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No sleeve yet (young) pioneers 1994 food stamps
(young) pioneers 1996 crimewave e.p.
16-17 1994 gyatso
7000 dying rats 1998 fanning the flames of fire
8 eyed spy 1981 8 eyed spy
aa action beat best fwends big bear bilge pump bipolar bear books on tape collin mel craig colorusso crime in choir crito & doily double dagger dynamite arrows ecstatic sunshine fat day fathers day flying fuck buttons golden error the good good gowns high places ho-ag hunting lodge insect factory japanther jerk justice yeldham leaders lovid lucky dragons maps and atlases matt and kim monster dudes mr. baby necking neptune featuring can't numbers the oh sees oneida parts & labor the pope pterodactyl raccoo-oo-oon shooting spires the show is the rainbow shy child these are powers trey told 'em tunnel of love tuxedo killers the usa is a monster vaz voltage when dinosaurs ruled the earth wilderness zs 2008 v/a: love and circuits: a cardboard records compilation from aa to zs
able tasmans 1985 the tired sun
action swingers unholy swill bench bootbeast surgery bullets for pussy pocket fishermen st 37 coz the shroom jarmed enecy 1990 v/a: from twisted minds come
adam and the ants 1979 dirk wears white sox
adult net 1986 white night (stars say go)
aerosmith 1979 night in the ruts
No sleeve yet aether flux 2002 don't do kidz drugs
afghan whigs 1989 i am the sticks sub pop singles club #6 april 1989
afghan whigs 1990 up in it
afghan whigs 1990 up in it
agoraphobic nosebleed 2003 altered states of america
aim of conrad 2003 whiskey slowboat
alain bashung 1991 osez joséphine
alain bashung 2000 climax
alec k. redfearn & the eyesores 2006 every man for himself & god against all
arab on radar brainbombs thee hydrogen terrors dropdead landed pleasurehorse lightning bolt astoveboat men's recovery project la machine childkraft john von ryan gerty farish von ryan's express mr. brinkman oronaco crash suite larry marshall olneyville sound system bullroarer netmen strawman 1999 v/a: you're soaking in it... the sound and smells of load records
archers of loaf 1998 white trash heroes
archers of loaf 2000 seconds before the accident
arcwelder 1995 captain allen
arrington de dionyso 2006 breath of fire
arto lindsay & marc ribot rebecca moore kramer the melvins medeski, martin & wood lo galluccio fantomas & mike patton tall dwarfs chris cochrane gary lucas eszter balint vernon reid danny cohen oren bloedow sean lennon & yuka honda cake trey spruance buckethead lloyd cole 1998 v/a: great jewish music: marc bolan
ashtabula 1997 river of many dead fish
No sleeve yet associates 1981 fourth drawer down
atom and his package mu330 hot water music quadiliacha skif dank tiltwheel self peterbuilt shower with goats swank level head the grumpies the mcrackins the pee tanks uphill down nobodys discount pivot against all authority buttercup the bollweevils situation no-win fun size stizzle 2000 v/a: totally fucking the '80s
atomic 61 1992 white christmas
automatic dlamini 1987 the d is for drum
avail (young) pioneers 1997 split CD ep the fall of richmond
bad religion 1981 how could hell be any worse?
bad religion 1991 80-85
No sleeve yet band of holy joy we be echo some other year psy nightmare un-kommuniti 1984 v/a: stuff the neighbours play it loud!
barkmarket 1991 vegas throat
barkmarket 1994 lardroom
basement 5 1980 last white christmas
basement 5 1980 last white christmas
basement 5 1981 1968-1980
becketts 1992 myth
beef fatima mansions the mock turtles revenge the reegs bill nelson echo and the bunnymen levellers 5 shelleyan orphan hurrah! 1990 v/a: heaven & hell a tribute to the velvet underground volume 2
beehive and the barracudas 2002 "plastic soul" with the white apes
beehive and the barracudas 2004 cock ready
belly 1993 star
bewitched 1993 hey white homey sub pop singles club #52 february 1993
big boys 1983 lullabies help the brain grow
big boys 1993 the fat elvis
big boys 2004 lullabies help the brain grow no matter how long the line is at the cafeteria, theres always a seat!
