Known discography of RON JOHNSON
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rate it splat!yeah the dum dum ZRON-001 19837"
rate it splat!splat! e.p. ZRON-002 198412" ep
rate it bIG*fLAMErigour ZRON-003 19857"
rate it big flametough! ZRON-004 / 19857"
rate it a witnessloudhailer songs ZRON-005 198512" ep
rate it the ex1936 the spanish revolution EX-028 / EX-029 / ZRON-011 19867"x2
rate it twangsharp SRT6 / ZRON-014 19867"
rate it stumpmud on a colon ZRON-006 198612" ep
rate it big flamewhy pop-stars can't dance? ZRON-007 19867"
rate it bIG*fLAMEtwo kan guru ZRON-008 198610"
rate it mackenziesnew breed ZRON-009 19867"
rate it the shrubsfull steam into the brainstorm ZRON-010 198612" ep
rate it a witnessi am john pancreas ZRON-012 198612"
rate it bIG*fLAMEcubist pop manifesto ZRON-013 19867"
rate it the shrubsblackmailer ZRON-017 198612" ep
rate it noseflutesthe ravers ZRON-019 198612" ep
rate it a witnessred snake ZRON-026 198612" ep
rate it big flame stump a witness mckenziesv/a: ron johnson records presents solid glod FLEXRON-001 19877"
rate it the great leap forwardcontrolling the edges of tone ZRON-020 198712" ep
rate it splat! big flame a witness stump mackenzies shrubs the ex twang noseflutes great leap forward jackdaw with crowbarv/a: the first after epiphany ZRON-021 198712"
rate it twangkick and complain ZRON-022 198712" ep
rate it the shrubstake me aside for a midnight harangue ZRON-023 198712"
rate it jackdaw with crowbarmonarchy, mayhem & fishpaste ZRON-024 198712" ep
rate it the extoo many cowboys ZRON-025 / FIST-019 / EX-031 / EX-032 198712"x2
rate it noseflutesheartache is irresistible ZRON-028 198712" ep
rate it twangsnapback ZRON-029 198712" ep
rate it the mackenziesa sensual assault ZRON-015 198812" ep
rate it a witnessone foot in the groove ZRON-030 198812" ep
rate it jackdaw with crowbarsink, sank, sunk ZRON-031 198812" ep
No sleeve yet rate it sewer zombiesreach out and... ZRON-032 198812"
rate it jackdaw with crowbarhot air ZRON-033 198812"
rate it the great leap forwardwho works the weather? ZRON-034 198812" ep
OWNER dave parsons
ASSOCIATED LABELS ex, stet, laughing gun!
ORIGIN uk nottingham

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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