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No sleeve yet rate it (ocelot)today, yesterday, and tomorrow samizdat
rate it (the) control grouphumiliator progeria
rate it a great divides/t frenetic
rate it acheborntuesday is dead trans solar
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed convergesplit cd the poacher diaries relapse
rate it alboth!ecco la fiera sonore / what's so funny about...
rate it alec empirealec empire vs. elvis presley el turco loco
rate it all scarsintroduction to humanity slowdime
No sleeve yet rate it amalgamation left in ruinssplit 12" rice control
rate it amputee setwhen the last game is done self-released
rate it anodynequiet wars escape artist
rate it appendix outdaylight saving drag city
rate it arab on radarsoak the saddle skin graft
rate it arab on radarsoak the saddle skin graft
rate it arcweldereverest touch and go
rate it artimus pylecivil dead prank
rate it at the price of the unionthe mechanics of wind ep. buddy system
rate it autumn risingdawn brass ass
rate it barbaros/t polterchrist / curve of the earth
rate it big'n oxessplit CD box factory
rate it blondieno exit beyond
rate it blur13 food
rate it bob tiltonthe leading hotels of the world southern
rate it bonnie 'prince' billyi see a darkness domino / palace
rate it boredomsvision creation newsun wea
rate it botchwa are the romans hydra head
rate it bottledog anna nebuleasplit 12" global buddy!
rate it bowsbush too pure
rate it bozartbunge frenetic
rate it brainbombsurge to kill load
rate it breachvenom relapse / burning heart
rate it bread and circuitss/t ebullition
rate it built to spillkeep it like a secret city slang
rate it bulbul2 trost
rate it bunny foot charmstalking the boogieman punk in my vitamins?
rate it burning airlinesmission: control! desoto
No sleeve yet rate it c-clamplonger waves ohio gold
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandthe mirror man sessions buddha
rate it carolinertoodoos bullshit
rate it cars get crushedevolution to thrust
rate it catharsis (USA,NC)passion crimethinc.
rate it cattle decapitationhuman jerky satan's pimp
rate it celluloïd matainvasion of noise museum
rate it cerberus shoalhomb temporary residence
rate it certain generalthese are the days fantastica
rate it certain generalsignals from the source CBGB
rate it cheer-accidentsalad days skin graft
rate it chromechrome flashback / chrome live - the best of cleopatra
rate it chutney nudibranchsplit cassingle infectious alien metatarpal tenderette
rate it company flowlittle johnny from the hospitul (breaks and instrumentuls vol.1) rawkus
rate it couch (DE)fantasy kollaps / kitty-yo
rate it count me outfew and far between ambassador
rate it countdown to putschhandbook for planetary progress the mountain cooperative
rate it country teasersdestroy all human life fat possum / epitaph
rate it courgeméga lo-fi plounk astronef self-released
rate it creation is crucifixionautomata willowtip
rate it creeps on candywonders of giardia alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it crosstidest chapel hill
rate it damadburning cold prank
rate it danny and the nightmaresst eternal yip eye music
rate it darin gray & loren mazzacane connorsthe lost mariner family vineyard
rate it david grubbsapertura blue chopsticks
rate it de kiftvlaskoorts pias
rate it dead letter auction3 song demo excursions into the abyss
rate it dead moondestination x empty
rate it deerhoofholdypaws 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it demolition doll rodstla matador
No sleeve yet rate it dirtfarms/t self-released
rate it ditherapogée noise museum
rate it djuddemo self-released
rate it dogpisseine kleine punkmusik honest don's
rate it dominique aremué lithium
rate it dragibuspapriko autobus / uplink
rate it drowingmanbusy signal at the suicide hotline hydra head
rate it dub narcotic sound system the jon spencer blues explosion
sideways soul: dub narcotic meets the jon spencer blu
es explosion in a dancehall style!