big business 2004 head for the shallow
big business 2004 head for the shallow
big star 1988 big star's the biggest
big'n 1996 discipline through sound
bikini kill huggy bear 1992 split 12" yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah our troubled youth
birdland (UK) 1989 birdland ep2
bitch magnet 2011 ben hur umber star booty
black flag 1980 jealous again
black flag 1985 in my head
black francis frank black & 2 pale boys 2004 frank black francis
blood circus 1992 primal rock therapy
No sleeve yet blues explosion 1993 crypt-style
blues explosion 1993 crypt-style
boilermaker 2001 leucadia
bongwater 1990 the power of pussy
bongwater 1992 the peel session
born against 1993 battle hymns of the race war
boss fuel pistolwhip red scare (RI) pollenate amoebic ensemble the royal crowns dropdead scarce the sybil green lovebox halobit von ryan's express lazy eye ashley von hurter and the haters six finger satellite the laurels umbrella backwash robert jazz quartet nonpareils alley sway small factory medicine ball 1994 v/a: a bitter pill to swallow
boss hog 1995 s/t
boss hog 1999 whiteout
boss hog 2000 whiteout
botch 1999 wa are the romans
bottledog 1998 another product
braid 1995 im afraid of everything
bread and circuits 1999 s/t
bubonique 1995 trance arse volume 3
bullet lavolta bitch magnet cows bastards halo of flies monster magnet surgery codeine helios creed bored! green river unsane 1990 v/a: endangered species
No sleeve yet burmese 2007 white
No sleeve yet burmese 2007 white
burmese fistula 2004 split CD
buzz hungry 1995 at the hands of our intercessors
captain beefheart 1972 the spotlight kid
cathal coughlan 2003 the sky's awful blue
caustic resin 1995 fly me to the moon
cheer-accident 1988 sever roots, tree dies
cheer-accident 1991 dumb ask
cheer-accident 2002 variations on a goddamn old man
cherry midwest product dave longstreth & yume bitsu thievery corporation andrew duke sleeping flies dabrye ghost orchids yellow6 e*rock greg davis soviet 2003 v/a: u.s. pop life vol.16 extension of electro white spaces convergence
chrisbald 96 lungfish velocity girl whorl the go team juliana luecking experience unrest holy rollers butterglove date bait pagans reverbmotherfucker the honeymoon killers 1989 v/a: the pre-moon syndrome post-summer (of noise) celebration week
chrome 1986 dreaming in sequence
chumbawamba 1986 starvation, charity and rock & roll
ciccone youth 1988 the whitey album
cocteau twins 1985 echoes in a shallow bay
codeine 1994 the white birch
coffin break 1989 psychosis
coliseum young widows 2005 split 7"
colossamite white tornado 1998 split 7"
comet gain 1995 the getting ready e.p.
consolidated 1991 friendly fa$cism
controlled bleeding fat hacker joined at the head techno animal headbutt new mind force fed fudge tunnel cable regime jouissance multicide splintered painkiller meatfly techno animal typhoid mary god (UK) 1992 v/a: spreading the virus sentrax productions anti-censorship compilation
cop shoot cop 1991 white noise
countdown to putsch 2001 ideas for the living and willing to act
country teasers 1999 destroy all human life
country teasers 2001 science hat artistic cube moral nosebleed
country teasers 2006 the empire strikes back
cows 1990 effete and impudent snobs
cows 1996 old gold (1989-91)
crass 1980 stations of the crass
D+ 2007 on purpose
dalek & haze XXL & shannon selberg & david yow 2007 a purge of dissidents v.2
darlene love the ronettes bob b. soxx and the blue jeans the crystals the ronettes darlene love the ronettes the crystals darlene love the crystals darlene love bob b. soxx and the blue jeans phil spector & artists 1963 v/a: a christmas gift for you
dave kusworth 2007 anthology : 1977-2007
david bowie 1982 ziggy stardust: the motion picture
david bowie 2000 bowie at the beeb BBC radio sessions 68-72 BBC radio theatre london june 27.2000
david thomas and foreigners 2000 bay city
davy jones locker 1991 s/t
dawson 1991 barf market: yoou're ontae plums
dawson 1991 cheese market
No sleeve yet deadguy 1994 whitemeat
deerhoof sicbay 2004 split 7"
devola 1997 playing the game of revenge and winning every time
dicks 1983 kill from the heart
die krups godflesh ministry treponem pal einstürzende neubauten swamp terrorists consolidated killing joke scorn excessive force chrome prong skrew kmfdm wiseblood 1993 v/a: terror an industrial metal compilation
die monitr batss 2004 girls of war
die princess die 2004 st
die princess die 2008 lions eat lions deluxe
die! die! die! 2008 promises promises
dim stars 1991 dim stars e.p.
dim stars 1991 dim stars e.p.
No sleeve yet dinner, 1933 1998 st
dinosaur volcano suns phantom tollbooth squirrel bait breaking circus big black salem 66 death of samantha antietam live skull naked raygun the reactions big dipper great plains 1987 v/a: wailing ultimate! the homestead records compilation
divisia carol spazz los crudos gasp halfman noothgrush charles bronson locust detestation 1996 v/a: cry now, cry later volume 4
dog faced hermans 1993 hum of life
dove crippled pilgrims body count lucky pierre underground soldier artifical peace exiled scream glee club black market baby reptile house 9353 last minute beaver assault and battery braille party void government issue - 1984 v/a: bouncing babies
No sleeve yet drive 1990 no girls
dumpster juice 1996 who died in here?
