mick barr is a MEMBER in ...
No sleeve yet rate it jasta 14scaffold 19957" centrifuge
rate it crom-techs/t 199712" gravity
rate it crom-tech1/2 harnaxis twin 19977" ixor stix
rate it cromtechs/t 199812" slowdime
rate it orthrelmorthrelm I 2001CD millionraces
No sleeve yet rate it orthrelmorthrelm II 2001CD millionraces
rate it octisoppragan srilimia ixioor 2001CDx2 peterbilt
rate it ...
crom-tech... &
v/a: troubleman mix-tape 2001CDx2 troubleman
rate it ...
split cd 2001CD troubleman unlimited
rate it orthrelmiorxhscimtor 2001CD tolotta
rate it orthrelmnorildivoth crallos-lomrixth urthi 2002CD three one g
rate it quix*o*ticmortal mirror 2002CD kill rock stars
rate it orthrelmasristir vieldriox 200212" troubleman unlimited
rate it octistwevim ilelengr troubleman solo singles series 14 20037" troubleman
rate it octisocrilim 20047" troubleman unlimited
rate it ocrilimanoint 2005CD i and ear records
rate it ...
split 3" trans atlantic asthma attack 20053" the action index / life in a box / speedowax / subversiv / superfi / a tree in a field / crucificados pelo sistema
rate it orthrelmOV 200512" epicene sound systems
rate it ...
split 7" 20057" forge
rate it orthrelmOV 2005CD ipecac
rate it octis ocrilimocrilim ostronogorth 2005CD troubleman unlimited
rate it ...
split 7" 20067" eyes of sound
rate it weasel walter & mick barr & sam hillmercollaboration 200610" epicene
rate it zach hill & mick barrshred earthship 2006CD 5 rue christine
rate it octismithring 1 20065" rock is hell
rate it octismithring 2 20065" rock is hell
rate it octismithring 3 20065" rock is hell
rate it the flying luttenbachersspectral warrior mythos volume one 2006CD ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbacherscataclysm 2006CD ugEXPLODE
rate it a.r.e. weaponsmodern mayhem 2007CD defend
rate it orthrelm03-7 20075" sof targets
rate it octisnavlt the social club no. 6 20077" the social registry
rate it mick barroctis: iohargh wended 2007CD tzadik
rate it ocrilimannwn 2008CD hydra head
rate it barr shea dahlst 2012CD ugEXPLODE
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