Known discography of VINYL JAPAN
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rate it snuffthe not listening ep TASK ONE 199012" ep
rate it st christopherman, i could scream ASK-006 1991CD
rate it snuffkilburn national 27-11-90 ASK-048 1991CD
rate it extreme noise terrorphonophobia DISC 1 1991CD
rate it bmx banditscome clean TASK-005 199112" ep
rate it st. christopherdig deep brother, 1984-1990 ASK-026 1993CD
rate it bugbearfour twee song TASK-018 199312" ep
rate it st. christopherlove you to pieces ASK-027 1994CD
rate it the earls of suavethe basement bar at the heartbreak hotel ASKLP-042 199412"
rate it earls of suavein my dreams PAD-016 19947"
rate it television personalitiesfar away and lost TASK-028 199412" ep
rate it the flaming starshospital, heaven or hell PAD-023 19957"
rate it the flaming starsthe face on the bar room floor PAD-028 19957"
rate it the flaming starsmoney to burn PAD-030 19957"
rate it the flaming starsten feet tall PAD-034 19957"
rate it television personalitiesdo you think if you were beautiful you'd be happy? TASK-048 199512" ep
rate it the flaming starssongs from the bar room floor ASK-062 199612"
rate it the flaming starsdownhill without brakes PAD-033 19967"
rate it the flaming starsbring me the rest of alfredo garcia ASK-067 199712"
rate it the flaming starssell your soul to the flaming stars ASK-076 199712"
rate it snuffcaught in session MASK-073 1997CD
rate it the flaming starsbury my heart at pier 13 PAD-035 19977"
rate it the flaming starsnew hope for the dead PAD-037 19977"
rate it the flaming starssweet smell of success PAD-059 19987"
rate it the flaming starspathway ASK-083 19997"
rate it the flaming starsonly tonight TASK-067 1999CD ep
rate it the flaming starsthe six john peel sessions ASK-111 2000CDx2
No sleeve yet rate it young marble giantssalad days ASK-113 2000CD
rate it the flaming starsa walk on the wired side ASK-121 200012"
rate it the flaming starssunset & void ASK-139 200212"
rate it the flaming starsa little bit like you PAD-079 20027"
rate it the flaming starsspilled your pint 20047"
rate it the flaming starsnamed and shamed 200412"
ORIGIN japan tokyo

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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