DUSTdevils 1988 gutter light
echo and the bunnymen 1983 porcupine
ed hall 1993 motherscratcher
eddie maelov and sunshine patteson defunkt au pairs the fall dangerous girls hermine the higsons the slits girls at our best zeitgeist the modettes palais schaumberg 1982 v/a: humans
eleh 2008 homage to the square wave
elliott smith 1995 st
elvis costello and the attractions 1980 get happy!!
elvis costello and the attractions 1981 trust
No sleeve yet enkindel stick people sunspring pale horse riders plunge crab nebula kill pulse slo pok nickaplegic bush league guilt hula hoop 1993 v/a: the aftereffects of insomnia volume III
erase errata 2002 live at the eagle tavern
erase errata 2003 at crystal palace
examination of the... 2003 whitest of elephants
eyehategod 1993 take as needed for pain
eyehategod 2004 10 years of abuse (and still broke)
f'stein the grouchos zeek sheck hotlines for the children the torture(d) machine 1997 v/a: FSOC
factums 2004 st
factums 2007 st alien natives
fall of because 1986 life is easy
fall silent 1999 superstructure
fat day 1996 smell me silly!
fax arcana 2004 we the bankrupt
fifty tons of black terror 1998 demeter
fig dish lifter pee chokebore barkmarket 7 year bitch treepeople further pinching judy lambchop fitz of depression foreskin 500 karp long hind legs clikitat ikatowi 1995 v/a: notes from the underground 2
flaming fire dälek rocket from the tombs the dirtbombs le nombre sally crewe smokey and miho zmrzlina gary wilson devendra banhart rev. isaiah owens with ann talbert revolutionary sanke ensemble mojave 3 dan melchior brian jonestown massacre neko case the soft boys measles mumps rubella comets on fire miminokoto khanate deerhoof tim eriksen and friends sunroof! coachwhips aavikko brother jt3 harris newman julia vorontsova gogol bordello 2005 v/a: tunes on toxic terrain WFMU live from new jersey
frank black 1994 teenager of the year headache
frankie goes to hollywood 1984 welcome to the pleasuredome
fruitcake no tomorrow charlie schwermut forest birdskin 1993 v/a: fuck that weak shit volume 1
ft (the shadow government) 2008 the black and white album
gay beast 2009 multi-purpose anti-form
gay beast 2009 second wave
gentle veincut kandinsky 2008 split 10"
No sleeve yet girls against boys 1998 park avenue
glazed baby 1996 atomic communists
glazed baby horsey 1993 split 7" get off my wagon #1 bonus 7"
god (UK) 1994 anatomy of addiction
godflesh 2001 hymns
godflesh 2013 hymns
godzik pink young people wolf eyes pink and brown hella xiu xiu generic orthrelm quintron lightning bolt the sick lipstick bottled og semiautomatic VV and hotel replikants the seconds vaz total shutdown deerhoof octis girls in trouble sharon cheslow THETEETHE dilute 2002 v/a: if the twenty-first century didn't exist it would be necessary to invent it
golden starlet 1995 corps of the hard
green magnet school 1991 white people
grids 2010 white walls
grotus 1996 mass
No sleeve yet gum 1999 the bikini machine
hanatarash 1992 hanatarash 3
happy go licky 1989 live ep
happy go licky 1999 will play
happy mondays 1987 squirrel and g-man twenty four hour party people plastic face carnt smile (white out)
happy mondays 1989 hallelujah
harry pussy bunny brains 1996 split 7"
hash over 1996 open cage
hawks 2011 rub
hawks 2012 pushover
hawks 2012 pushover
hawnay troof 2004 white men in suits ep.
head of david 1986 dogbreath
head of david 1986 lp
head of david 1988 dustbowl
No sleeve yet head of david 1988 dustbowl
head of david 1989 white elephant peel session
headbutt 1992 randy
hella 2005 church gone wild chirpin hard
hello fever 2006 broken lines
henry rollins 1987 hot animal machine
hervée 2007 germanishe verzione
hint 1995 100% white puzzle
hint 1996 product topology deconstruction and reconstruction of "100% white puzzle" tracks
hint 1996 dys-
hint 2006 phago(cité) la cité nymphale
hint 2009 93-99
hint 2013 100% white puzzle
hint 2014 dys-
honeymoon killers 1991 vanna white
horace pinker the methadones new black the bomb fingers cut megamachine the tossers t. duggins calliope hanalei haymarket riot lasalle gasoline fight cougars the arrivals horace pinker resident genius new black haymarket riot the bomb t. duggins hanalei fingers cut megamachine 2005 v/a: mean it man
horsey 1994 diet of worms
hot water music floor no empathy ash county sluggers brutal truth christie front drive cavity pung v-card floodgate against all authority serpico elmer gus moonraker the bruce lee band horace pinker car vs. driver locust hope springs eternal jack with killer king friday braid the lisa killers rhythm collision sideshow skankin' pickle crunch threadbare the end of the century party still life bombs of cheese 1997 v/a: bread: the edible napkin
huggy bear darlin' colm stereolab 1993 v/a: shimmies in super 8
hugh cornwell & robert williams 1979 nosferatu
hugh cornwell & robert williams 1979 white room
hurl 1997 not a memory
No sleeve yet hypnolovewheel 1993 peace of mind
ian mcculloch 1989 candleland
ian mcculloch 1992 lover lover lover
infested 1996 who they are
intelligence 2005 icky baby
international strike force 1996 romance for every
iron lung 2007 sexless // no sex
jacobites 2002 robespierre's velvet basement
jamie wednesday 1985 vote for love
No sleeve yet jan ag tekken 2003 split 3" cd
No sleeve yet jawbox 1994 cooling card
joan of arc 2004 joan of arc, dick cheney, mark twain...
