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rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadsource tags & codes interscope
rate it 13th holeisa et les autres limbo discs
No sleeve yet rate it 25 suaves1938 bulb
rate it a framess/t s-s records / dragnet
rate it a trillion barnacle lapsethe elemental gearbot level plane
rate it a.h. krakenautopsie d'un tronc de femme aujourd'hui luisance sonore
rate it abilenetwo guns, twin arrows 54º40' or fight!
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedfrozen corpse stuffed with dope relapse
rate it alain bashungl'imprudence barclay
rate it amalgamated sons of rests/t galaxia
rate it anomoanonenvoi villon galaxia
rate it atom and his packagehamburgers the company with the golden arm
rate it automatonclarions and banners pacifico
No sleeve yet rate it bad religionthe process of belief epitaph
rate it bats and micebelieve it mammals lovitt
rate it beehive and the barracudas"plastic soul" with the white apes swami
rate it beeswaxsaturday night losers self-released
rate it below the soundmore like a gunshot than a car wreck berserker / crucial blast
No sleeve yet rate it beth gibbons & rustin manout of season go beat
rate it bilge pumplet me breathe gringo
rate it black dice wolf eyessplit cd chimes in black water vol two april 12 2002
rate it books lieweep coalition
rate it botchan anthology of dead ends hydra head
rate it brick layer cakewhatchamacallit touch and go
rate it bright calm blueasymmetry set independence day / divot
rate it bruce springsteenthe rising columbia
rate it burstin coveting ways chrome saint-magnus
No sleeve yet rate it butthole surferss/t live pcppep latino bugger veil
rate it c.o.c.o.the sound of coco k
rate it caesuramore specific less pacific 54°40' or fight!
rate it callatelevise arrco
rate it calvin johnsonwhat was me k
rate it captain beefheart and the magic banddust sucker milksafe
rate it caroliner rainbow grace blocks used in the placement of the personalityrings on the awkward shadow sides 3 & 4 dolor del estamago
No sleeve yet rate it cattle decapitationhuman jerky three one g
rate it cerberus shoalmr boy dog temporary residence
rate it charm city suicidesII baths of power
rate it check engines/t southern
rate it check engines/t sickroom
rate it cheer-accidentintroducing lemon skin graft
rate it chokeboreit's a miracle pale blue
rate it chris brokawred cities 12XU
rate it christopheolympia 2002 disc AZ / universal
rate it chromeghost machine dossier
rate it chromeangel of the clouds dossier
rate it circle takes the squares/t hyperrealist
rate it circle takes the squaredemo self-released
rate it city of caterpillars/t level plane / lilacsky / adagio830
rate it clinicwalking with thee domino
rate it coachwhipshands on the controls black apple
No sleeve yet rate it consonantst fenway
No sleeve yet rate it crash normalping up byteburger
rate it crawbodies for strontium 90 hydra head
rate it crawbodies for strontium 90 radar swarm
rate it cream abdul babarthe catalyst to ruins at a loss
rate it crestfallenstreaks of terror handstand
rate it crestfallenstreaks of terror magic bullet
No sleeve yet rate it crevureraf en concert self-released
rate it cult of lunathe beyond earache
rate it cynthia dallsound restores young men drag city
rate it dälekfrom filthy tongue of gods and griots ipecac
rate it darin grayst. louis shuffle family vineyard
rate it david grubbsrickets & survey fatcat
rate it david grubbsact five, scene one blue chopsticks
rate it david kilgourfeather in the engine merge
rate it dead and gonethe beautician gsl
rate it dead letter auctionvertigo excursions into the abyss
rate it deadseraphim montcalmsplit 12" pretty in pink!
rate it death of maratall eyes open stickfigure
rate it deerhoofreveille 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it deerhoofreveille global buddy!
rate it DFIst honey bear
rate it doug martschnow you know warner bros
rate it echo is your love8 hours if society
rate it el guaposuper/system dischord
rate it engine downdemure lovitt
rate it enonhigh society touch and go
rate it ESGstep off soul jazz
rate it eyes of autumnhello 54°40' or fight!
rate it fast forwardlive in afrika self-released
rate it fat dayIV dark beloved cloud
rate it fat daycats of the wild 100% breakfast!
rate it femme fataleas you sow, so shall you reap ache
No sleeve yet rate it flying donutslast straight line josé / vampire / headseeker
rate it fm knivesuseless and modern broken rekids
rate it fm knivesuseless and modern moo-la-la
rate it forcefieldroggaboggas load
rate it forcefieldlord of the rings modulator bulb
rate it franklin brunoa cat may look at a queen absolutely kosher
rate it french toastbugman E.P. arrest
No sleeve yet rate it friends forevertidal wave city ep N.G.W.T.T.
