Known discography of TREE RECORDS
(aka flutterby tree conspiracy)
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(22 records found)
rate it indian summer current boilermaker allure shroomunion embassy juliav/a: eucalyptus SKY-001 19957"x2
rate it ethel meservepierman SKY-004 19967"
No sleeve yet rate it september (USA)cyrus the white rabbit TREE-005 / SIMBA-005 199610"
rate it ida deadwood divinesplit 7" post marked stamps No.1 TREE-009.1 19967"
rate it still life cerberus shoalsplit 7" post marked stamps No.2 TREE-009.2 19967"
rate it cerberus shoal...and farewell to hightide / STICK-.02 199612"
No sleeve yet rate it haelahunsung answers TREE-002 19977"
rate it urban legendsdance and burn TREE-008 19977"
rate it ethel meserve giants chairsplit 7" post marked stamps No.3 TREE-009.3 19977"
rate it braid the get up kidssplit 7" post marked stamps No.4 TREE-009.4 19977"
rate it braid the get up kidssplit 7" european tour 7" TREE-009.4 19977"
rate it haelah aspera ad astrasplit 7" post marked stamps No.5 TREE-009.5 19977"
No sleeve yet rate it ethel meservethe milton abandonment TREE-014 1997CD
rate it jen wood tim kinsellasplit 7" post marked stamps No.6 TREE-009.6 19987"
rate it very secretary compound redsplit 7" post marked stamps No.7 TREE-009.7 19987"
rate it sweep the leg johnny a minor forestsplit 7" post marked stamps No.8 TREE-009.8 19987"
No sleeve yet rate it franklinmajor taylor TREE-010 19987"
No sleeve yet rate it a-set coboltsplit 7" post marked stamps No.10 TREE-009.10 19997"
rate it rainer maria the hal al shedadsplit 7" post marked stamps No.9 TREE-009.9 19997"
rate it aspera ad astra cerberus shoal braid ethel meserve the get up kids compound red rainer maria jen wood still life the deadwood divine giants chair a minor forest hal al shedad sweep the leg johnny haelah very secretary ida tim kinsellav/a: post marked stamps TREE-009a 1999CD
rate it franklinst TREE-011 199912"x2
rate it ethel meservespelling the names TREE-024 2000CD
OWNER dana lomacchio ken shipley
ORIGIN usa philadelphia maryland crofton illinois chicago

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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