john cale 1970 vintage violence
jon spencer blues explosion 1992 reverse willie horton
jonathan fire*eater spoiler speedball baby the spitters poem rocket slug noisext '68 comeback chrome cranks slowworm fuse railroad jerk 1995 v/a: pcp generics
joy division a certain ratio omd the teardrop explodes 2006 v/a: live at leigh rock festival
judas priest 1978 stained class
julian cope 1988 my nation underground
karp rye coalition 1995 split 12"
kill the man who questions 1999 sugar industry
kitchens of distinction 1993 now it's time to say goodbye
kites prurient 2004 split 12" the hidden family +white+ the split load series vol. 4
No sleeve yet kristin hersh 1999 sky motel
la gritona 1994 frank white
lambchop rocket from the crypt erectus monotone polvo angels of epistemology metal pitcher the renderers pipe butterglory archers of loaf pure bricks drive like jehu coral superchunk magnetic fields breadwinner wwax portastatic squirrel nut zippers 1994 v/a: 5 rows of teeth
lamps ladies night tractor sex fatality hotel pistol 2005 zine: white zine bonus record
lawn sausages 1994 white noise annoise
le death to mankind 2014 st
le shok 2000 we are electrocution
le shok 2001 S & M
leatherface 1993 little white god
leatherface 1994 the last
leatherface 2011 viva la arthouse (live in melbourne)
les shaking dolls 1990 god is god
les thugs 1988 dirty white race
les thugs 1990 still hungry dirty white race electric troubles
les thugs 2012 come on, people!
les thugs original disease déser culturel amnésie les éjectés babylon fighters blaggers outrage et rébellion kochise haine brigade dirty district alto bruit seizure pleüm the ex complot bronswick 1991 v/a: cette machine sert à tuer tous les fascistes
live skull 1988 positraction
lords 2004 the house that lords built
lords 2004 the house that lords built
love 666 1996 please kill yourself so i can rock
lush 1994 cookie
lush 1994 desire lines
make up 1999 save yourself
make up 2006 untouchable sound
man is the bastard lack of interest soilent green loomis slovak crom excruciating terror cavity flame retarded agathocles suppression 1996 v/a: cry now, cry later volume 3
man is the bastard lack of interest soilent green loomis slovak crom excruciating terror cavity flame retarded agathocles suppression divisia carol spazz los crudos gasp halfman noothgrush charles bronson locust detestation abnegation seven foot spleen agoraphobic nosebleed 1998 v/a: cry now, cry later vol.3 & 4
man or astroman? huevos rancheros 1994 split 7"
No sleeve yet marc bolan 1981 you scare me to death
mark abbott samm bennett elliott sharp controlled bleeding problemist the psychological warfare branch gerechtigkeits liga skoptzies hidious in strength mystery hearsay f/i port said the band of holy joy constructive terrorism smersh the haters sleep chamber erotic psyche smegma if, bwana amk j. silverman 1985 v/a: hear the roar of mountains volume one
marquis de sade 1980 rythmiques
maximum joy 1982 white and green place
maximum joy 1982 white and green place
maximum joy 2005 unlimited (1979-1983)
mayyors 2008 megan's lolz
mazey fade 1994 milk white cripple
mclusky 2003 my pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours
mclusky 2006 mcluskyism
mctells 1991 snowy white
mecca normal 1987 oh yes you can !