No sleeve yet rate it friends forevermotion picture soundtrack N.G.W.T.T.
rate it frodusR4D10-4C71V17Y radio activity magic bullet
rate it funeral dinerdifference of potential ape must not kill ape
rate it galusha grows/t self-released
No sleeve yet rate it gâtechiens/t another
rate it germboxfraction of exaggeration caulfield
rate it giddy motorsmake it pop fatcat
rate it girls against boysyou can't fight what you can't see jade tree
No sleeve yet rate it glidersand from water where are my records
rate it gnumilimetry ticha silver rocket / minority
rate it gogogoairheartexitheuxa gsl
rate it guyana punch linedirekt aktion prank
rate it hangedupkicker in tow constellation
rate it hellahold your horse is frenetic
rate it helmsmccarthy kimchee
rate it herman dune cerberus shoalthe whys and hows of herman dune and cerberus shoal first installment split cd series north east indie / stella white
rate it heroine sheikssiamese pipe rubric
rate it high on firesurrounded by thieves relapse
rate it hirameka hi-fisprezzatura gringo
rate it hitchmonolith delboy / divot
rate it hot snakessuicide invoice swami
rate it hot snakesautomatic midnight swami
rate it human alertdirty dancing flight 13 / dialektic
No sleeve yet rate it i am spoonbendersender/receiver gold standard laboratories
rate it ikara coltchat and business fantastic plastic
rate it imaghonocturnes from belgium with love
rate it interpolturn on the bright lights matador
rate it isisoceanic ipecac
rate it jacobitesrobespierre's velvet basement secretly canadian
rate it jacobitesjacobites secretly canadian
rate it jacobitesthe ragged school secretly canadian
rate it jad fair & jason willetsuperfine public eyesore
rate it jeremy glucki knew buffalo bill burning skulls rise diesel motor
rate it kashbeauty is everywhere sickroom
rate it katastrophy wifeamusia almafame
rate it keleton dmddirtriders makoto
rate it keplermissionless day resonant
No sleeve yet rate it keuhkotperuskivi francon betonia ektro
No sleeve yet rate it kevin drumm aaron dillowayi drink your skin hanson / american tapes
rate it kevorkianrelief through scream hopewell
No sleeve yet rate it kickballkickball houseopolis
rate it king kongthe big bang drag city
rate it kraplive at the common ground wabana
rate it kylesato walk a middle course havoc
rate it l'ogst
No sleeve yet rate it last of the juanitastime's up wäntage
rate it liars
they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on
blast first
rate it life detecting coffinscatatonic begat napoleonic golden brown
No sleeve yet rate it light the fuse and runall your base are belong to us exotic fever
rate it loganlove, said gas psychotica
rate it love lifehere is night, brothers, here the birds burn jagjaguwar
rate it lovelostbutnotforgottenupon the right, i saw a new misery happy couples never last
rate it lozengemishap sickroom
rate it madeline fergusona long walk with no return slave union / oneohfive
rate it maggatthe consultations hours swing deluxe
rate it manorexiathe radiolarian ooze ectopic ents international
rate it mara'akatest alone
rate it mark e. smithpander! panda! panzer! action
rate it mcluskymclusky do dallas too pure
rate it mecca normalthe family swan kill rock stars
rate it medusa cyclonetangier smallstone recordings
rate it melvinshostile ambient takeover ipecac
rate it metronome charismademo self-released
rate it microwavessystem 2 cenotaph / version city
rate it milemarkerfrigid forms sell lovitt
rate it milemarkersatanic versus day after / jade tree
rate it milgramsubversion standard red f
rate it mindflayertake your skin off bulb
rate it moreland audioturbogold 54°40' or fight!
