(298 records found)
rate it (the) alpha control group (c)beta decay hope / hard travelin'
rate it ...just arrivedst wallace
rate it 25 suavesi want it loud bulb
No sleeve yet rate it 2673 unicornsplit cd kitty play
rate it 37500 yensdemo self-released
rate it 4wallswhich side are you on red note
rate it a day in black and whitemy heroes have always killed cowboys level plane
rate it agataspike tzadik
rate it ahleuchatistasthe same and the other hello sir
rate it altar kmx24072004 self-released
rate it aluminium knot eyetrunk lurker dead beat
rate it amanda woodwardla décadence de la décadence earthwatersky connection / level plane
rate it american music clublove songs for patriots merge
rate it anarcharsis cloots radikal satansplit 12" les potagers natures
rate it anatrofobiatesa musica marginale wallace
rate it angilteaser for: matter unique
rate it animal collectivesung tongs fatcat
rate it anodynelifetime of gray skies level plane
rate it antelopereflector dischord
No sleeve yet rate it archie bronson outfitarchie bronson outfit domino
rate it archie bronson outfitfur domino
rate it are we electric?novoc. red.can
rate it artimus pylefucked from birth prank
rate it asterisk*dogma 31G
rate it athletic automaton5 days in africa kitty play
rate it atom and his packagehair: debatable hopeless
rate it atombombpocketknifelack and pattern file thirteen
rate it azitalife on the fly drag city
rate it bad religionthe empire strikes first epitaph
rate it battleshippresents princess ep raw deluxe
rate it bear clawfind the sun sickroom
rate it beastie boysto the 5 boroughs capitol
rate it beehive and the barracudascock ready dollar record records
rate it beirutst self-released
rate it big boyslullabies help the brain grow
no matter how long the line is at the cafeteria, ther
es always a seat!
rate it big businesshead for the shallow hydra head
rate it big businesshead for the shallow wäntage
rate it bird blobsst sweet nothing
rate it black castlemale pattern bondage camp anorexia / blood on the drash
rate it black dicelost valley tigerbeat6
rate it black eyescough dischord
rate it black francis frank black & 2 pale boysfrank black francis spinART
rate it blonde redheadmisery butterfly 4ad
rate it blues explosiondamage mute
rate it bobby bare jrfrom the end of your leash bloodshot
rate it bonnie 'prince' billygreatest palace music drag city
rate it breather resistcharmer jade tree
rate it breather resist suicide notesplit 12" magic bullet
rate it breather resist suicide notesplit CD hawthorne street
No sleeve yet rate it brian auger & julie driscoll & the trinityopen ghostown
rate it bullet unionruin's domino jealous
rate it burmesemen load
rate it burmese fistulasplit CD crucial blast
rate it but god created womanst psychotica
rate it c.aarmés/t carcrash / epitaph / burning heart
rate it caesurawallpaper the witness birds go south
rate it café fleshfast loud and stupid furne
rate it castanetscathedral asthmatic kitty
rate it cattle decapitationhumanure metal blade
rate it cattle decapitationhumanure deep six
rate it cerberus shoalbastion of itchy preeves north east indie
rate it challengergive people what they want in lethal doses jade tree
No sleeve yet rate it charlottefieldhow long are you playing self-released
No sleeve yet rate it chewbaccast self-released
rate it chris brokawi was born, but? original film score atavistic
rate it chromaticsplaster hounds gsl
rate it ciderthey are the enemy! painkiller
rate it circle takes the squareas the roots undo hyperrealist
rate it clinicwinchester cathedral domino
rate it coachwhipsbangers vs fuckers narnack
rate it conelrada final dissolution new addition
rate it contradictionst breathmint
rate it convergeyou fail me epitaph
rate it coughsfright makes right load
No sleeve yet rate it country teaserslive 11.11.04 transilvania / bassano vi 30live records
rate it covehi-watt jonson family
rate it crash normalheavy listening s-s records
