(272 records found)
rate it across tundrasdark songs of the prairie crucial blast
rate it aghastconsumer wee wee / rejuvenation / error! records
rate it agripon stuckometersplit 12" galerie pache / les potagers natures
rate it ahleuchatistaswhat you will cunieform
rate it aids wolfthe lovvers lovepump
rate it akimboforging steel and laying stone alternative tentacles
rate it alarma man knife and apesplit 12" cutnpasterecords
rate it alec k. redfearn & the eyesoresevery man for himself & god against all corleone
rate it alice donutfuzz howler records
rate it altar kPUT self-released
rate it alvars orkesterinterference ash
rate it american heritagemillenarian translation loss
rate it ampere sinaloasplit 12" ebullition
rate it an albatross
blessphemy (of the peace-beast featgiver and the bear
warp kumite)
rate it angil & the hiddentracksouliposaliva we are unique!
rate it animal collectivehollinndagain paw tracks
rate it antena tresonda di crimine jason r
rate it archie bronson outfitderdang derdang domino
rate it arrington de dionysobreath of fire k
rate it asshole paradeembers no idea
rate it asthma atttaqst nimbus module
No sleeve yet rate it asthma atttaq dirty south apocalypsesplit 12" forever escaping boredom
rate it axolotlway blank psych-o-path
rate it bananas at the audienceinto the house of slumber sk
rate it basementeverything gets distorted interference
rate it bästardyet, reloaded... poitiers '05 rome '94 ici d'ailleurs
rate it battleshippresents princess ep on/on switch
rate it be your own petst xl
rate it beeswaxle beest of 1995-2004 metro-sapiens
rate it beirutgulag orkestar ba da bing!
rate it bipolar bearman mountain deleted art
rate it black elkst crucial blast
rate it black pusblack pus 3 matamorpus diareahrama / faux fetus
rate it blame gameask someone ursa minor musik / stickfigure
rate it blunderbussst self-released
rate it bonnie 'prince' billythe letting go domino / drag city
rate it bromheads jacketdits from the computer belt marquis cha-cha
rate it built to spillyou in reverse warner bros
rate it built to spilltime trap 1994-2006 warner
rate it c.aarmévita burning heart
rate it café fleshpig on the dancefloor furne / amphetamine reptile
rate it café flesh
this is not an amrep christmas show. it's just one ou
t of many shitty gigs from café flesh
rate it capricornsruder forms survive rise above / candlelight
rate it cathal coughlan & the grand necropolitan sextetfoburg beneath
rate it cave deathsglacier on fire modern radio
rate it cheer-accidentwhat sequel? pravda
rate it cherubs (UK)uncovered by heartbeat cargo
rate it chevreuil(((capoeira))) sickroom
rate it chick peasescape from the scan self-released
rate it chris brokawincredible love rock action
rate it ciderthey are the enemy! painkiller
rate it clown alleycircus of chaos southern lord
rate it coachwhipsdouble death narnack
rate it convergeno heroes epitaph
rate it couch (DE)figur 5 morr music
rate it cougarspillow talk go-kart
rate it coughssecret passage load
rate it country teasersthe empire strikes back in the red
rate it crash taste die prettysplit 12" migouri / rejuvenation / théâtre
rate it crime in choirtrumpery metier gsl
rate it customerssecond shot before flex's departure to new zealand rejuvenation / suburban loser / small budget
rate it dactylteething reptilian
rate it dan sartainjoin dan sartain swami / one little indian
rate it daniel higgsancestral songs holy mountain
rate it daniel johnstonlost and found sketchbook
rate it das oathst dim mak
rate it daughtershell songs hydra head
rate it daughtershell songs tour edition self-released
rate it death to pigs gu guai xing qiusplit 12" 213 records / acide folik / ben le millionaire / down boy records / gaffer
rate it die princess dielions eat lions rococo / gsl
rate it die! die! die!st s.a.f.
