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rate it 14:13st specific / new work city
rate it abject objectromance echo canyon / protagonist / flower of carnage / corn dog
rate it alligatorrunners gateau blaster / clapping music / corn dog / et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it animal loverfundango kid sister everything
rate it animal loverguilt + 2 kid sister everything
rate it api uizcinq cent mille euros à mille deux cents degrés et mon cul c'est du tofu? / attila tralala / stonehenge / les potagers natures
No sleeve yet rate it bateleuseruine et ravins katacorp
rate it baxter stockmanpunter kult of nihilow / ektro
rate it biniduyes! kythibong
rate it birds are alivemonstre né kizmiaz
rate it biscuit mouthcaptain gregs, wrapped in legs self-released
rate it black puszero ultimate beat off deathbomb arc
rate it blacklistersBLKLSTRS à tant rêver du roi
rate it bonefor want of feeling tenzenmen
rate it bonne humeur provisoiresucre animal biscuit / commence par maman / attila tralala / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / _k
rate it calvasacrifice à tant rêver du roi
rate it carneville morgue solar flare
rate it catholic sprayearth slime born bad
rate it chapi chapo et les petites musiques de pluierobotank-z les disques normal
rate it chevignon torticolisplit 12" bigoût / maquillage & crustacés / ernie diskale / tandori / piou piou! records
rate it chevo légérâteau perspective partycul system
rate it chicaloyohthébaide de pierres bleues fauna sabbatha
rate it chicaloyohfolie sacrée shelter press
rate it chicaloyoh tg gondardtriyuga / tiflis northern twilights
rate it codeinewhat about the lonely? numero group
rate it conger! conger!zaad assos'y'song / katatak
rate it counter intuitssheets of hits pyramid scheme
rate it david grubbsthe plain where the palace stood drag city
rate it drive with a dead girlalma ata II self-released
rate it eets feats catholic spraysplit tape aye aye aye
rate it fat supperst les disques normal / kerviniou
rate it filiamotsa filiamotsa & GW sok filiamotsa & l'archipel nocturne filiamotsa & chapelier fousentier des roches stylobrique / les disques de plomb / whosbrain
rate it fritest animal biscuit / tandori / attila tralala / et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it fuzz orchestramorire per la patria wallace / bloody sound fucktory / villa inferno / to lose la track / fromscratch / brigadisco / no=fi / tandori / hysm / escape from today / trasponsonic / blinde proteus / il verso del cinghiale / cheap satanism / offset / boring machines
rate it giant henrybig baby numero group
rate it giant henrybig baby numero group
rate it giant henrybig baby numero group
rate it godfleshhymns music for nations
rate it great fallsaccidents grotesque hell comes home
rate it häshcut2012 the amazing tape gâteau blaster
rate it hey enemyramdom acts of malpractice bloc music / predestination / winning sperm's party / gabu
rate it hint100% white puzzle kshantu
rate it io monade stancathree angles à tant rêver du roi / new sonic / whosbrain / goat man / only fucking noise / humanfeather / canalese noise / t
rate it j'm'en fousj'm'en fous n'aime pas les tranches sur les 33 tours attila tralala / aredje / sk / tossin / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / gurdulu
rate it jean jeansymmetry head (FR)
rate it jessica 93who cares et mon cul c'est du tofu? / teenage menopause / music fear satan
rate it jessica 93who cares teenage menopause / music fear satan
rate it judas donnegerdes millions qui y sont encore attila tralala / animal biscuit / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / gabu asso / label brique
rate it justin cusackcaviar self-released
rate it la pince petula clarcksplit 12" rockerill / attila tralala / en veux-tu ? en v'là ! / kuistax / dewane
rate it le singe blancaoûtat whosbrain / aredje / la face cachée / musica organ caidi / et mon cul c'est du tofu? /
rate it les yeux de la têtemosca violenta head (FR) / rude awakening / baboon fish label
rate it lésion blanche sidasplit tape maison de retraite
rate it luis francesco arenastars and stones vicious circle
rate it maria goretti quartet14:02 love mazout / tandori / rockerill / hovercraft
rate it marylin ramboizizolaop et mon cul c'est du tofu? / tænia solium / tomaturj / coulisse / lady barclay / no way asso / la sourd / assos'y'song / gurdulu / lalo / sam / hugues
No sleeve yet rate it marylin ramboizizolaop self-released
rate it massicotst self-released
rate it massicotst red wig / et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it massicotst kaka kids
rate it micah gaughthe blue fairy mermaid princess africantape
rate it morsebeliefs destroyer head (FR)
rate it mr marcaillekill! kill! kill! eros / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / aredje / la face cachée
rate it mr. protectorgumbo à tant rêver du roi
rate it my bloody valentinem b v mbv
rate it narrow landspopular music that will live forever tenzenmen / octopuspi
rate it no pilotmille mondes karen koltrane / offoron
rate it one lick lessspirits of marine terrace les disques de plomb / whosbrain / en veux-tu? v'là
rate it papayetennis kythibong
rate it pere ubulady from shanghai fire
rate it pizzza4 porno clown / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / kakao / no way asso / tranzophobia / i feel good / rest was here! / subversive ways / emrenadur / eros/thanatos / keep the rage
rate it plastobétonglam mort tanzprocesz / eurochoc productions
rate it pneupince monseigneur head (FR)
rate it pop. 1280imps of perversion sacred bones
rate it poutrevoglio di più boom boom rikordz / label brasseuse / nothing to the table / katatak / assos'y'song
rate it powerdovedo you burn? murailles music / africantape
rate it presque mauditst tomaturj / et mon cul c'est du tofu? / taenia solium / lady barclay / donnez moi du feu / coulisse / no way / émergence / sam / lalo / hughes
rate it pylônethings that are better left unspoken katatak / gabu / bruisson / nothing to the table
rate it raymonde howardle lit specific
rate it reveillebroken machines clapping music
rate it semi playbackthe album of the maturity à tant rêver du roi / suicide commercial / day off / gurdulu
rate it shubspot the difference rejuvenation / à tant rêver du roi / boom boom rikordz / assos'y'song / day off / goback / karaoké666
rate it sofy majoridolize solar flare / nolist
rate it sons of fridatortuga en veux tu ? en v'la ! / zéro égal petit intérieur
rate it stnnngempire inward modern radio
rate it stnnngempire inward rejuvenation
rate it subtle turnhipsmeal pouet! schallplatten
rate it ten volt shockstrasbourg gunner / bigoût
rate it the ex & brass unboundenormous door ex
rate it the healthy boy & the badass motherfuckerscarne farce camisole kythibong
rate it theusz. amstraddisk #2 self-released
rate it throatmanhole kaos kontrol / at war with false noise / made in kansas / rejuvenation
rate it toys'r'noisest tandori / love mazout / poulpe mort / animal biscuit
rate it twin pricksthis might be the last time you'll ever hear from us specific
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages skin graft
rate it venturaultima necat africantape / vitesse
rate it verdunthe cosmic escape of admiral masuka head (FR) / lost pilgrims
rate it youth avoidersst destructure records / build me a bomb
rate it [kataplismik]apparence finger print
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