Known discography of CLAWFIST
(46 records found)
rate it gallon drunkruby HUNKA LURVE 1 19907"
rate it bevis frond walking seedssplit 7" 01/90 PIG-001 19907"
rate it family cat cudsplit 7" 09/90 PIG-002 19907"
rate it bastro my dad is deadsplit 7" 10/90 PIG-003 19907"
rate it the ex the mekonssplit 7" 11/90 PIG-004 19907"
rate it terminal cheesecake god (UK)split 7" 12/90 PIG-005 19907"
No sleeve yet rate it gallon drunkgallon drunk HUNKA LURVE-001 19917"
rate it gallon drunktonite... the singles bar HUNKA-002 199112"
rate it gallon drunkdraggin' along HUNKA-002 19917"
rate it gallon drunkthe last gasp (safty) HUNKA-003 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it milkfloatrule and thumb HUNKA-004 19917"
rate it gallon drunksome fools mess HUNKA-006 199112" ep
rate it the family catjesus christ HUNKA-008 19917"
rate it that petrol emotion the membranes!split 7" 03/91 PIG-006 19917"
rate it loopflesh fleshloopsplit 7" 05/91 PIG-007 19917"
rate it the poster children thin white ropesplit 7" 08/91 PIG-010 19917"
rate it thatcher on acid 7 year bitchsplit 7" 19927"
rate it breedshaking the bone (in even time) HUNKA-010 19927"
rate it gallon drunkbedlam HUNKA-011 19927"
No sleeve yet rate it breedsplinter! HUNKA-012 19927"
rate it bailter spaceshine HUNKA-016 19927"
rate it edsel auctioneer breedsplit 7" 03/92 PIG-011 19927"
rate it big jon spencers blues explosionhistory of sex PIG-013 19927"
rate it snuffcubical PIG-014 19927"
rate it leatherface wat tylersplit 2x7" 07/92 PIG-015 19927"x2
rate it thee headcoatspedophile PIG-017 19927"
rate it smashing orange the sunflowerssplit 7" 12/92 PIG-018 19927"
rate it gallon drunkyou, the night ...and the music / ROB-9213 / D-760 1992CD
rate it stereolab & nurse with woundcrumb duck CLAWFIST-020 199310"
No sleeve yet rate it gallon drunklive at the madison square garden 18th september 1992 GLOBAL-001 1993CD ep
rate it gallon drunkfrom the heart of town bonus 12"
live at the madison square gardens, nyc, 18th septemb
er 1992
HUNKA-005 199312"+12" ep
rate it breedviolent sentimental HUNKA-006 1993CD
No sleeve yet rate it mambo taxiprom queen HUNKA-013 19937"
rate it gallon drunkyou should be ashamed HUNKA-018 199312" ep
rate it mambo taxipoems on the underground HUNKA-019 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it mambo taxi
do you always dress like that in front of other peopl
es boyfriends?
HUNKA-020 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it mambo taxi
do you always dress like that in front of other peopl
es boyfriends?
HUNKA-020 1993CD ep
rate it lydia lunchunearthly delights 02/93 PIG-019 19937"
rate it tindersticks gallon drunksplit 7" 09/93 PIG-021 19937"
rate it coilairborne bells PIG-022 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it mambo taxiin love with... HUNKA-007 199412"
rate it breedwonderful blade HUNKA-022 199412" ep
rate it th'faith healers mambo taxisplit 7" 01/94 PIG-023 19947"
rate it cornershop blood sausagesplit 7" PIG-024 19947"
rate it trumans waterspazzrockdanceinferno 06/94 PIG-025 19947"
rate it moonshakelola, lola 01/95 PIG-026 19957"
ASSOCIATED LABELS dancetaria, rosebud
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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