rate it diluteeveryday self-released
rate it dilute3 song EP self-released
rate it dog faced hermanslive in europe 1988-89 from the split tape with the ex 'treat' anarco illecit no label
rate it dolomst down boy records / (oh) label montagne / dolom sponsoring
rate it don caballeroworld class listening problem relapse
rate it dredd foolea long, losing battle with eloquence and intimance ecstatic peace! / father yod
rate it dysrhythmiabarriers and passages relapse
rate it echo is your lovehumanize if society / sabotage
rate it einstürzende neubautenalles was irgendwie nutzt neubauten
rate it einstürzende neubautenklaviermusik musterhaus vol.6 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautenstimmen reste musterhaus vol.7 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautenredux orchestra versus einstuerzende neubauten musterhaus vol.4 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautenkassetten musterhaus vol.5 potomak
rate it enablersoutput negative space neurot
No sleeve yet rate it final solutionssongs by solutions goner
rate it foetusdamp ectopic
rate it fordamagest kythibong
rate it ft (the shadow government)guns of august scenester credentials
rate it fuckuismynamestay gold, falconass! self-released
rate it fuckuismynamestay gold, falconass! x-mist / meu dia de morte
rate it geishamondo dell'orrore superfi records / crucial blast / blood red sounds
rate it getatchew mekuria & the ex & guestsmoa anbessa african series terp
rate it ghostigitalin god we trust honest jons
rate it ghostigitalin cod we trust ipecac
rate it giddy motorsdo easy fatcat
rate it glen or glendala contrebande des mouches les potagers natures / goulita
rate it griefalive southern lord
rate it hair policeprescribed burning hospital productions
rate it haramst lovitt
rate it helios creeddeep blue love vacuum noiseville
rate it hello feverbroken lines
rate it helmetmonochrome warcon
rate it hemingwaytour ep self-released
rate it himpeoples bubble core
rate it hitchwe are electric! vlas vegas / moonlee
rate it holy smokestalk to your kids about gangs skin graft
rate it hot snakesthunder down under swami
rate it humphreys & keenthe overflow sweet pea
rate it hunting lodgeenergy czar blood red sounds / superfi / farm-girl
No sleeve yet rate it hunting lodgeenergy czar yosada
No sleeve yet rate it i am spoonbenderbuy hidden persuaders mesmer detector ltd.
rate it i am spoonbenderstereo telepathy academy helen scarsdale agency
rate it ich binobéis! poutre apparente
rate it imaad wasifst kill rock stars
rate it in first personlost between hands held tight paramnesia
rate it int'l shadeshash wednesday cass records
rate it intelligencelet's toil polly maggoo
rate it jay reatardblood visions in the red
rate it jesuconqueror hydra head
No sleeve yet rate it joe lallythere to here dischord
rate it k.k. rampagewithout feeling me gusta me gusta series vol.4 rococo
rate it ken modereprisal escape artist
rate it ken parkst wee wee / sclerose / b.u.r.t. / rejuvenation / perpetual movement / embrace
rate it kickballABCDEFGHIJKickball yo-yo
rate it kids explode shokeisplit 12" narshardaa
rate it killing jokehosannas from the basement of hell cooking vinyl
rate it kite flying societywhere is the glow?
rate it knutalter hydra head / double h noise industries
rate it kourganebunker bato club relax ay voo / amanita
rate it landedtimes i despise load
rate it landed air conditioningsplit 12" hospital productions
rate it le ton mitétickets to real imaginary places zicmuse / richmond county archives
rate it le ton mitétickets to real imaginary places les potagers natures / galerie pache
rate it legitin defeat self-released / a work-release / too funky dawgs production
rate it liarsdrum's not dead mute
rate it life at these speedsto your health level plane
rate it light yourself on firest kiss of death
rate it looking for john G.rosse distile
rate it loose furborn again the USA drag city
rate it lordsthis ain't a hate thing, it's a love thing gringo
rate it lvmenmondo day after
rate it made out of babiescoward neurot
rate it madrasothe theme of consequence self-released
rate it make upuntouchable sound sea note
rate it mass movement of the moth catalystsplit 12" two thousand and 666 electric human project / perpetual motion machine
rate it master and servantst à tant rêver du roi
rate it matt elliottfailing songs ici d'ailleurs
rate it mecca normalthe observer kill rock stars
rate it melted menrotten hut florist nerve rust
rate it melvins(a) senile animal ipecac
rate it michael girasongs for a dog lumberton trading company
rate it microwavescontagion heuristic crucial blast
rate it mission of burmathe obliterati matador
rate it mistress bomb H altar ksplit 12" wild animals kill your punk stars day blind
rate it MoHa!raus aus stavanger rune grammofon
rate it monochrome (DE)éclat paranoid
rate it mr labradordehors tes yeux nous détestent commence par maman
rate it mr. protectorst furne
rate it mudhoneyunder a billion sun sub pop
rate it my discocancer stomp / numerical thief
rate it nedrien, merci sk / jason r
rate it neptunepatterns release #14 les potagers natures
rate it neptune6 song cassette release #15 magnetism crafts
rate it nikki suddenthe truth doesn't matter secretly canadian
rate it nomeansnoall roads lead to ausfahrt AntAcidAudio
rate it noxagtst load
rate it noxagt ultralydsplit LP textile
rate it p.w. longgod bless the drunkard's dog black diamond
rate it pagodast ecstatic peace!