rate it emberseven samurai day after
rate it endgamehere is where tomorrow starts spectra sonic sound
rate it engine downunder the presence of present tense lovitt
rate it envyangel's curse whispered in the edge of despair H.G. fact
rate it epilepticcold smothered blues les disques transat
rate it epilepticgis morgaù pont'ach
rate it ettil vrye tipping canoesplit 12" moganono
rate it exzoskeletonexploring biology b.sides
rate it fall silentsuperstructure 702 / satan's pimp
rate it faraquet akarsosplit CD 404
rate it franklinst tree records
rate it fred lonberg-holmsite-specific explain
rate it fugaziinstrument dischord
rate it gasp suffering lunasplit lp deep six
rate it gobthe kill yourself commandment satan's pimp
rate it godfleshus and them earache
rate it gogogoairheartthe things we need overcoat / ideal weight
rate it gogogoairheart syncopationsplit 12" sympathy for the record industry
rate it gorge trio & milo finefor loss of freeland
rate it greenmachinethe earth beater barmy sab head man's ruin
rate it griver the explodersplit 12" skylab operations / fragil
No sleeve yet rate it gumthe bikini machine
rate it guyana punchlinemaximum smashism prank
rate it h2oilwhen we was kaël demo self-released
rate it hail maryall aboard the sinking ship vermiform
rate it happy go lickywill play peterbilt / dischord
rate it hatewaves/t up jumps the devil
rate it hatewaves/t skin graft
rate it heliogabalemobile home prohibited
rate it helios creedcolors of light dossier
rate it herebrooklyn bank invisible
rate it hero of a hundred fightss/t 404
rate it himsworn eyes bubble core
rate it hirameka hi-fia proud tradition of failure extreme sports armchair enthusiasts / gringo
rate it i am spoonbenderteletwin little army
rate it i am spoonbendersender/receiver mint
rate it idyll swordsI the communion label
rate it irewhat seed, what root? scorched earth policy
rate it jad fair & jason willetenjoyable songs alternative tentacles
rate it jasminshockpassing complexion wallace
rate it jawbreakerlive 4/30/96 rock for choice benefit concert allied
rate it jawbreakerlive 4/30/96 rock for choice benefit concert blackball
rate it jeff muellerfold and perish monitor
rate it jesuitst reservoir
rate it jim o'rourkeeureka domino / labels
rate it john zornmasada dalet four diw
rate it johnny angel... they have lift off bloodlink
rate it joy divisionpreston 28 february 1980 factory
rate it june of 44anahata quarterstick
rate it june of 44in the fishtank 6 in the fishtank / konkurrent
rate it keleton dmdbody double makoto
rate it kill the man who questionssugar industry coalition
rate it kjetil d brandsdalst ecstatic peace!
rate it knutbastardiser chrome saint-magnus
rate it kourganeivan rebrof, lonely hearts club band sonore
No sleeve yet rate it kristin hershsky motel 4ad
rate it kungfu rickmotivation to abuse 625 thrashcore / up jumps the devil / uncle fucker
rate it lagowskitz noise museum
rate it leatherface hot water musicsplit 12" BYO split series volume I byo
rate it les thugstout doit disparaître labels
rate it les yeux de la têtedémo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it lewiston target for agressionsplit CD eight-three-two / bug
rate it ligamenthalfway between san juan & mendoza kitty kitty corporation
rate it lightning boltthe yellow record load
rate it lightning boltthe yellow record load
No sleeve yet rate it lil' bunnies50 children's favourite rockin' bones
rate it löbeondulation from belgium with love
rate it long live nothingst youth attack!
rate it lowercasethe going away present punk in my vitamins?
