Known discography of SOME BIZARRE
(28 records found)
rate it einstürzende neubautenzeichnungen des patienten O.T. SBVART-2 198312"
rate it test deptcompulsion TEST-112 198312" ep
rate it foetus-art-terrorismcalamity crush WOMB FAT 11.12 198412" ep
rate it scraping foetus off the wheelhole WOMB FDL3 198412"
rate it you've got foetus on your breathwash/slog WOMB FGH 8.12 198412" ep
rate it foetus über friscofinely honed machine WOMB UNC 7.12 198412" ep
rate it einstürzende neubauten1/2 mensch BART-331 198512"+7"
rate it the foetus of excellencethe foetus of excellence box
scraping foetus off the wheel + foetus art terrorism
+ you've got foetus under your breath + foetus uber f
risco + foetus over frisco + foetus über alles + foet
FOE-001 198512" epx8
rate it scraping foetus off the wheelnail WOMB-FIP-004 / 4711 198512"
rate it test dept & the wales striking miners choirshoulder to shoulder / MOP 1 198512"
rate it test deptT.D.A. the faces of freedom 1 2 & 3 / MOP-001 198512" ep
rate it the theinfected 198612"
rate it test deptthe unacceptable face of freedom MOP-002 / 1986CD
rate it the foetus all-nude revuebedrock 88561-8186-1 198712" ep
rate it einstuerzende neubautenfuenf auf nach oben offenen richterskala BART-332 198712"
No sleeve yet rate it test depta good night out MOP-003 / 198712"
rate it the flesh volcanoslut SLUT-001 198712" ep
rate it test deptbeating the retreat TEST-033 198712"
rate it test deptbeating the retreat TEST-033 198712"
rate it scraping foetus off the wheelramrod WOMB PIG 12.12 198712" ep
rate it foetus interruptusthaw WOMB FIP 5 198812"
rate it the themind bomb 198912"
rate it einstürzende neubautenhaus der luege DAN-025 / BART-333 198912"
rate it einstürzende neubautenfeurio RTD-065 / 19903" CD
rate it einstürzende neubautenstrategies against architecture II EGO-112 / 1991CDx2
rate it F.I.A.F.chart material FIAF-001 199112" ep
rate it foreheads in a fishtankyeah baby wow SBZ-017 199212"
rate it swanscop young god greed holy money SBZ-047 1999CD
ASSOCIATED LABELS dancetaria, ego, relativity, self immolation, ministry of power

origine, provenance, formé ŕ, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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