mecca normal 1993 jarred up
melt-banana 2003 cell-scape
melt-banana secret chiefs 3 seagull screaming kiss her kiss her gastr del sol hair stylistics sxoxb god is my co-pilot merzbow 1996 v/a: the christmas album
mercyland 1989 no feet on the cowling
mercyland 1994 spillage
metz 2008 soft whiteout
mi ami 2009 watersports
minnow 1995 the sound of urban folk
minor threat 1981 in my eyes
minor threat 1983 out of step 1st pressing white sleeve
minor threat 1984 st repress
No sleeve yet minor threat 1984 st 1st pressing red sleeve
minor threat 1985 salad days
minor threat 1990 complete discography
minor threat 1991 12XU
minor threat 1991 live
minor threat 2003 first demo tape
MoHa! 2007 norwegianism
montana pete 2003 baige
montana pete 2004 bass camp
moonraker hope springs eternal don martin three 1995 split 7"
morphine 1995 honey white
morphine 1997 yes
morrow 2009 st
mr quintron 1996 I.F. 001-011 the amazing spellcaster
mr quintron 2000 the unmasked organ light-year of infinity man
mule 1993 st
MX-80 sound 1980 someday you'll be king
napalm parade god is my co-pilot flying saucer princess superstar the mad scene s!t!o!i!n!k! 1994 v/a: sympathy for count pococurante vol. 1
nathan larson vaz brett rosenberg phil puleo paradise island sonny vincent steve mackay immortal lee county killers & rebecah boynton eddie angel jesse everrett hughes elliott sharp jim coleman stephen brodsky blues goblin brant bjork simeon coxe & silver apples black lipstick brent eyestone john easdale the scheme amps for christ r. hoak nikki sudden 2005 v/a: you've got orders volume 2
neil perry kaospilot 2001 split 7"
neil young and the crazy horse 1990 ragged glory
nemesis bigger than mass dave bait happy death men sanctum clambake möl triffid anti fashion jesus manson hillbilly witchcraft 1990 v/a: notes from the underground
neptune shub glen or glenda marvin death to pigs oso el roto chocolat billy gablé sunshop klovis courge the project TG candida manuel j. grotesque earoc anes et bateaux atollzed jon makay tante felipe absinthe provisoire clara clara one foot dancer 2006 v/a: goback connection n°2
new fast automatic daffodils 1990 fishes eyes
nice strong arm 1990 stress city
nick cave & the bad seeds 2001 no more shall shall we part
nick cave & the bad seeds 2001 no more shall shall we part
nirvana 1990 saturday night not so live
nirvana 2004 with the lights out
nitwitz götterflies 1981 split 12" wielingen walgt!
octobre 1982 next year in asia
octobre 1982 next year in asia
only airplanes count stillwell 1997 split 7"
orange juice 1983 flesh of my flesh
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark 1980 st
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark 1980 st
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark 1984 junk culture
No sleeve yet parts crunch three second kiss joyce whore not mirabilia squawk it up! jinx bz bz ueu niumonia terapia d'urto mudcake larsen headcleaner 1996 v/a: control me vol.1
pencil 1995 el toro
penthouse 1997 gutter erotica
penthouse 1998 remix 12"
penthouse 2001 unt
pere ubu 2013 lady from shanghai
peter gabriel 1978 peter gabriel II
peter laughner 1987 ccinderella backstreet
pg. 99 2000 document #5
No sleeve yet photon band the alpha control group c 2002 split 7" oh, good fortune
pig destroyer 1999 blonde prostitute reptilian grindcore picture disc series #2
pigeon religion 2009 scorpion milk
pigs 2012 you ruin everything
pixies 1989 here comes your man
pixies 1993 john peel session 1989
pj harvey 2007 white chalk
pleasure forever 2003 alter
polvo 1997 shapes
portastatic 1994 st
No sleeve yet psy nightmare unkommuniti the band of holy joy we be echo some other year 1984 v/a: cause for concern stuff the neighbours - play it loud!
pullover 1995 white horses and shooting stars
pussy galore 1987 right now!