rate it lozengedoozy toyo
rate it lungfishthe unanimous hour dischord
rate it lustre kingshoot the messenger southern
rate it lynnfield pioneersfree popcorn matador
rate it maggata pacific puzzle swing deluxe
rate it make upsave yourself k
rate it marine researchsounds from the gulf stream k
rate it mark lanegani'll take care of you sub pop
rate it meat puppetsup on the sun ryko
rate it meat puppetsout my way ryko
rate it meathook seedbasic instructions before leaving earth dream catcher
rate it meatjacktrust at a loss
rate it melt bananaMxBx 1998 13000 miles at light velocity tzadik
rate it melt-bananacactuses come in flocks a-zap
rate it melvinsthe maggot ipecac
rate it melvinsthe bootlicker ipecac
rate it men's recovery projectresist the new way vermiform
rate it men's recovery projectresist the new way x-mist
rate it milemarkernon plus ultra paralogy
rate it milemarkerchanging caring humans stickfigure
rate it mmoobthedarksideofthemmoob les disques transat
rate it mogwaicome on die young chemikal underground / matador
rate it monochrome (DE)laser view from the exterior trans solar
rate it moonshakeremixes c/z
rate it mount shastawatch out skin graft
rate it mr. velocity hopkinsmr. velocity hopkins bulb / insignificant
rate it naked raygunraygun...naked raygun quarterstick
rate it neurosistimes of grace music for nations / neurot
rate it neurosisthe doorway relapse
rate it neutrinomotion picture soundtrack divot
rate it new brutalisma diagram without scale or dimension abc group documentation
rate it nexus 6 funeral dinersplit 12" old glory
No sleeve yet rate it nexus sixsix songs + live radio show spare organ
rate it nick cavemr. loverman
No sleeve yet rate it nikki sudden & rowland s. howardkiss you kidnapped charabanc wedding hotel creation
rate it north of americathese songs are cursed matlock
No sleeve yet rate it noxagtrocknotion freedom from
rate it nullGeV staalplaat
rate it nuzzlesan lorenzo's blues troubleman
rate it oil 10blocks noise museum
rate it old time relijunla sirena pecera k
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijunuterus and fire k
rate it olneyville sound systemon safari heparin
rate it one last wish1986 peterbilt / dischord
rate it orchidchaos is me ebullition
rate it orchidchaos is me dance tonight! ebullition
rate it pachinkosplendor in the ass II: electric boogaloo alternative tentacles
rate it palatkathe end of irony no idea
rate it pavementterror twilight domino
rate it peltempty bell ringing in the sky vhf
rate it penthousemy idle hands beggars banquet
rate it petrogradisabelle subway
rate it pg. 99document #1 self-released
rate it phillippéthe essence continues flowerviolence / hombre lobo
rate it phillippéthe essence continues hombre lobo / building / easy listening / paul breitner
rate it phylrhalflife sexy beat / invisible / caroline
rate it plainfieldsmear the queer crippled dick hot wax
No sleeve yet rate it pleasurehorsedropdead deconstructed load
rate it portraitst self-released
rate it pregnantmy dogdays are gone prohibited / beau caillou
rate it quickspace supersportprecious falling hidden agenda
rate it quintron & miss pussycatswamp tech bulb
rate it quoitlounge invisible
rate it racebannonfirst there was the emptiness level plane
rate it radio berlinsibling reassemblage / love und romance
rate it raeobody loops g3g / amanita
rate it refrigeratorglitter jazz shrimper
rate it replikantsslickaphonics 5rc
rate it retconnedsimulant skin included stickfigure
rate it robert johnson & the brownsst self-released
rate it robert johnson & the brownscompany no company self-released
rate it rodansingles and rarities
rate it roger rotororion nebula noise museum
rate it rooftrace red note
rate it roselicoeur730 000 dollars partycul system
rate it rubbish heapst conspiracy
No sleeve yet rate it ruinacrest satan's pimp
rate it rupturecunt of god rhetoric
rate it rye coalitionthe lipstick game gern blandsten
rate it sabotgo there do that vicious circle
rate it schwermut forestsort of kitty-yo
rate it scorn[ANAMNESIS] : 1994-97 possible / invisible
No sleeve yet rate it sea tigerthe teenage bandit troubleman unlimited
rate it sebadohthe sebadoh sire / sub pop
rate it seein' red the judas iscariotsplit 12" coalition / the mountain cooperative
rate it seein' red the judas iscariotsplit 12" coalition / the mountain cooperative
rate it sensationalcorner the market wordsound
No sleeve yet rate it september (CAN) the truth about angelssplit 12" in awe
rate it sexual surrogateknochenleitung self-released
rate it sharks keep movingst status
rate it skull kontroldeviate beyond all means of capture touch and go
rate it slavesthe devil's pleasures troubleman unlimited
rate it sleater-kinneythe hot rock kill rock stars
rate it smogknock knock drag city
rate it sonic youthgoodbye 20th century syr 4 SYR
rate it spaceheadsangel station merge
No sleeve yet rate it spaceheadslive 1999 insound tour support series n° 6 insound
rate it spectrethe end wordsound
rate it stereolabcobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night elektra
rate it sue garner & rick brownstill thrill jockey
rate it suicide nationa requiem for all that ever mattered scorched earth policy / king of the monsters
rate it sundowners/t dead end
rate it superchunkcome pick me up merge
rate it switchhitteracademy framed!