rate it mudhoneysince we've become translucent sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it møller-plessetdemo mai 2002 self-released
rate it møller-plessetrather drunk than quantum k-fuel
rate it naked citylive volume one: knitting factory 1989 tzadik
rate it natural dreamersst frenetic
rate it need new bodyst file 13
rate it neptunethe ballet of process release #7 100% breakfast!
rate it neurosisofficial bootleg 01 lyon france 11.02.99 neurot
rate it neurosisofficial bootleg 02 stockholm 15.10.1999 neurot
rate it new brutalisma record of american fury code of ethics
rate it nick cavesongs for a november night
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsritz stockholm fan club
No sleeve yet rate it nikadst fire walk with me
rate it nikki suddengroove crown of thorns secretly canadian
rate it nikki sudden&rowland s. howardkiss you kidnapped charabanc live in augsburg secretly canadian
rate it noxagtturning it down since 2001 load
rate it off minorthe heat death of the universe clean plate
rate it oma hanstrapperfieber schiffen
rate it orchidgatefold ebullition
rate it orthrelmasristir vieldriox troubleman unlimited
rate it orthrelmnorildivoth crallos-lomrixth urthi three one g
rate it oxbowan evil heat neurot
rate it oxesoxxxes monitor
rate it oxesoxxxes monitor
rate it pageninetynine majority rulesplit 12" document #12 magic bullet
rate it panthersare you down?? troubleman unlimited
rate it part chimpchart pimp rock action
rate it party of helicoptersspace...and how sweet it was troubleman unlimited
rate it pavementslanted and enchanted luxe & deluxe matador
rate it pedro the lioncontrol jade tree
No sleeve yet rate it pérals/t self-released
rate it pere ubust arkansas cooking vinyl / spinART
rate it pg 99document #7 magic bullet
rate it phantomsmasherst ipecac
rate it phantomsmasherdemo self-released
rate it pitchforkeucalyptus swami
rate it pixiesthe purple tape cooking vinyl
rate it please inform the captain this is a hijackst empire
No sleeve yet rate it pleasurehorsebareskinrug load
rate it programmel'enfer tiède lithium
rate it q and not udifferent damage dischord
rate it queens of the stone agesongs for the deaf interscope records
rate it quintronthe frog tape skin graft
rate it quix*o*ticmortal mirror kill rock stars
rate it racebannonsatan's kickin' yr dick in the story of rhonda delight secretly fuckin' canadian
rate it racebannonin the grips of the light level plane
rate it racebannon song of zarathustrasplit CD near and fear vol. 2 backroad / level plane
rate it rapider than horsepowerstage fright, stage fright... essay
rate it ricaineurbanity unstable ape records
rate it rocket from the cryptlive from camp X-Ray vagrant
rate it ruinstzomborgha ipecac
rate it rumah sakitobscured by clowns temporary residence
rate it rumah sakitlive errol
rate it rumah sakitobscured by clowns sickroom
rate it s prcssmnml frenchkiss
rate it saragashumthe devil's chordbook the subversive workshop
rate it savage republicjamahiriya democratique et populaire de sauvage mobilization
rate it science of yabracheck the sound the fuckhead union & the shitlips society
rate it science of yabracheck the sound frenetic
rate it sightingsst load
rate it silkwormitalian platinum touch and go
rate it sleater-kinneyone beat kill rock stars
rate it song of zarathustraa view from high tides troubleman unlimited
rate it sonic youthmurray street geffen
rate it sonic youth & i.c.p. & the exin the fishtank 9 in the fishtank / atomic / konkurrent
rate it spectre featuring sensationalparts unknown quatermass
No sleeve yet rate it stauder gute rat fidel bastro
rate it steel pole bath tubunlistenable 0 to 1
rate it steroid maximusectopia ipecac
rate it steve von tillif i should fall to the field neurot
rate it still lifelimitations boundaries and failures greyday productions
rate it subtonixtarantism troubleman unlimited
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.1 acoustic in-stores east & west merge
rate it taking picturesfriends are ghosts my pal god
rate it tarantula hawkst neurot
rate it teenage fanclub & jad fairwords of wisdom and hope geographic
rate it telemarkst bombshell
rate it ten grandthis is the way to rule southern
rate it tender trapfilm molecules k / fortuna pop / elefant
rate it the a.m. thawnvictorian leaves riptide / swing deluxe
rate it the band of holy joylove never fails rough trade
rate it the black heart processionamore del tropico touch and go
rate it the blood brothersmarch on electric children three one g
rate it the book of dead namesthe story unfolds the blood of the young
No sleeve yet rate it the breederstitle tk 4ad
rate it the capitol city dustersrock creek dischord
rate it the continental opslitch music drag city
rate it the creeping nobodiesi-x-4 kosher rock
rate it the crime kaisersst stereodrive!
