(297 records found)
rate it 31 knotstalk like blood polyvinyl
rate it 4N60R4 57471Cst lilac sky / wild zero / audio is a war
rate it a day in black and whitenotes level plane
rate it a framesblack forest sub pop
rate it a framesblack forest sub pop
rate it a place to bury strangersst self-released
No sleeve yet rate it a.h. krakendémo self-released
rate it alarma manst carcrash / tell me that you love me
rate it alasdair robertsno earthly man drag city
rate it altar k5 mai 2005 self-released
rate it america is waitingin the lines wrong
rate it anne-james chaton & the exin the event événement n°19 al dante
rate it api uizde merdre les potagers natures
rate it asshole paradesay goodbye no idea
rate it au revoir simoneverses of comfort, assurance & salvation triple keyboard action
rate it barrbeyond reinforced jewel case 5rc
rate it bastroantlers: live 1991 blue chopsticks
rate it belle époqueà la dérive rejuvenation / heart on fire / marcel daron / gaeloulou
rate it bellinismall stones temporary residence
rate it binairedemo album self-released
rate it black dicebroken ear record astralwerks / dfa
rate it black pusblack pus 1 diareahrama / faux fetus
rate it black pusblack pus 2 diareahrama / faux fetus
rate it black tajst amish
rate it blame gamehoney and salt abc group documentation
rate it blame gamehoney and salt stickfigure
rate it bonnie 'prince' billysummer in the southeast sea note
rate it buck 65secret house against the world WEA
rate it bughummerthe getaway with lovitt
rate it bullet train to vegaswe put scissors where our mouths are nitro
rate it buzzovenrevelation: sick again sounds of the south records
rate it calvin johnsonbefore the dream faded... popfrenzy / k
rate it carolinertranscontinental pinecone collector bullshit
rate it castanetsfirst light's freeze asthmatic kitty / sounds familyre
rate it castanets i heart lungsplit 12" asthmatic kitty / sounds are active
No sleeve yet rate it cathode... a machine that never falters terrötten
rate it celebrationst 4ad
rate it cerberus shoalthe land we all believe in north east indie
rate it chad popplesolo percussion self-released
rate it chariots (america north)congratulations troubleman unlimited
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying unlabel
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying fatcat
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying jonson family
rate it chevreuilchateauvallon sickroom
rate it chocolat billymon père est ma mère les potagers natures
rate it chromaticshealer troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it chromaticsunreleased tmu sessions self-released
rate it clockcleanernevermind reptilian
rate it cobra verdecopycat killers scat
rate it condordo it everywhere birds go south
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it coptic lightst no quarter
rate it country teaserslive album in the red
rate it crack und ultra aczémawhat do you think you think? testicle tes fesses
rate it crainspeed temporary residence
rate it cursedII goodfellow
rate it custom floora distant dull analog sound
rate it customersrip it up - the first four months rejuvenation / suburban loser / small budget productions
rate it dälekabsence ipecac
rate it daniel higgsmirror of the apocalypse
rate it deerhoofthe runners four 5rc / kill rock stars
rate it deerhoofgreen cosmos menlo park
rate it depeche modeplaying the angel mute
rate it die! die! die!st capital recordings
rate it dovest self-released
rate it earthliving in the gleam of an unsheathed sword megablade
rate it earthlesssonic prayer gravity
rate it einstuerzende neubautengrundstueck self-released
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.3 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.1 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.2 potomak
rate it electrelaneaxes too pure
rate it electrelanerock it to the moon too pure
rate it elliottphotorecording revelation
rate it elysiüm monarchsplit cd 213 records / amanita / amertume-corruption / fidelio / murder records / parade records / shifty records / solitude records / throne records / wee wee
rate it enablersend note midmarch
No sleeve yet rate it enemacat self-released
rate it ex models & kid millionschrome panthers x-mist / psychotica
rate it explosions in the skyhow strange, innocence temporary residence
rate it fm batsbats are out to harm sound virus
rate it fm batseverybody out... shark in the water vinyl dog
rate it foetuslove birdman
rate it forensics textbook traitorssplit 12" magic bullet
rate it frank blackhoneycomb back porch
No sleeve yet rate it from monument to massesschools of thought contend. dim mak
rate it funeral dinerthe underdark alone
rate it funeral dinerswept under cosmic note
rate it gang of fourreturn the gift V2
rate it garysuicidalkidscommandoainsi passe la gloire du monde the left hand
rate it gene defconthrow up & die retard disco
rate it gentle veincutst self-released
rate it get hustlerollin in the ruins three one g
rate it gogogo airheartrats! sing! sing! gsl
rate it gravity propulsion systemget destroyed ascetic
rate it hangedupclatter for control constellation