pylône 2013 things that are better left unspoken
q and not u 2000 no kill no beep beep
quintron 2000 I.F. 001-011
r.e.m. 1987 dead letter office B-sides compiled
r.e.m. 1987 superman
radial spangle 1993 ice cream headache
radial spangle 1993 ice cream headache
railroad jerk 1995 one track mind
railroad jerk 1997 younger than you
ramones 1977 rocket to russia
ramones 2005 weird tales of the ramones
rapeman 1988 demo
red cross rf 7 circle one bad religion disability 1981 v/a: public service
red monkey atom and his package small black pig monorchid bilge pump assembly line people program missy x russia bette davis and the balconettes old hearts club peechees sally skull (young) pioneers milky wimpshake computer cougar tunic replikants witchknot full boney international strikeforce 1998 v/a: taking a chance on chances
refrigerator 1993 down with ep
refrigerator 1994 how to continue dreaming
régïs boulard & chien vert 2008 les touristes
rifle sport 1987 white
rocket from the crypt 1996 on a rope cd2
rocket from the crypt 1996 in the white room (with black curtains)
rocket from the crypt 2001 group sounds
rocket from the tombs gem downside special home and garden chump cobra verde craw swank motel duvalby brothers fuzzhead cruel, cruel moon home and garden einstein's secret orchestra new salem witch hunters the backmonkeys step sister new salem witch hunters the vivians cobra verde brain not radio theater einstein's secret orchestra puff tube peter laughner dead boys X-blank-X the pagans les raving sounds ragged bags easter monkeys the guns spike in vain numbskull death of samantha dimbulb new bomb turks chris butler ralph carney amoebas ugly beauty 1996 v/a: cleveland... so much to answer for cle magazine 4.0 bonus cd
rollercoaster the backmonkeys the downside special cruel cruel moon ugly beauty satan's satellites the revellers einstein's secret orchestra gem quazimodo my dad is dead ditch the aggravators new salem witch hunters home and garden chump red giant biblical proof of ufos duvalby brothers disengage craw pufftube 1997 v/a: cleveland squawks! cle magazine n°5 bonus CDs
No sleeve yet rusted shut 1996 st
rye coalition 1997 hee saw dhuh kaet
rye coalition karp 1995 split CD
rye coalition tristeza the van pelt tom lomacchio mia doi todd joan of arc the ladybug transistor jimmy eat world four banyon scenic vermont duradelinquent the burning softies volume 11 phobia the lucky stars ukefink optiganally yours slacktone longstocking fishsticks sleestak spanakorzo nigel lundemo 1999 v/a: KXLU 88.9 FM, LA live vol. 3
samara lubelski benji cossa gang gang dance black dice white magic animal collective blood on the wall delia gonzales & gavin russom angel blood u w owl terrestrial tones jane coptic light hsdom tes excepter 2004 v/a: they keep me smiling
savage republic 2007 1938
schwartzeneggar 1994 the way things are....and other stories ep
scorn 1993 colossus
scorn 1993 white irises blind
scorn 1993 white irises blind
scraping foetus off the wheel 1984 hole
scrawl nation of ulysses pastels nikki mcclure melvins L7 spinnanes seaweed ice cream truck shadowy men on a shadowy planet kreviss some velvet sidewalk mecca normal courtney love unwound rose melberg fugazi bratmobile girl trouble kicking giant fastbacks mark hosler, steve fisk, bob basanich beat happening 1992 v/a: international pop underground convention
seanews 2005 st
sebadoh 1990 weed forestin
sebadoh 1990 the freed weed
sebadoh 1995 local band feel
No sleeve yet september (USA) 1996 cyrus the white rabbit
sferic experiment 1993 Sci-Fi/Hi-Fi
shake ray turbine 1997 the sauce of solution
shifters les coronados fixed up scuba drivers kid pharaon and the lonely ones the missing links les schtauss the boy-scouts the batmen chaingang and the bliss greedis les thugs flying badgers shredded ermine's 1987 v/a: eyes on you
shithaus 1985 live crush 84-85
shokei 2008 painkiller
shudder to think 1992 get your goat
sicbay 2005 suspicious icons
sightings 2004 absolutes
silkworm 2002 italian platinum
silverfish 1991 fat axl
silverfish 1991 fat axl test pressing
simple minds 1982 new gold dream (81-82-83)
simple minds 1984 sparkle in the rain
siouxsie and the banshees 1980 christine
siouxsie and the banshees 1980 israel
siouxsie and the banshees 1983 nocturne
siouxsie and the banshees 1984 the thorn
six finger satellite 1994 machine cuisine
six finger satellite 1995 severe exposure
six finger satellite 1996 paranormalized
six finger satellite 1998 law of ruins
six finger satellite green magnet school 1992 split 7"
skullflower 1994 white fang #2
skullflower 1995 infinityland
No sleeve yet slammerheads fierce noisy act of protest hardheaded soul zombies under stress blind de kift boerensyndicaat 1991 v/a: zoid second compilation
slight 2003 everything starts by a feedback
slughog 1998 ungodly amounts of meat
smog 2002 accumulation: none
snowpony 1998 the slow-motion world of snowpony
No sleeve yet songs for the young at heart 2007 st
songs:ohia 1997 st
