Known discography of DALE GRIFFIN
dale griffin is the PRODUCER of ...
rate it department sis vic there? 19807" demon
rate it the smithshatful of hollow 198412" rough trade
rate it the march violetsnatural history 198412" rebirth
No sleeve yet rate it marc riley with the creepersblack dwarf 19857"x2 in tape
rate it head of davidlp 198612" blast first / mute
rate it the creepersmiserable sinners 198612" in tape
rate it the farmsteps of emotion 198612" ep pa records
rate it the farmpastures old and new 198612" fire
rate it bogshedtried and tested public speaker 198612" shelfish
rate it the shrubsblackmailer 198612" ep ron johnson
rate it noseflutesthe ravers 198612" ep ron johnson
No sleeve yet rate it dog faced hermanspeel session 1987mp3
rate it the housemartinsthere is always something there to remind me 198712" ep go! discs / chrysalis
No sleeve yet rate it rote kapelleit moves... but does it swing? 198712" ep in tape
rate it mccarthyfrans hals 198712" ep the pink label
rate it half man half biscuitback again in the D.H.S.S. 198712" probe plus
No sleeve yet rate it the chesterf!eldsthe janice long session 198712" ep strange fruit
rate it the birthday partythe peel sessions 198712" ep strange fruit
rate it girls at our bestthe peel sessions 198712'' ep strange fruit
rate it the housemartinsnow that's what i call quite good 198812"x2 go! discs / chrysalis
rate it nirvanapeel sessions 1 & 2 19887"x2 blast first
rate it the exhands up! you're free three peel sessions 198812" ex
rate it cudwhen in rome, kill me 198912" imaginary
rate it cudonly (a prawn in whitby) 198912" ep imaginary
rate it the wedding presentukrainski vistupi johna peela 198910" rca
rate it napalm deaththe peel sessions 198912" ep strange fruit
No sleeve yet rate it a witnessdouble peel sessions 198912" ep strange fruit
rate it inspiral carpetsthe peel sessions 198912" ep strange fruit
rate it microdisneythe peel sessions album 1989CD strange fruit
No sleeve yet rate it sun carriagejohn peel session 1991mp3 unreleased
rate it talulah goshthey've scoffed the lot 199112" sarah
rate it helmetunsung peel sessions 19917" amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it new fast automatic daffodilspeel session 199112" strange fruit
rate it a houseendless art 199212" ep setanta / parlophone
rate it nirvanaincesticide 1992CD geffen
rate it nirvanalithium 1992CD ep geffen
rate it nirvanalithium 199212" ep geffen
rate it nirvanahormoaning 1992CD ep geffen
rate it babes in toylandthe peel sessions 1992CD strange fruit
rate itv/a: hut recordings the peel sessions 199210" strange fruit
rate it gallon drunk breedsplit 10" clawfist - the peel sessions 199210" strange fruit
rate itv/a: too pure the peel sessions 199210" strange fruit
rate itv/a: amphetamine reptile peel sessions four barrels, eight cylinders gaz guzzlin' U.S. style 1992CD amphetamine reptile / dutch east india / strange fruit
rate it dinosaur jrbbc sessions ep 1993CD ep warner / wea
rate it red guitarsseven types of ambiguity (bbc sessions 1983-1986) 1993CD rpm
rate it the fallkimble 199312" ep strange fruit
rate it the stranglersthe sessions 1995CD castle
rate it mccarthythat's all very well but... 1996CD cherry red
rate it snuffcaught in session 1997CD vinyl japan
rate it mudhoneyhere comes sickness the best of bbc recordings 2000CD varèse sarabande / fuel 2000
rate it dinosaur session 2000CD fuel 2000
rate it the fallwords of expectation BBC sessions 2003CDx2 castle
rate it ridewaves
seventeen original BBC recordings from the radio 1 se
ssions: 1990-1994
2003CD the first time
rate it the fallthe complete peel sessions 1978-2004 2005CDx6 castle
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