rate it daniel higgsmagic alphabet no lib
rate it das oathst dim mak
rate it david grubbsa guess at the riddle drag city
rate it david thomas & two pale boys18 monkeys on a dead man's chest hearpen / smog veil
rate it death from above 1979you're a woman, i'm a machine ache
rate it decahedrondisconnection_imminent lovitt
rate it deerhoofmilk man kill rock stars
rate it deerhoofmilk man free porcupine society
rate it descendentscool to be you fat wreck
rate it devendra banhartrejoicing in the hands (of the golden empires) young god
rate it die hautburnin' the ice hit thing
rate it die monitr batssgirls of war troubleman
rate it die princess diest rococo
rate it divine comedyabsent friends parlophone
rate it dragibustutti frutti autobus
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdegenerate introduction k
rate it einstürzende neubautenperpetuum mobile mute
rate it electrelanethe power out too pure
rate it elizabeth anka vajagicstand with the stillness of this day constellation
rate it enablersend note neurot
rate it eniacoh? nova / x-mist
rate it epilepticthe first day of my second life rejuvenation
rate it éric aldéacutting flat self-released
rate it expériencehémisphère gauche labels
rate it factumsst self-released
rate it fat dayunf! unf! load
rate it fax arcanathe ritual in routine alone
rate it fax arcanawe the bankrupt magic bullet
rate it femme fatalefrom the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks last gang
rate it floordove no idea
rate it funeral diner evylocksplit CD falling leaves
rate it gary youngthe grey album omnibus
rate it glen or glendagoulita galerie pache / les potagers natures / goulita
rate it gorge trioopen mouth, o wisp skin graft
rate it gu guai xing qiust 213 records / acide folk / apes riot / ben le millionnaire / twist deluxe
rate it hacksawturned up way down deranged
rate it haymarket riotmog thick
rate it heliogabalediving rooms heliogabale / self-released
rate it helios creedinferior plastic finger toxcyn records
rate it hellathe devil isn't red suicide squeeze
rate it helmetsize matters interscope
rate it hinterlandt zu can can headstenzenmen presents: eccentrics issue #1 kranlieder the way of the animal powers here gathers nameless prophecy tenzenmen
rate it hitchtrails are ablaze! kinky star / decoder
rate it hitcha decade of hitch [1994-2004] hitch / moloko productions
rate it hot crossfair trades and farewells level plane
rate it hot snakesaudit in progress swami
rate it hot snakesep in progress swami
rate it house of low culturelive from the house of low temperature! hydra head / double h noise industries
rate it hugsst self-released
rate it ikara coltmodern apprentice fantastic plastic
rate it intelligenceboredom and terror narnack / omnibus / dragnet
rate it interpolantics matador
rate it iron + wineour endless numbered days sub pop
rate it isispanopticon robotic empire / ipecac
rate it isislive 03/09/23 electric human project
rate it japanthermaster of pigeons menlo park / tapes
rate it jello biafra & the melvinsnever breathe what you can't see alternative tentacles
rate it jesust hydra head
rate it joan of arcjoan of arc, dick cheney, mark twain... polyvinyl
rate it jumbo's killcraneslow decay crucial blast
rate it katastrophy wifeall kneel integrity
rate it keplerattic salt troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it khanatethings viral load
rate it kid commandoholy kid commando ache
rate it kill me tomorrowthe garbageman and the prostitute gsl
rate it klangno sound is heard blast first petite
No sleeve yet rate it konono N°1lubuaku terp
rate it laetitia shériffcodification naïve
rate it leatherfacedog disco byo
rate it liarsthey were wrong, so we drowned mute
rate it life at these speedsst owsla / the perpetual motion machine
rate it lockjawarrive & escape consolidate
rate it lordsthe house that lords built initial
rate it mandarinfast>future>present 54°40' or fight!