rate it the crime kaisersst stereodrive!
rate it the curtainsflybys self-released
rate it the curtainsflybys thin wrist
rate it the curtainsfast talk thin wrist
rate it the dead sciencesubmariner absolutely kosher
rate it the dismemberment planchange desoto
rate it the drones (AU)here come the lies spooky
rate it the dropsciencedies tonight happy couples never last
rate it the fallextricate cog-sinister
rate it the fictionLP33 level plane
rate it the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots warner bros
rate it the flaming starssunset & void vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersinfection and decline troubleman unlimited / ugEXPLODE
rate it the free frenchrunning on batteries hitback
rate it the hidden chordhidden chord as the captain & his entourage level plane
rate it the hunchesyes. no. shut it in the red
rate it the jim yoshii pile-uphomemade drugs absolutely kosher
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionplastic fang matador
No sleeve yet rate it the king cobra8 songs self-released
rate it the ladderbacktrigger themes bifocal media
rate it the mercury programa data learn the language tiger style
rate it the most secret methodour success christopher's records
rate it the oliver twistnew tricks and traps x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it the patternreal feelness wichita
rate it the pinelead blocks for feet owsla / alone
rate it the pinedemo self-released
rate it the piranhasst on/on switch
rate it the redneck manifestocut your heart off from your head red f
rate it the roger sisterspurely evil troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it the rutabega owensplit CD near and fear vol. 1 backroad
rate it the saddest landscapecover your heart tour cd self-released
rate it the secondsY 5 rue christine
rate it the secondsY x-mist
rate it the sick lipstickst sound virus
rate it the telescopesthird wave double agent
rate it the usaisamonstermasonic chronic infrasound
rate it the vetsst modern radio
No sleeve yet rate it the vulvettesthis is the science we believe in dragnet
rate it the world / inferno F.S.just the best party gern blandsten
rate it theory of ruincounter-culture nosebleed escape artist
rate it this machine killsdeath in the audubon ballrooom ebullition
rate it tigerbeatNo. 1 exile on mainstream
rate it today is the daysadness will prevail relapse
rate it today is the daytemple of the morning star tour blue blood
rate it total sound group direct action committeethe party platform...our schedule is change! estrus
rate it totimoshi¿mysterioso? crucial blast
rate it tragedyvengeance skuld
rate it transistor transistorst level plane
rate it trenddemo tape self-released
rate it tribes of neurotcairn neurot
rate it tribes of neurotadaptation and survival: the insect project neurot
rate it trottelstereodream experience trottel
rate it twelve hour turnperfect progress, perfect destruction no idea
rate it ugly casanovasharpen your teeth sub pop
rate it unlogistichAnger !aNGRr! / happy dick milk
rate it victory at seathe good night kimchee
No sleeve yet rate it volumen((cries from space)) wäntage
rate it voodoo muzakbrouillarta amanita
rate it we ragazzithe ache the self starter foundation
rate it weird warst domino
rate it wilcoyankee hotel foxtrot nonesuch
rate it william elliott whitmoredemo 1 self-released
rate it william elliott whitmoredemo 2 self-released
rate it windsor for the derbythe emotional rescue aesthetics
rate it wolf eyesdread bulb
rate it wolf eyesslicer hanson
rate it xiu xiuknife play 5 rue christine
rate it xiu xiuknife play absolutely kosher
rate it xiu xiuchapel of the chimes nail in the coffin
rate it young peoplest 5 rue christine
No sleeve yet rate it young peoplest heroine
rate it zeigenbock kopfI.D.M. LP kimosciotic
rate it zuigneo amanita
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