rate it harkonenshake harder boy hydra head
rate it heavy trashst yep roc
rate it hellachurch gone wild chirpin hard suicide squeeze
rate it hellaconcentration-face & homeboy hella japan tour 5 rue christine
rate it hellfirebillion dollar cranium synesthetic recordings
rate it i'm being goodfamily snaps jonson family
rate it illtemperhoax naevus prototype
rate it imagho & ultra milkmaidssomeone controls electric guitar hitomi
rate it impractical cockpitto be treated load
rate it intelligenceicky baby in the red
rate it japantherwolfenswan plan-it-x
rate it jello biafra & the melvinssieg howdy! alternative tentacles
rate it jr ewingmaelstrom coalition
rate it karatein the fishtank 12 konkurrent
rate it karate partyblack helicopter s-s records
rate it kashopen sickroom
rate it kill the thrilltellurique season of the mist
rate it killing jokeha
rate it kitespeace trials load
rate it knutterrafomer hydra head
rate it lackbe there pulse riptide
rate it last of the juanitasin the dirt wäntage
rate it leopold (USA)the wreck of hope total annihilation
rate it les baigneurslysistrata les potagers natures
rate it life at these speeds science of yabrasplit 12" greysky
rate it lightning bolthypermagic mountain load
rate it loisirssubmergé par le sublime rejuvenation / théâtre / la machoire / dora dorovitch
rate it lordsswords jade tree
rate it lozengeundone sickroom
No sleeve yet rate it luceronobody's darlings sabot productions
rate it lungfishferal hymns dischord
rate it lyssaamoral silver rocket
rate it made in mexicozodiac zoo skin graft
rate it made out of babiestrophy neurot
No sleeve yet rate it madraso#1 self-released
rate it magnolia electric cowhat comes after the blues secretly canadian
rate it magnolia electric cotrials & errors secretly canadian
rate it mahjonggraydoncong cold crush
rate it maladyst level plane
rate it manuel j. grotesqueflic-flac no core sur le mont perdu galerie pache / les potagers natures / vives eaux
rate it marypoppersst sk
rate it matt kadane & bubba kadanehell house original soundtrack pleximusic
rate it melvinsmangled demos from 1983 ipecac
rate it meneguari was born at night troubleman unlimited
rate it mercury revthe secret migration v2
rate it microfilma journey to the 75th rejuvenation / théâtre / jr prod
rate it milemarkerominosity eyeball
rate it milgramanother one buys the dust golden delicious
rate it miniwatti can't stand waiting for it arbeid
rate it mouthusslow globes troubleman unlimited
rate it mouthusslow globes troubleman unlimited
rate it møller-plessetthe perturbation theory perte et fracas
rate it narcophonyplays the residents 0101
rate it nedellefrom the lion's mouth kill rock stars
rate it nedelle & thomsummerland kill rock stars
rate it need new bodywhere's black ben? 5 rue christine
rate it neptunemice and worms release #11 magnetism crafts / self-released
rate it neptune5 song cassette release #9 wrong hole
rate it neptune4 song cassette release #12 magnetism crafts
No sleeve yet rate it nicolas dickst self-released
rate it nine inch nailswith teeth interscope / nothing
rate it noir désirlive les inrockuptibles hors-série
rate it ntwinstrange sisters katatak
rate it ocrilimanoint i and ear records
rate it ocsOCS 3 & 4 songs about death and dying vol. 3 get, stoved narnack
rate it octis ocrilimocrilim ostronogorth troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it okayhigh road absolutely kosher
No sleeve yet rate it okaylow road absolutely kosher
rate it old time relijun2012 popfrenzy / k
rate it orthrelmOV epicene sound systems
rate it orthrelmOV ipecac
rate it part chimpi am come rock action
rate it pearls and brassthe indian tower drag city
rate it pissed jeansshallow parts unknown
rate it playing enemyi was your city hawthorne street
rate it radikal satanviento del este agua como peste les potagers natures / sans un
rate it radikal satanla fièvre noire les potagers natures
rate it rah braswhohm lovitt
rate it ramonesweird tales of the ramones sire
rate it ramonesweird tales of the ramones sire
No sleeve yet rate it rapider than horsepowerwhat's our visibility fuck it tapes
rate it rapider than horsepower mae shisplit 12" narshardaa
rate it redworms'farmamazing fooltribe
rate it rep sekiearth burglar alone
rate it ricainethe clarity of distance ruminance
rate it rick moody & david grubbs & hannah marcusthe wingdale community singers agenda
rate it room 204trans panda les potagers natures / kythibong
rate it rose for bohdan business ladysplit 12" half adder press
No sleeve yet rate it sabotD.I.O. cesta
rate it scout niblettkidnapped by neptune too pure
rate it seanewsst sanjam
rate it seawhoresforest essay
rate it seein' redwe need to do more than just music ebullition
rate it selten-ubelst abc group documentation
rate it semiplaybackpresto demo 17 ans d'expérience self-released
rate it serotoninfuture anterior bifocal media
rate it shipping newsflies the fields quarterstick
rate it shooting at unarmed mensoon there will be... too pure
rate it shubif you can't read shub, bad luck you're colorblind goback
rate it sibyl vaneparadoxes à tant rêver du roi / jerkov
rate it sicbaysuspicious icons 54°40' or fight!