sonic youth 1987 sister
sonic youth 1991 dirty boots
sonic youth 1992 happiness is a warm gun
sonic youth steinski and the mass media (featuring djet) sly and robbie 1987 v/a: nme
No sleeve yet soul coughing 1996 irresistible bliss
spiritualized © ultra vivid scene senseless things that petrol emotion björk saint etienne matt johnson the the gallon drunk american music club belly killdozer one dove the drum club sheep on drugs fluke unmen 1993 v/a: volume six
splintered 1998 noumena
stephen malkmus & the jicks 2001 stephen malkmus
sticks and stones 1988 inner revolt
strangulated beatoffs 2001 reverse child psychology
sullen local h the methadones blue meanies goldblade the tossers tom daily new black the gc5 motel blonde the arrivals haymarket riot vortis bitchy calliope lil' dave merriman scott lucas 2005 v/a: sex & subversion
sunshine 2001 necromance
superchunk 2000 1,000 pounds
suppression cripple bastards 1996 split 12" degradation/elimination of the robot swine-pig more frustrations
swarm of the lotus 2004 when white becomes black
sweet tooth 1990 soft white underbelly
sweetheart 1991 mr. cocktail
sz 2008 autumn leaves latin comes
t. rex 1972 ride a white swan
t. rex 1972 bolan boogie
tar 1993 toast
tar 1993 toast
taylor bow 2009 thin air
techno animal 1991 ghosts
techno animal 1991 ghosts
teenage fanclub radiohead verve sebadoh stereo mc's sub sub little axe bang bang machine marc almond slowdive seefeel the heroines the boo radleys redd kross the sabres of paradise delta lady eat static jesus jones 1993 v/a: volume seven
the anomoanon 1998 mother goose
the band of holy joy 1984 more favourite fairytales
the black lips k-holes 2010 split tape
the blasters gun club rank and file violent femmes the blasters X fear germs the dream syndicate X 1983 v/a: the early sessions
the brilliant corners 1990 love it i lost it
the cannanes 1995 caveat emptor
the charlatans 1990 some friendly
the clash 1977 the clash
the clash 1977 white riot
the clash 1978 (white man) in hammersmith palais
the clash 1979 pearl harbour '79
No sleeve yet the court & spark 1999 ventura whites
the cure tracy chapman billy bragg jevetta steele gipsy kings the black velvet band the sugarcubes shinehead the havalinas pixies faster pussycat kronos quartet phoebe snow happy mondays ernie isley lynch mob ambitious lovers anita baker howard jones the big f the georgia satellites sara hickman teddy pendergrass linda ronstadt bill frisell & robin holcomb & wayne horwitz jackson browne 10.000 maniacs metallica danny gatton shaking family they might be giants howard hewett leaders of the new school shirley murdock john eddie the beautiful south michael feinstein john zorn the cure 1990 v/a: rubáiyát elektra's 40th anniversary
the dead science 2002 submariner
the dead science 2008 alphabet series -V-
the diagram brothers 1981 some marvels of modern science
the ex 1983 tumult
the ex 1985 pokkeherrie
the ex 1987 too many cowboys
the ex 1990 dead fish
the ex 1993 tumult
the ex 1993 too many cowboys
the fall 1990 the dredger E.P.
the fall 1990 the dredger e.p.
the fall 1990 white lightning
the fall 1991 shift-work
the fall 1996 the light user syndrome
the fall 2007 reformation post T.L.C.
the fall 2007 reformation post TLC
the fall 2008 reformation post TLC
the fall 2009 last night at the palais live at hammersmith palais april 1st 2007
the fantomasmelvins big band 2001 millennium monsterworks
the fatima mansions 1990 viva dead ponies
the fatima mansions 1992 1000%
the fiction scent of human history hit self destruct this scares me helen of troy countdown to putsch are you fucking serious operation late thunder memory as perfection the south a day in black and white the faeries turn around norman hurrah books lie a petal fallen dead city 2003 v/a: times are hard for dreamers
the field mice 1989 snowball
the field mice 1998 where'd you learn to kiss that way?
the field mice 2005 snowball
the flaming lips 2000 white christmas 2000 to all the deserved supporters...
the gin palace 2003 kill-grief
the honeymoon killers 1991 hung far low
the honeymoon killers prong jad fair of cabbages and kings thurston moore bank of sodom black snakes krackhouse phantom tollbooth royal trux needlenose 1988 v/a: the end of music (as we know it)
the je ne sais quoi 2004 we make beginnings
the jesus and mary chain 1993 the sound of speed
the jesus lizard 1993 (fly) on (the wall)
the jesus lizard 2000 bang
the jesus lizard 2009 inch record store day 2009 april 18, 2009
the jon spencer blues explosion 1992 st
the jon spencer blues explosion 1993 crypt-style
the lights fusaine deerhoof lowbelly zann a radio with guts bengeorge7 ene encompass and stalemate the band from bloody elle department of experimental health mark price the nels cline singers g. america the predictors tempus fugit 2002 v/a: swallowed by machinery volume 3
No sleeve yet the lines 1978 white night
the locust melt banana 2002 split 7"
the lords of the new church 1983 is nothing sacred?