rate it tangerst owned & operated recordings
rate it tantrum of the musethe heart is a two-headed sperm takehold
rate it tear jerksst magic eye
rate it techno animalsymbiotics forced inc.
rate it televisionthe blow-up roir
rate it ten in the swear jarmy very private map acrobot
rate it the 1985obscured by pink clouds progeria
rate it the 1985nerve eighty progeria
rate it the anomoanonsummer never ends palace
rate it the armdemo self-released
rate it the auteurshow i learned to love the bootboys hut
rate it the automaton adventure seriesfutura transmitta satellite transmissions / radio-optik
rate it the birthday partya fuckin'rotten business this! tuff monk
rate it the birthday partylive 81-82 4ad
rate it the black heart processions/t headhunter / cargo
rate it the black heart procession2 touch and go
rate it the cachepremiere outfit deleted art
No sleeve yet rate it the court & sparkventura whites tumult
rate it the dillinger escape plancalculating infinity relapse
rate it the exploderwest end kids crusade dim mak
rate it the fallthe marshall suite artful
rate it the falllive 1977 cog sinister
rate it the flaming lipsthe soft bulletin warner bros
rate it the flying luttenbachers...the truth is a fucking lie... ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbachers...the truth is a fucking lie... skin graft / ugEXPLODE
rate it the get up kidssomething to write home about vagrant
rate it the grand islandsongs for rubella mister / super 8
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionacme-plus asian edition mute
rate it the kill van kullhuman bomb eyeball
rate it the kill van kullhuman bomb handi-kraft
rate it the ladderbackintroductions to departure bifocal media
rate it the luddite clonearsonist and architect cyberdyne243
rate it the mercury programst boxcar
rate it the microphonesdon't wake me up k
rate it the misfiresdead end expressway modern radio
rate it the molassesyou'll never be well no more fancy
rate it the oliver twistsweet, sweet and coffee talk nova / earthwatersky / monostar
rate it the purkinje shiftfive for the road *** and one for the ditch samizdat
rate it the rapturemirror gravity
rate it the red krayolafingerpainting drag city
rate it the red scare (TX)capillary lockdown hand held heart
rate it the sortscontemporary music slowdime
rate it the spirit of versaillesthe confluence of all the senses self-released
rate it the starlite desperationgo kill mice flapping jet
rate it the starvationsa blackout to remember revenge
rate it the swarmparasitic skies no idea
rate it the tight bro's from way back whenrunnin' thru my bones kill rock stars
rate it the uniformif it takes the form of a human, i'll kick its ass morphius
rate it the uniform the fusessplit 12" in love with electricity morphius
No sleeve yet rate it the velvet crushfree expression bobsled
rate it third harmonic distortionst morphius
rate it this robot kills lovesicksplit 12" all star
rate it thoughts of ionescofor detroit, from addiction at arms mechanics
rate it thronesst kill rock stars
rate it tinderstickssimple pleasure island
rate it today is the dayin the eyes of god relapse
No sleeve yet rate it tom waitsmule variations anti / epitaph
rate it tortoise & the exin the fishtank 5 in the fishtank / konkurrent
rate it totimoshitotimoshi self-released
rate it trans amfutureworld thrill jockey
rate it tristezaspine & sensory makoto
No sleeve yet rate it trottelinterference trottel
No sleeve yet rate it tupamarosour modern past scene police / music is my heroin
rate it twelve hour turnthe victory of flight no idea
rate it u.s. mapletalker drag city
rate it unlogistic328 days before the end of the world ça va clencher!
No sleeve yet rate it unrestmalcolm X park teenbeat / n° 6
rate it usurp synapsethis endless breath happy couples never last
rate it vae victisugly reflection back thedraft / moral atrophy
rate it versaillesfolly gin & catatonic
rate it very secretaryinsound tour support series n° 10 insound
rate it volume elevenprole art threat hand.held.heart
rate it voodoo muzakmambient amanita / mer / idoia
No sleeve yet rate it vulture islandst self-released
rate it windsor for the derbydifference and repetition young god
rate it xbxrxlove songs for the blind anal log
rate it yaphet kottothe killer was in the government blankets ebullition
rate it yindthe yind lp punk in my vitamins
rate it you and ithe curtain falls level plane
rate it zulu as konost bent over cowboy
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