Known discography of SLAMPT
(aka slampt organisation)
(25 records found)
artist title ref year format
rate it avocado babya million and nine SLAMPT-002 1992tape
No sleeve yet rate it milky wimpshakesongs of zoom and buzz SLAMPT-006 1993tape
rate it avocado babyqueen boy and the king girl SLAMPT-010 19937"
rate it pussycat trashla la ovular ep SLAMPT-016 19947"
rate it avocado babysex and gum SLAMPT-020 1994tape
rate it pussycat trashnon-stop hip-action SLAMPT-025 199412"
rate it the yummy fur
music by walt disney but played by yuri gagarin thus
a political record ep
SLAMPT-027 19947"
rate it golden starlet i'm being good pussycat trash skinned teen milky wimpshake lungleg mad kenny's allnight drinker delicate vomit the yummy fur wilfried unseen kenickie missy x avocado baby kid lemonv/a: slampt compilation - elastic jet mission SLAMPT-028 199412"
rate it golden starletcheap tartlets SLAMPT-021 19957"
rate it milky wimpshakethe deviance amplification spiral SLAMPT-024 19957"
rate it avocado babya million and nine and sex and gum and stuff SLAMPT-032 199512"
rate it golden starletcorps of the hard SLAMPT-034 19957"
rate it the yummy furnightclub GUIDE-010 / SLAMPT-043 1996CD
No sleeve yet rate it milky wimpshakelove songs for punk rockers SLAMPT-040 19967"
rate it international strike forceromance for every SLAMPT-041 199612"
rate it sally skullfractious ep SLAMPT-045 19967"
No sleeve yet rate it petty crimeforfeit intent 19977"
No sleeve yet rate it red monkeydo what you feel (feel what you do) 19977"
rate it i'm being good small black pig delicate vomit death starv/a: 4 track, 4 track SLAMPT-044 19977"
rate it milky wimpshakebus route to your heart SLAMPT-048 199712"
rate it small black pigjolly grim SLAMPT-052 19987"
rate it avacodo baby pussycat trash golden starlet the yummy fur unseen milky wimpshake missy xv/a: seven unlucky sevens SLAMPT-054 1998CD
rate it red monkeymake the moment TMU-028 / SLAMPT-050 199812"
rate it red monkeydifficult is easy TMU-032 / SLAMPT-058 1998CD
rate it red monkey atom and his package small black pig monorchid bilge pump assembly line people program missy x russia bette davis and the balconettes old hearts club peechees sally skull (young) pioneers milky wimpshake computer cougar tunic replikants witchknot full boney international strikeforcev/a: taking a chance on chances TMU-035 / SLAMPT-055 199812"
OWNER pete dale rachel holborow marc walker
ASSOCIATED LABELS troubleman, guided missile
ORIGIN uk newcastle-upon-tyne

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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