No sleeve yet rate it mandarinfast>future>present 54º40' or fight!
rate it mark laneganbubblegum beggars banquet
rate it matt elliottdrinking songs ici d'ailleurs
rate it mclusky
the difference between me and you is that i'm not on
too pure
rate it melvinsneither here nor there ipecac
rate it melvinsboris the pervert live at gilman 1989
rate it melvins & lustmordpigs of the roman empire ipecac
rate it menfolkcolossus play/rec
rate it metronome charisma
notre amour est assez puissant pour détruire ce putai
n de monde
impure muzik / radar swarm
rate it microwavesattack decay sustain release new addition
rate it milgramexpensive record(s) rock'n'roll charity hospital
rate it mission of burmaonoffon matador
rate it modest mousegood news for people who love bad news epic
rate it monsieur golànpsyclicks psychotica
rate it morrisseyyou are the quarry attack / bmg
rate it moving unitsdangerous dreams rx records
rate it myra leest bloko autonoma / rejuvenation / la mâchoire / théâtre / jason r
rate it narcophonyst 0101
rate it naviestour ep foilage
rate it neefcrust los angeles 1979-1982
rate it neptuneintimate lightning release #8 100% breakfast!
rate it neurosisthe eye of every storm neurot / relapse
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsabattoir blues the lyre of orpheus mute
rate it nikki suddentreasure island secretly canadian
rate it noxagtthe iron point load
rate it ocs2 narnack
rate it off minorinnominate earthwatersky
rate it oh, beast!makin it in the scene perverted son
rate it old time relijunlost light k
rate it one foot dancerartistodemo 2004 goback
rate it organzthe cuts! underadar
rate it oslø telescopicshort-range luv (for hurry-spider) labels
rate it panicsvilleperverse ldr/hpr
rate it panthersthings are strange vice / city slang
rate it part chimpchart pimp monitor
rate it pay toiletsfreedom rock wet & wild u.s.a. white denim
rate it pedro the lionachilles heel jade tree
rate it permanent fatal errorlaw speed wallace
rate it pinbacksummer in abaddon touch and go
rate it pj harveyuh huh her island
rate it plushunderfed sea note
rate it point line planesmoke signals skin graft
rate it popular shapesbikini style on/on switch
rate it project darkmagnetophone phono erotic
No sleeve yet rate it psapptiger, my friend leaf
rate it q and not upower dischord
rate it quintronare you ready for an organ solo three one g
rate it radioheadcom lag (2plus2isfive) parlophone
rate it raeinil n'y a pas de orchestre ape must not kill ape
rate it red worm's farm the paper chasethe paper chase meets red worm's farm robotradio
rate it rhythm of black lineshuman hand, animal band gold standard laboratories
rate it rocket from the cryptcirca, now! swami
rate it rocket from the tombsrocket redux glitterhouse / smog veil
rate it ronruinsbig shoes magaibutsu
rate it ruinsvrresto skin graft
rate it rusted shutrehab emperor jones
rate it science of yabradon't panic frenetic
rate it science of yabradon't panic code of ethics
rate it sightingsabsolutes load
rate it silkwormit'll be cool touch and go
rate it smart ass dynamite and the new generation of destructive entertainmentpositive nihilism the company with the golden arm
rate it sonic youthnurse geffen
rate it spacehorsespacehorse gravity
rate it spinning headschange the game radar swarm / basement apes industries
rate it spinning headschange the game sedition / spacement
rate it sprcsstaste like daughter my pal god
rate it stinking lizavetacaught between worlds monotreme
rate it strikeforce diablothe albatross and the architect no idea
rate it stuntman (FR)among the ruins prototype
rate it submission holdwhat holds back the elephant G7 welcoming committee
rate it sultansshipwrecked swami
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.3 when we were 10 - live at the cat's cradle 1999 merge
rate it swarm of the lotuswhen white becomes black at a loss
rate it t-tauriinfinite motion strictly amateur films
rate it ten volt shockst x-mist / christopher's records
rate it thalia zedektrust not those whom without some touch of madness thrill jockey
rate it thalia zedekhell is in hello return to sender
rate it the advantages/t 5rc
rate it the anomoanonjoji temporary residence
rate it the apollo program short supplysplit 12" emergence / iconoclast[e] / 213 records / les forces alliées / ben le millionaire
No sleeve yet rate it the apoplexy twist orchestracreate the new self-released
rate it the birthday party & lydia lunchthe front row is not for the fragile tuff monk
rate it the building pressyoung money 54°40' or fight!