rate it silver jewstanglewood numbers drag city
rate it sincabezast soundklass
rate it skullflowerorange canyon mind crucial blast
rate it sleater-kinneythe woods sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it slightmaster '05 self-released
rate it smoga river ain't too much to love drag city
rate it socratesst gaffer
rate it sonic youthgoo deluxe edition geffen
rate it sonic youthkoncertas stan brakhage prisiminumui SYR 6 SYR
rate it spade & archerhighway to jail 0101
rate it spoonbender 1.1.1live 11.03.04 seismic seance
rate it stephen malkmusface the truth matador
rate it STNNNGdignified sissy modern radio
rate it stuart a. stapleslucky dog recordings 03-04 beggars banquet
rate it swarm of the lotusthe sirens of silence abacus
No sleeve yet rate it szhome recording live recording drunkdog
rate it teenage fanclubman-made pema
No sleeve yet rate it that fucking tankthe day of death by bono adrenalin shock jealous / obscene baby auction
rate it the charming snakesammunition dirtnap / haunted horse
rate it the cloud roomst gigantic music
rate it the curepornography deluxe edition fiction / polydor
rate it the curefaith deluxe edition fiction / elektra / rhino
rate it the cure cult heroseventeen seconds deluxe edition fiction / elektra / rhino
rate it the dirty cousins' groiXplosion
une anthologie restrictive radicale provisoire et bri
colée du Rock'n'Roll
victim of its succes vol. 2
rate it the drones (AU)
wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies
will float by
rate it the drones (AU)the miller's daughter fuse / bang!
rate it the drones (AU)
wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies
will float by
rate it the fallfall heads roll narnack
rate it the fallfall heads roll slogan
rate it the falllive from the vaults los angeles 1979 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults oldham 1978 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults retford 1979 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults glasgow 1981 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults alter banhof, hof, germany hip priest
rate it the fallroom to live castle
rate it the fallroom to live expanded edition castle
rate it the fallperverted by language expanded edition castle
rate it the field micefor keeps + singles les temps modernes
rate it the go-betweensoceans apart yeproc
rate it the healthy boya two steps promenade kythibong
rate it the heroine sheiksout of aferica reptilian
rate it the holy shroudghost repeaters level plane
rate it the hospitalsi've visited the island of jocks and jazz load
rate it the jim yoshii pile-uppicks up apart absolutely kosher
rate it the killsno wow domino
rate it the melvinsthe end enterruption
rate it the new fleshparasite maelstrom
rate it the pinedon't need regret alone
rate it the planet theyou absorb my vision 5rc
rate it the psychic paramountgamelan into the mink supernatural no quarter
rate it the psychic paramountthe franco - italian tour bewilderment and illumination records / public guilt
rate it the robocop krausthey think they are the robocop kraus epitaph / l'age d'or
rate it the skull defektsopen the gates of mimer aa
rate it the skull defektsrotating feedback & save the skulls aa / ideal
rate it the starvationsgravity's a bitch gsl
rate it the stoogesfun house deluxe rhino / elektra
rate it the stoogesthe stooges deluxe rhino / elektra
rate it the telescopes4 antenna
rate it the unit amast gringo
rate it the usa is a monsterwohaw load
rate it the wedding presenttake fountain manifesto / scopitones
rate it the yellow presscomfortable curses day after
rate it these arms are snakesoxeneers or the lion sleeps when its antelope go home jade tree
rate it this ain't vegasthe night don benito saved my life jealous
rate it tiny hawksfingers become bridges corleone / moganono
rate it today is the daykiss the pig relapse / rococo
rate it toddcome to your house southern
rate it torchest robotic empire
rate it transistor transistorerase all name and likeness level plane
rate it trapdoor fucking exitcrooked life/straight world no idea
rate it treiops treyfidfeelings of unreality postfact
rate it tribes of neurotmeridian neurot
rate it tristezaa colores better looking
rate it turbonegroparty animals abacus / burning heart
rate it tyvekfinding out about self-released
rate it ultra dolphinsdemo if and when records
rate it ultralydchromosome gun load
rate it un poquito senorcanta la francia stone roses
rate it unnatural helpersst self-released
rate it unsaneblood run relapse
rate it vazthe lie that matches the furniture narnack
rate it vmwvmw coalition
rate it weird warilluminated by the light drag city
rate it whitey (usa)is this blues enough 4u (baby)? sf recordings
rate it why?elephant eyelash anticon
rate it william elliott whitmoresong of the blackbird southern
rate it william elliott whitmorelatitudes latitudes
rate it william elliott whitmoreashes to dust southern
rate it windsor for the derbygiving up the ghost secretly canadian
No sleeve yet rate it winechuggersgrand rapids arena rock recording co
rate it wollongongstarknakedcreepingmacroeconomicfascism silver rocket / malarie
rate it wooden wand & the vanishing voicesunset sleeves weird forest
rate it wooden wand & vanishing voicesunset sleeves weird forest
rate it world / inferno friendship societyme v. angry mob x-mist / the company with the golden arm
rate it wrangler brutestape x-mist
rate it xbxrxsixth in sixes polyvinyl
rate it xiu xiula forêt 5rc
rate it xiu xiulive 7-26-04 nail in the coffin
rate it xiu xiulife and live xeng
rate it xiu xiula forêt acuarela
rate it xiu xiu & larsenciaustistico important
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