rate it passe montagnelong play ruminance
rate it peltheraldic beast
rate it pere ubuwhy i hate women hearpen / smog veil
rate it planes mistaken for starsmercy abacus
rate it planes mistaken for starsmercy paranoid
rate it please inform the captain this is a hijackdefeat or humiliate the united states of america clean plate
rate it polarisst gringo
No sleeve yet rate it portastaticsome small things you can't defend portastatic label
rate it prosperrblack museum à tant rêver du roi
rate it pyramids (PA)following the tracks, forcing motion through phases paramnesia
rate it quack quackst run of the mill
rate it reactionary 3demo self-released
rate it reactionary 3 true northsplit 12" obscurist press
No sleeve yet rate it red krayolaintroduction drag city
rate it red sparowes battle of mice made out of babiestriad neurot
rate it rye coalitioncurses gern blandsten
rate it sabertooth tigerextinction is inevitable gsl
rate it schoolbusdriver use of procedure schoolbusdriver & use of procedureschoolbusdriver meet use of procedure fuzz-wire
rate it shipping newsclaws self-released
rate it shooting at unarmed menyes! tinnitus! too pure
rate it shopliftingbody stories kill rock stars
rate it shunataoamour amanita
rate it skullflowertribulation crucial blast
rate it sofy majorep arghhh
rate it some girlsheaven's pregnant teens epitaph
rate it sonic youthst goofin'
rate it sonic youthrather ripped geffen
rate it STNNNGfake fake modern radio
rate it strong as tenst down boy records
rate it stuart a. staplesleaving songs beggars banquet
rate it swimsst distile
rate it switchbladest trust no one
rate it switchbladest trust no one
rate it tanganother thousand days out of this world emolution
rate it teeth of the hydragreenland tee pee
rate it telemarkviva suicide x-mist
rate it ten volt shock6null3 bakery outlet / dead tank
rate it ten volt shock6null3 x-mist / bakery outlet / labil
rate it tender trap6 billion people fortuna pop / matinée
rate it TeTsuo (FR)between earth and moon à tant rêver du roi
rate it the bent moustacheforst transformed dreams
rate it the birthday partyfunhouse a-lad-insane
rate it the black heart processionthe spell touch and go
rate it the cairo gangst narnack
rate it the creeping nobodiessound of joy blocks recording club
rate it the curethe head on the door deluxe edition fiction / polydor / elektra
rate it the curekiss me kiss me kiss me deluxe edition fiction / polydor / elektra
rate it the curethe top deluxe edition fiction / polydor / elektra
rate it the curtainscalamity asthmatic kitty
rate it the divine comedyvictory for the comic muse parlophone
rate it the drones (AU)gala mill ATP
rate it the flying luttenbachersspectral warrior mythos volume one ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbacherscataclysm ugEXPLODE
rate it the good good api uizsplit 12" harlan /
rate it the good good chocolat billysplit 12" it's getting crowded in here c'est quoi la première note ? les potagers natures
rate it the greyasleep at the wheel lovitt
rate it the kill van kulledge of sunrise kill van kull
rate it the lemonheadsst vagrant
No sleeve yet rate it the mallemergency at the everyday discoshuelga
rate it the melvinshoudini live 2005 a live history of gluttony and lust ipecac
rate it the mountain goatsget lonely 4ad
rate it the oh seesthe cool death of island raiders narnack
rate it the oliver twist kooperationtausend kleine tänze rewika
rate it the red krayolaintroduction drag city
rate it the roger sistersthe invisible deck too pure
rate it the secondskratitude 5rc
rate it the skull defektsmagnetic skulls & intense sound stimulations conspiracy
rate it the skull defekts & lasse marhauginfekted skulls meu dia de morte
rate it the tall ships
paint lines on your glasses look up the stars and pla
y them as notes
rate it the television personalitiesmy dark places domino
rate it the vandermark 5free jazz classics vols. 3 & 4 atavistic
rate it these arms are snakeseaster jade tree
rate it this heatnivelles this is
No sleeve yet rate it thurston moorepsychic hearts geffen
rate it tiny hawkspeople without end corleone
rate it tortoise & bonnie prince billythe brave and the bold domino
rate it tortoise john mcentire bundy k. brown the sea and cake polvo dianogahreach the rock soundtrack hefty
rate it total shutdownlive ecstatic yod
rate it tragedynerve damage tragedy
rate it ultralydthrob and provision utech
No sleeve yet rate it un poquito senorazul blanco y merdia stone roses
rate it upsilon acruxgalapagos momentum cunieform
rate it uzedastella touch and go
rate it versomalife during wartime robotic empire
rate it weasel walter quartetrevolt music ugEXPLODE
rate it whysall lanest blackball
rate it windsor for the derbycalm hades float reissue secretly canadian
rate it windsor for the derbyminnie greutzfeldt reissue secretly canadian
rate it witch hatswound of a little horse in-fidelity
rate it with lovea great circle gsl
rate it wolf eyes the skull defektssplit 12" yes, i am your angel fang bomb
rate it women and childrenparalyzed dance, tonight narnack
rate it x-ray spexgerm free adolescents sanctuary midline
rate it xiu xiuaustralia new zealand tour ep popfrenzy
rate it xiu xiuthe air force 5rc
rate it year futurefirst world fever gsl
rate it year of no lightnord e-vinyl / atropine
No sleeve yet rate it yikessecrets to super-flipping upset the rhythm
rate it young peopleall at once too pure
rate it young widowssettle down city jade tree / auxiliary
rate it zach hill & mick barrshred earthship 5 rue christine
rate it zulel golpe de la aguja basement apes industries
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