daniel is a MEMBER in ...
rate itv/a: avon calling the bristol compilation 197912" heartbeat
rate it microdisneythe clock comes down the stairs 198512" rough trade
rate it the brilliant cornersfruit machine ep 198612" ep SS20
rate it the brilliant cornerswhat's in a word 198612" SS20
rate itv/a: intifada the palestinian uprising 198812" konkurrel
rate itv/a: whatever happens to dorothy hopkins? 1989tape heartache
rate itv/a: plaies 199012" amanita
rate it whorlmind revolution 19907" slumberland
rate it mega city fourwho cares win 199012" houlala / decoy
rate it jonestownall day sucker 199112" project a bomb
rate itsplit 7" 19917" compulsiv
rate it whorlmaybe it's better 19917" slumberland
rate it ned's atomic dustbinare you normal? 1992CD sony / furtive
rate itv/a: fortune cookie prize a tribute to beat happening 1992CD simple machines
rate itv/a: neapolitan metropolitan richmond baltimore washington dc 19927"x3 simple machines
rate itsplit 7" uncontrolled record club single 19927" uncontrolled
rate it the halo bendersgod don't make no junk 1993CD k
rate itv/a: your invitation to suicide a tribute to the songs of martin rev & alan vega 199312"x2 munster
rate it ...
the mountain goats... ...
refrigerator... &
v/a: abridged perversion a shrimper compilation of shrimper compilations 1993CD shrimper
rate itv/a: fear of smell 199312" vermiform
rate it bluesolid state 199412" flipped out
rate itsplit 7" 19947" mountain
rate it ...
noise addict... ...
the verlaines... &
v/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating 1995CD red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it ...
noise addict...
v/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating vol. 1 199510" red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it ordination of aaronimmersion in a 90 mph world 199512" council
rate it the mandela strikeforcethe sound of the revolution in stereo 19957" ladder / juneninety5
rate itsplit 7" 19957" kurt & jason / belladonna
No sleeve yet rate it upsetbullet 19967" the smith and nephew company
rate it ...
the promise ring... ...
v/a: ooh do i love you a benefit to end sexual violence 1996CDx2 the core for care
rate itsplit 7" 19967" donut friends
rate it ...
amber inn...
v/a: heartattack #10 199612" ebullition
rate itv/a: music me all over 19967" lumberjack / rolling hills
rate itv/a: direction 199612"+7" polyvinyl
rate it trumans wateraction ornaments 1996CD runt
rate itsplit 7" 19967" stereonucleosis / passive fist
rate itsplit 7" 19967" spectra sonic sound
No sleeve yet rate it vox humanas/t 1997CD self-released
rate itsplit 7" 19977" indecision
rate it sunshinehysterical stereo loops, beats and bloody lips (dark wave vol.2) 199712" gsl
rate itv/a: save you 19977" mountain / fallout
rate itsplit 7" PRESTO n°24 bonus 7" 19977" presto
rate it ...
johnny angel... ...
v/a: how to be a hero a benefit for habitat for humanity 1997CD prizefight
rate itv/a: apathy is no excuse for failure 19987" skank
No sleeve yet rate it the never neverthese aint no purple hearts 199812" hydra head
rate it the brilliant corners
why do you have to go out with him when you could go
out with me
19987" mcqueen
rate itv/a: accidental double homicide! volume four 19987"x2 satan's pimp
rate it tribes of neurot & walking timebombsstatic migration 1998CD relapse
rate it combatwoundedveteranwhat flavor is your death squad leader? 19987" schematics
No sleeve yet rate it ...
v/a: the brave do not fear the grave 19997" alveran / grave romance
No sleeve yet rate it son mycirculatia 199910" break out / tad
rate itsplit 12" 199912" ep big wheel recreation
rate itsplit CD ep 1999CD ep big wheel recreation
rate itsplit 10" 199910" hydra head
rate itsplit 7" 19997" hide the bodies
rate itv/a: you're soaking in it... the sound and smells of load records 1999CD load
rate itv/a: che fest 1999
a compilation of live music from che fest 1999 at the
che cafe in san diego
1999CD slowdance
No sleeve yet rate itv/a: the collateral compilation a benefit cd for the vegetarian grocer 1999CD utilitarian
rate itv/a: [technology] a compilation of remixes skyscraper magazine 2000CD satellite transmissions
rate it ...
cyan... ...
v/a: the cowboy's plane game 200012" earthwatersky connection / nova
rate itv/a: summertime a benefit compilation 2000CD kordova milk bar
rate it sunshinenecromance 2001CD day after
rate it yo-ji-gentchéquie 2001CD popov island
rate it ...
babies 3...
split 7" 20017" superFi
No sleeve yet rate it kill me tomorrowchrome yellow 2001CD ep silvergirl
rate it ...
melt-banana... &
v/a: troubleman mix-tape 2001CDx2 troubleman
rate it black eyesblack eyes 20027" release the bats
rate it the ladderbacktrigger themes 2002CD bifocal media
rate it joshua fit for battlebring out your dead 1998-1999 2002CD the electric human project
rate it joshua fit for battlebring out your dead 1998-1999 200212" the electric human project
rate it kill me tomorrowrequire chocolate 20027" gsl
rate it ...
neighbour rosicky...
split 7" 20027" kopist platten
rate itsplit 12" 200212" pretty in pink!
rate itsplit 7" 20027" planaria
rate it black eyesblack eyes 20027" ruffian
No sleeve yet rate itv/a: hives need hearts a benefit for CCNV 20027" tomato juice
No sleeve yet rate it dead for a minute desideratadead for a desiderata 20027" acide folik / shinya
rate it funeral diner... is dead 2003CD self-released
rate it neighbour rosickyamong cool cruel fires 200312" christopher's records
rate it black eyess/t 200312" dischord
rate it kill me tomorrowskin's getting weird 2003CD ep gsl
rate itsplit 12" 200312" sky of ill rule
rate itsplit 7" 20037" thrown brick
rate itv/a: closet full of clothes 200312" white denim
rate it ...
a day in black and white...
v/a: times are hard for dreamers 2003CD waking
rate itv/a: this is your life 200412"x2 ape must not kill ape
rate it black eyescough 2004CD dischord
rate it kill me tomorrowthe garbageman and the prostitute 2004CD+DVD gsl
rate it black eyesshut up, I never 2004CD ep ruffian
rate it ...
melt banana...
v/a: release the bats
the birthday party as heard through the meat grinder
of three.one.g
2006CD three.one.g
rate itsplit 7" 20077" clean plate / pure pain sugar
rate it szautumn leaves latin comes 2008CD drunkdog
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