No sleeve yet the lords of the new church 1985 killer lords
the martha's vineyard ferries 2013 mass. grave
the melvins 1995 tora tora tora boxset
the molasses 2003 a slow messe
the most secret method 2002 our success
the outsiders 1978 close up
the pooh sticks 1991 the great white wonder
the pooh sticks 1991 multiple orgasm
the pope 2007 sports
the poster children thin white rope 1991 split 7" 08/91
the raincoats 1979 st
the sidewinder 1996 colonized
the skull defekts 2007 blood spirits & drums are singing
the skull defekts 2007 blood spirits & drums are singing
the soud dragons the chesterfields razorcuts the flatmates the chesterfields razorcuts the flatmates pop will eat itself the clouds rosehips the chesterfields cowboy and spingirl the groove farm fastbacks the flatmates the charlottes choo choo train fastbacks 1993 v/a: whole wide world
the soup dragons 1987 can't take no more
the soup dragons 1987 can't take no more live ep
the stranglers 1978 black and white
the stranglers 1978 black and white
the trash can sinatras 1990 circling the circumference
the van pelt (young) pioneers 1997 split 7"
the velvet underground 1968 white light/white heat
the velvet underground 1974 1969 - velvet underground live with lou reed - volume 2
the walking timebombs 1994 hey o.j.
the wedding present 1984 demo
the white stripes 2001 white blood cells
the wpp 2003 baam! jaam!
these arms are snakes 2005 oxeneers or the lion sleeps when its antelope go home
thinking fellers union local 282 1995 porcelain entertainments
thrilled skinny 1988 white grid
thrilled skinny 1995 popstar prat
throat 2013 manhole
thrones 1999 st
tiger trap godheadsilo jack acid tribe 8 versus slant 6 karp marylou lord calamity jane heroin acidkid getaway car cwa bumblescrump cheesecake pansy division nikki mcclure 1993 v/a: stars kill rock 17 bands that don't want to be rock stars
tobin sprout 1996 carnival boy
tortoise 1995 why we fight
No sleeve yet transistor transistor 2002 put down the bible pick up the bottle
transistor transistor 2008 young vampires of new hampshire
trunks 2011 on the roof
truth decay 1996 st. vitus
No sleeve yet twenty miles 1996 ragged backyard classics
ulcer 1994 distort the meaning
ulcer 1998 discography
ultra vivid scene 1990 joy 1967-1990
No sleeve yet ultravox 1980 three into one
ultravox 1984 lament
unsane 1991 st
unsane 1991 st
vaz 2003 dying to meet you
vehicle flips twig the ampersands the mountain goats six cents and natalie the gothic archies pest 5000 weeping in fits and starts frank boscoe & karl hendricks the cat's miaow fertile virgin tully craft lotus eaters prickly the extra glenns high risk group the magnetic fields 1994 v/a: the long secret
velvet crush 1992 in the presence of greatness
viki hair police 2003 split 12" the hidden family +white+ the split load series vol. 3
village of savoonga 1996 philipp schatz
visible target beakers doug kahn steve fisk cool rays bruce pavitt pell mell jungle nausea neo boys product one nurses jad fair vague-leys sport of kings men oil tasters all night movies get smart! embarrassment ray milland church of the subgenius 1980 v/a: sub-pop #5 u.s. underground
volcano suns 1986 all night lotus party
von ryan express 1993 up on the block
voodoo muzak 1992 white noise
voodoo muzak 1997 heart-warning splinter
No sleeve yet vue 2000 vue
walkingseeds 1988 upwind of disaster, downwind of atonement
No sleeve yet wendy o matic maggot slayer overdrive tatort stinking borgs moorat fingers ex mass bungalow band ding dang nebenwirkung messerknecht neurosis tribes of neurot 44xes baltimore foot stompers batman puke coopers turbo jerk A38 los wochos united blood korrupt erik core strychnine frog face mighty joe young citizen fish kiss daddy goodbye enemies muckspreader a*s*e collins 1998 v/a: krauts, yanks & limeys! the first ultimate B.O.B. sampler
No sleeve yet wgmz radio vostok: c.r. niminauh II dixie blood mustache danny thomas hekinah degul butterfield 8 project medaglia d'oro orchestra melted men nipples for days the band with the drummer who was inspired by the music on the album the noisettes black swan network japancakes 1998 v/a: festival of failure presents: sounds to soothe a nervous robot
white tornado oxbow white tornado oxbow white tornado 2000 oxbow meet white tornado
No sleeve yet white town 1990 white town
whitey (usa) 2007 the whitey album
wrangler brutes 2004 zulu
wreck 1990 soul train
x-cells schizoid 1980 split 7"
xtc 1978 white music
No sleeve yet young pioneers 1995 first virginia volunteers
No sleeve yet young pioneers 1996 V.M.Live series issue #17
zeek sheck hotlines for the children 2000 i love you
zeigenbock kopf 2002 I.D.M. LP
No sleeve yet zeni geva 1993 desire for agony
zeni geva 1993 desire for agony
zeni geva 1995 trance europe experience
zip code rapists t.i.t.s. slums nate denver's neck mayor daley death sentence: panda! nmperign steve mackay & the radon ensemble taiwan deth rusted shut the flying luttenbachers cherry blossoms smegma sapat yellow swans coughs zip code rapists scarcity of tanks noel von harmonson oxbow 2006 v/a: end times festival 2006
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