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rate it born againsteulogy VMFM-000,5 19907"
rate it life's blood absolution nausea born againstv/a: murders among us VMFM-000 / CE-005 19907"
rate it born againsthalf mast VMFM-001 19907"
rate it rorschachremain sedate VMFM-002 / GERN-015 199012"
rate it menace dementnanna VMFM-004 / ORGAN-001 19907"
rate it born againstnine patriotic hymns for children VMFM-006 199012"
No sleeve yet rate it life's blooddefiance VMFM-003 19917"
rate it neanderthal rorschachsplit 7" dear jesus bonus record VMFM-004,5 / 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it citizens arrestcolossus VMFM-005 199112"
No sleeve yet rate it econochristanother victim VMFM-007 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it man is the bastardsum of the men "the brutality continues...." VMFM-009 199112"
No sleeve yet rate it manacledsubjugation VMFM-008 / VMFM ATE 19927"
rate it econochristtrained to serve VMFM-010 199212"
rate it heroins/t GRAVITY-007 / VMFM-014 199312"
rate it eric wood the nation of ulysses tit wrench rorschach charred remains sugarshock rich oliver heroin native nod infest 1.6 band adam woodrow merel moss icon sam & joe hell nov/a: fear of smell VMFM-011 199312"
rate it born againstbattle hymns of the race war VMFM-012 199310"
rate it moss iconlyburnum wit's end liberation fly (unreleased lp) VMFM-013 199412"
No sleeve yet rate it man is the bastardour earth's blood VMFM-015 19947"
rate it born against man is the bastardsplit 8" VMFM-016 19948"
No sleeve yet rate it mens recovery projectmake a baby VMFM-017 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it (young) pioneersfood stamps VMFM-018 19947"
rate it man is the bastard sinking bodysplit 7" protein VMFM-019 19947"
rate it born againstthe rebel sound of shit and failure VMFM-020 1995CD
No sleeve yet rate it young pioneersfirst virginia volunteers VMFM-021 199512"
rate it the young pioneerswe march! VMFM-022 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it sinking bodythe discovery of iron ore VMFM-023 199610"
No sleeve yet rate it freshomaticsst VMFM-024 19967"
rate it great unravelingspace travel VMFM-025 19967"
rate it worst case scenariost VMFM-026 199612"
rate it (young) pioneerscrimewave e.p. VMFM-027 199610"
No sleeve yet rate it bullet in the headjawbone of an ass reissue VMFM-028 1996CD
rate it men's recovery projectnew human tour 5" VMFM-028,5 19965"
rate it screeching weaselformula 27 19977"
rate it menace dementst VMFM-029 199712"
No sleeve yet rate it towelnunu VMFM-030 19977"
rate it hail marycrashing down VMFM-033 19977"
rate it landedwhy i live VMFM-034 199710"
rate it amps for christthorny path VMFM-035 199712"
No sleeve yet rate it towelst VMFM-036 19978"
rate it hail marymy will to die is dead VMFM-037 19977"
rate it amps for christ antisocial beards bastard noise boomerang mr. brinkman bullet in the head catholic church dropdead forcefield hermit huldremose deleted human head in search of obsession jay t. yamamoto krebstar landed lightning bolt men's recovery project mike nobody pleasurehorse rah bras replikants rubber o cement sinking body snake in the monkey's shadow spastic colon tit wrench vanilla gross white christmasv/a: fruited other surfaces VMFM-039 1997CD
rate it men's recovery projectthe golden triumph of naked hostility VMFM-040 1997CD
rate it sinking bodyneurotic habits of the invisible man VMFM-038 19987"
rate it sam mcpheeters the catholic churchsplit 7" VMFM-041 19985"
rate it rah braswear the beat spectacular VMFM-042 1998CD ep
rate it men's recovery project sinking bodysplit 12" grappling with the homonids VMFM-043 199812"
rate it landedeverything's happening VMFM-045 199812"
rate it hail maryall aboard the sinking ship VMFM-052 1999CD
rate it men's recovery projectresist the new way VMFM-053 199912"
rate it fast forwardst VMFM-055 2001CD
rate it born againstthe rebel sound of shit and failure KRS-395 / VMFM-020 2003CD
OWNER sam mcpheeters
ASSOCIATED LABELS x-mist, gravity, lungcast, kill rock stars, combined effort
ORIGIN usa virginia richmond rhode island new york california new jersey

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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