million$ de dollar$ vicious circle
rate it kurtschesaplana x-mist
rate it labradorthe invisible states of america vinyl communications
rate it laddio bolockoin real time hungarian
rate it lambchopwhat another man spills city slang / merge
rate it landedeverything's happening vermiform
rate it leonid soybelmansurfing in my bed re records
rate it leonid soybelmanmuch ado about burt bacharach
rate it love batteryconfusion au go go c/z
rate it lungfishartificial horizon dischord
No sleeve yet rate it lynxdemo self-released
rate it mainfirmament IV beggars banquet
rate it make-upin mass mind dischord / black gemini
rate it mark e. smiththe post nearly man artful
rate it mark hollisstaring at the sun polydor
rate it mark laneganscraps at midnight sub pop
rate it massive attackmezzanine circa / virgin
rate it medusa cyclonemr. devil third gear
rate it melt-bananacharlie a-zap
rate it melvinsalive at the fucker club amphetamine reptile
rate it men's recovery project sinking bodysplit 12" grappling with the homonids vermiform
rate it mercury revdeserter's songs v2
rate it metroschifter shipping newssplit cd initial
rate it mick harris & neil harveyshortcut to... sub rosa
rate it milgramvierhundertfünfzig volts pandemonium
rate it mineralend serenading crank!
rate it miss high heelsplit wax cylinder (insc:''beast 661'') b.sides
rate it mk ultra seein' redsplit 12" coalition
rate it mmoobfree as a duck west rock cognac
rate it modest mouselive in NYC
rate it monorchidwho put out the fire? touch and go
rate it mudhoneytomorrow hit today reprise
rate it my lailearn... forget... re-learn up jumps the devil / static station
rate it my lailearn... forget... re-learn divot
rate it neutral milk hotelin the aeroplane over the sea merge
rate it neutrinoimproved hearing through amplification reptilian
rate it nick cave mick harvey & ed clayton-jonesand the ass saw the angel mute
rate it no more liesseeds of enthusiasm b-core
rate it noir désirone trip one noise barclay
rate it noir désirone trip one noise [extraits] barclay
rate it nomeansnodance of the headless bourgeoisie alternative tentacles
rate it north of americaelements of an incomplete map matlock
rate it p.w. long & reelfootpush me again touch and go
rate it panaceatwisted designz the music cartel / force inc. / position chrome
rate it pascal comeladel'argot du bruit the slang of noise les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it pedro the lionit's hard to find a friend made in mexico
rate it pere ubupennsylvania cooking vinyl
No sleeve yet rate it pixiesat the BBC 4ad
rate it pj harveyis this desire? island
rate it planes mistaken for starsdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it polarisdemo + 7"s tape self-released
rate it portisheadroseland nyc live go beat / london
rate it pramthe north pole radio station domino
rate it prohibition (FR)14 ups and down prohibited
rate it pullmanturnstyles and junkpiles thrill jockey
rate it quinttime wounds all heals egypt
rate it quintronthese hands of mine skin graft
rate it red monkeymake the moment troubleman unlimited / slampt
rate it red monkeydifficult is easy troubleman unlimited / slampt
rate it reizigerour kodo genet
rate it retsinsweet luck of amaryllis carrot top / temporary residence
rate it robotsst sampson
rate it rocket from the cryptrftc elemental / virgin
rate it rocket from the cryptapeshit at the bbc
rate it ruinsvrresto magaibutsu / sonore
rate it sabotpam kray nur sch rec
rate it saetias/t mountain
rate it satisfactthe third meeting at the third counter k
rate it satorslammer! independance
rate it sea of cortezage of anxiety voice of the sky
No sleeve yet rate it sea scoutsbeacon of hope patsy / unstable ape records / zum
rate it seamthe pace is glacial touch and go
rate it season to riskmen are monkeys, robots win thick
rate it sebadohharmacy city slang
rate it servotronentertainment program for humans (second variety) one louder
rate it set on stunreveals the shocking truth... D=RxT Recordings
rate it shellacterraform shellac record no.10 touch and go
rate it silver jewsamerican water domino
rate it six finger satellitelaw of ruins sub pop
rate it six organs of admittancest pavilion
rate it sleepperscd 5 titres vicious circle
rate it slight surface noisest worship guitars
rate it slughogungodly amounts of meat wonderdrug
rate it smashing pumpkinsadore hut / virgin
rate it snowponythe slow-motion world of snowpony radioactive
rate it snufftweet tweet my lovely deceptive
rate it soilent greensewn mouth secrets relapse
rate it song of kermanthe unamerican sound of... moo cow
rate it sonic youtha thousand leaves geffen
rate it sonic youthsilver session for jason knuth sonic knuth