rate it the chinese starsa rare sensation three.one.g
rate it the conformiststwo hundred collective
rate it the creeping nobodiesstop movement, stop loss blocks recording club
rate it the curethe cure geffen
rate it the curethree imaginary boys deluxe edition fiction / elektra / rhino
rate it the curtainsvehicles of travel frenetic
rate it the dipershow to plan successful parties omnibus
rate it the eighties matchbox b-line disasterthe royal society universal
rate it the exturn touch and go
rate it the fallthe real new fall LP formerly 'country on the click' narnack
rate it the falldragnet deluxe edition castle
rate it the falllive in london 1980 the legendary chaos tape castle
rate it the flaming starsnamed and shamed vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersthe void troubleman
rate it the huncheshobo sunrise in the red
rate it the j.j. paradise players clubregenesis dead teenager
rate it the je ne sais quoiwe make beginnings coalition
rate it the king cobrast troubleman unlimited
rate it the magic carpathians & cerberus shoal
the life and times of the magic carpathians and cerbe
rus shoal
fourth installment split cd series
north east indie / stella white
rate it the molassestrouble at the jinx hotel alien8
rate it the mountain goatswe shall all be healed 4ad
rate it the national blue the european translation ofsplit CD millipede
rate it the new yearthe end is near touch and go
rate it the redneck manifestoi am brazil terrible one / australian cattle god
rate it the roger sistersthree fingers troubleman unlimited
rate it the sdathe sda set the fire to the brothel self-released
No sleeve yet rate it the sea, the seast neon boombox
rate it the starlite desperationviolate a sundae cold sweat
No sleeve yet rate it the vanishingstill lifes are failing gold standard laboratories
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyred-eyed soul world inferno
rate it the yellow pressst x-mist / christopher's records
rate it theraminwe were gladiators psychotica
rate it this moment in black historymidwesterncuttalistick version city
rate it this side of jordanset the record straight heliogabale / self-released
No sleeve yet rate it this song is a mess emeowsplit tape self-released
rate it tinderstickswaiting for the moon don't even go there ep beggars banquet
No sleeve yet rate it tindersticksst island
rate it toddpurity pledge southern
rate it trapdoor fucking exitbe not content no idea
rate it tristezaspine & sensory better looking
No sleeve yet rate it true northsomewhat similar no idea
No sleeve yet rate it tupamarosyour arrow in mind self-released
rate it uncode duellost wallace / ebria
rate it velcro lewis & his 100 proof band...ruin everything rococo
rate it we versus the sharkruin everything! hello sir!
rate it weird warif you can't beat 'em, bite 'em drag city
rate it welcome the plague yearst electric human project
rate it welcome the plague yearst turnstile
rate it welter quartetring ring relax ay voo / amanita
No sleeve yet rate it what's yr damage? byron housesplit 12" kick food into your mouth black lake music / cephia's treat
rate it white circle crime clubthere are the secret sounds of fear conspiracy
rate it windsor for the derbywe fight til death secretly canadian
No sleeve yet rate it with lovepreparate le vostre orecchie... self-released
rate it wiveserect the youth problem sweet nothing
rate it wolf eyesburned mind sub pop
rate it wrangler bruteszulu wrangler brute
rate it xiu xiufabulous muscles free porcupine society
rate it xiu xiua promise collective jyrk
rate it xiu xiua promise absolutely kosher
rate it yaphet kottowe bury our dead alive ebullition
rate it yowiecryptooology skin graft
rate it zach hill & holy smokesmasculine drugs suicide squeeze
rate it zegotareclaim! amor y lucha / stonehenge
rate it zombicosmos release / relapse
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