rate it soul-junk1955 jackson / rubio
rate it splinterednoumena suggestion / amanita / fourth dimension
rate it stalingradpatty we kind of missed you on your birthday armed with anger
rate it starfishthe instrumental ep trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it staumacht mit fidel bastro
rate it staynlesstransistor theory and circuits made simple undecided
rate it still lifemadness and the gackle the sunflower tribe
rate it strangulated beatoffsst skin graft
No sleeve yet rate it strategost dim mak / stratagem ripcords
rate it strikeforce diablos/t schematics
rate it submission holdwaiting for another monkey to throw the first brick ebullition
rate it submission hold sakésplit 12" unnatural disasters hopscotch
rate it suicidethe second album the first rehearsal tapes blast first / mute
rate it suicide nationst king of the monsters
rate it sulfurdelirium tremens goldenfly
rate it sweetheartstitches removal day bad vugum
rate it swellfor all the beautiful people beggars banquet
rate it techno animalreality versus techno animal city slang / labels / virgin
rate it television personalitiesdon't cry baby... it's only a movie damaged goods
rate it the afghan whigs1965 columbia
rate it the anomoanonmother goose palace
rate it the beautiful southquench mercuy / go! discs
rate it the boommovin' out slowdime
rate it the boomany day of the night slowdime
rate it the bugtapping the conversation wordsound
No sleeve yet rate it the burgundy romancest boxcar / movin' on up
rate it the crainiuma new music for a new kitchen slowdime
rate it the crampssongs the lord taught us zonophone / emi
rate it the curse of the golden vampirest digital hardcore recordings
rate it the exstarters alternators ex / touch and go
rate it the farewell bendin passing slowdime
rate it the flying luttenbachersdestroy all music skin graft
rate it the fusesi wanna burn american punk
rate it the fusesi wanna burn american punk
rate it the halo bendersthe rebels not in k
rate it the halo bendersthe rebels not in k
rate it the jesus lizardblue capitol
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionacme mute
rate it the lapsebetrayal! gern blandsten
rate it the locustst gsl
rate it the most secret methodget lovely slowdime
No sleeve yet rate it the never neverthese aint no purple hearts hydra head
rate it the panoply academy glee clubrah! secretly canadian
rate it the raincoatsthe kitchen tapes ROIR
rate it the secret starsgenealogies shrimper
No sleeve yet rate it the secret starsst shrimper
rate it the state secedes
expose the spies... destroy the myth... reform the co
level plane
rate it the syntax transfer theoryst strictly amateur films / five coat industries
rate it the velvet monkeyshouseparty god bless
No sleeve yet rate it the volebeatsmosquito spiral third gear
rate it the weakenerwhat do you know about it wordsound
rate it the yummy furmale shadow at 3 o'clock vesuvius
rate it this heatmade available john peel sessions this is
rate it this heatlive 80/81 this is
rate it thoughts of ionescoa skin historic makoto
rate it three penny operast troubleman unlimited
rate it three penny operacountless trips from here to there spectra sonic sound
rate it three second kisseveryday-everyman wide
rate it thurston mooreroot lo
rate it tortoisetnt city slang
rate it tortoiseremixed tour cd thrill jockey
rate it trans amthe surveillance thrill jockey
rate it treiops treyfidreach the explosion deep reverb
rate it tribes of neurot & walking timebombsstatic migration relapse
rate it trickyangels with dirty faces island
rate it twenty third chapteran eden for the machines ohev
rate it unsaneoccupational hazard pandemonium
rate it unsaneoccupational hazard relapse
rate it unsaneoccupational hazard relapse
rate it unwoundchallenge for a civilized society kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it usalittle birds drag city
No sleeve yet rate it utopia carcrashdouble live mega-blistering acid freak-out pile-up self-released
rate it uzedadifferent section wires touch and go
rate it vanillasocial evening & french divorce conquer the world
rate it venus vegasbring me the head of johnny marr dishwashing institute of technology
rate it victory at seathe dark is just the night slowdime
rate it vitreous humorposthumous crank!
rate it wolf eyesst hanson
No sleeve yet rate it xbxrxgreatest ODM
rate it you and i within the frame your best guest / *spiritfall
rate it you and isaturday's cab ride home *spiritfall
rate it you fantastic!homesickness skin graft
rate it young ginnsst honey bear
rate it zeek sheck rules the cloud people but not for longgood luck suckers skin graft
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